True You

Finding Beauty in Authenticity

After hundreds of honest conversations with women from around the world, Susan J. Sohn has come to understand the pressure women feel to maintain false, glamorised portrayals of themselves. Shame, guilt, and the burden of Keeping up with the Jones' is blinding women from seeing themselves as God does.

Once we allow ourselves to be seen, known, and loved, just as we are, we become free to be who God created us to be. Find the true you and lead a life of authenticity.


Susan dares to begin a dialogue that matters—one that addresses the unique challenges twenty-first-century women face.

True You applies her insight and encourages you to:

People are praising True You

A Few Endorsements

I am really proud of my friend, Susan Sohn. We bonded many years ago when she and Philip had taken the leap from her treasured daily life to attend Bible college on the other side of the world. True You is truly her. As one who has held faithful to her passion to gather others and help them give voice to their pain inside, she has done this with great respect and dignity. She is not writing as one who appeals to you as an expert, but as one who is doing the hard work of digging deep. And no matter what surfaces, she deals with it in the safety of God's profound and abiding love. The many people she interviewed to see this book come about with a robustness of truth is a true testament to the tenacity in which she has gone after this finished product and a true testament to the willingness she displays to tell real stories from real people all to bring real help to as many people as she can.
Darlene Zschech
/ Composer, Worship Leader, Senior Pastor of HopeUC
True You is the call to action every woman needs to hear: Your time is now. You are more than enough. You don't belong on the sidelines. Make a choice to gather with people who celebrate you, not tolerate you. Susan Sohn, through her compelling storytelling, genuinely gives us the courage to face the truth of our lives, to dig deep, and discover a rich inner life. True You is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read!
Wendy Simpson OAM
/ Director, World Vision Australia
I have known Susan Sohn for most of my adult life, and she has consistently thought out of the box and challenged paradigms. She's kind and passionate, and I have no doubt the words in True You will impact a lot of people. Additionally, Susan helped me convince my wife to marry me. It's cool to see her make the shift from matchmaking to author!
Carl Lentz
/ Author of Own the Moment
I lived on Susan's dream street in Canada, Whispering Water Bend, as one of her neighbours. Dream street though it was, after the outwardly joyful gatherings and festivities, we can both tell you that there was pain, loneliness and every kind of human struggle behind the closed doors. Susan never shied from it. She was as comfortable speaking to a neighbour in trouble as she was curling up on my couch for hours to listen and talk about our different but mutually respectful spiritual paths. Ultimately, through meditation, hers Christian and mine yogic, I think we've arrived at the same place. As Confucius said, 'The only way, is to have many ways,' and like Susan, I hope you find the chance to be quiet and go within. Discover that you are not this body or this mind and find our oneness as Susan has. Go to the light. Be love. I bow to that light in you. Pranam.
Karen Anderson

True You is Available Now

The brand new book True You, from author Susan Sohn is available NOW online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and

YouVersion - The bible app reading plan

We are excited to announce that True You: Finding Beauty in Authenticity is now available as a Bible App Reading Plan.

As a companion devotional to Susan Sohn’s debut book, True You, you are invited on a search for your truth. This won’t happen without God, and it won’t happen without being honest about ourselves, our pasts, and our hurts. Not only do we pursue truth in our own lives, but we also pursue the truth of who we are in our connectedness to one another and to God.

As a two-week plan, you dive deep into the issues of each chapter, while also working through carefully coordinated daily scripture chosen by Susan!

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True You Reviews

Liz Milani
An honest breath of fresh air
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So many books are full of platitudes and clichés and guides and lists of how to make your life better. And I've found that most of these books fall short of reality. Susan’s book isn't like that. True You will help you find your truth. It will help you figure out how to get to your truth. It doesn't seek to tell you what to do with your life; it's a friend that comes and sits with you, witnesses you, encourages you, and gives you strength, while you bravely figure it out. Full of real-life stories, both gritty and beautiful, and each page rings true with a sense of "we're in this together" - it's a library of "me too." In the sphere of women spiritual writers, Susan’s voice is full of wisdom, humour, and depth. And for her debut book, her message is masterfully written and communicated. I know you, like me, will get so much out of her words.
Samantha G
Ready to read it again...and again...and again!
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I can not say enough about this book! I was captivated within the first few pages. In a world of social media highlight reels, where we are taught to put our best foot forward or fake it till you make it....this books gives you an opportunity to discover who the TRUE YOU really is. At different moments in the book, I felt like I was sitting across from Susan's table and given permission to share my story in all of it's authentic, yet messy, glory. It taught me that while the world makes you think you need to have it all together....the most effective way to help others and make an impact in this to just be who God created you to be. It was a fast read and tough to put down...but definitely something I will read again. And next time...I will take more time to slowly devour and digest the truths and wisdom this book has to offer.
Couldn't Put it Down
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Very rarely do I find a book that I want to read from start to finish in one sitting. Well, True You was one that I just couldn't put down. Each story drew me in enticing me on to the next chapter. A great read! I'm going to order more copies as this book is the perfect gift.
shona sim
A must-read!
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It’s no surprise that a great communicator and passionate people-person like Susan can write a book that is filled with such honesty, vulnerability, empathy and compassion. True You is rich, raw and deeply authentic. From her conversations with hundreds of women across the globe, from all walks of life, Susan manages to skilfully, yet sensitively share their stories while at the same time bravely and resiliently telling her own in such a way that you feel like you’re sitting right there with her saying, “me too!”
Jane Kennedy
starsTake a deep breath and begin.
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True You is a conversation with a girlfriend. Susan has bravely opened up her life and shared intimately about her pain and her process. She leads us to contemplative practices that take us inward to face our own pain and find our own process. Susan is the real deal. I have watched up close and from afar over the decades as she has navigated the real-life events and slow-motion train wrecks that punctuate all of our lives. The difference is, Susan shows up. She has been with me during a nervous wait for a breast exam and also celebrated and also celebrated my wins. Susan holds the stories of countless women in True You and offers us an invitation to community. She encourages us to lay aside our loneliness and participate in belonging. Highly recommended reading. Take a deep breath and begin.
Courtney Taylor
starsCracked nipples and twinkling gems of insight.
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A blitzing read crammed with twinkling gems of insight, True You and its paradigms of contemporary social patterns often had me thinking, 'Hey yeah - I know a few sheilas like that'. And who on earth knew that porn addiction is prevalent among the fairer folk?! That the phrase 'cracked nipples' appears in its introduction means it's undoubtedly destined to be a classic. That those coupled words then resurface only confirms that notion. Susan, your sister deserves a medal, your daughter some kind of award commemorating her observational prowess, and your brother to have the same question answered a hundred times each day.
Rowan Armstrong
Finding the hard truths. This book has plenty.
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True care and empathy come from knowing the truth behind the mask, forced smile or Facebook profile and stepping in anyway. My friend just released her first book #trueyou. I didn't realise how much I would get out of it. I am father to my daughter, husband and friend and this has helped me understand the hard truths the females in my life deal with. Thanks Susan Sohn, your book has blessed me and helped me be a blessing to others.
Phillipa Lowe
Finally, a helpful book for yourself that isn't all about self help!
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Move over self-help books, there's a new book in town! Susan Sohn takes a weight off the reader's shoulders by reminding them that it's not all about SELF. In a world where we're told to be better, kinder, smarter, faster, better looking, thinner, fatter, whatever... this book is a breath of fresh air. Susan makes it about something bigger and more purposeful than self. Where your authenticity, your true you, is not reflected back from everyone else's expectations... but from your sense of self when you are spiritually connected to the God that has your back. If you're tired of the struggle of self-improvement, True You is the best read you can give yourself. More wisdom, longevity and kindness than advocated by 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F^*K' and less pressure than 'You Can Change Your Life', 'True You' models a way in the world of human, connected authenticity.
Jenny Baxter
starsTelling it like it is with love and openness
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Susan has written a smart book which clearly identifies some of the issues we women face: insecurity, isolation, identity and the unique 'yearning for more' that we all struggle with. With love and tenacity, she explains some serious misconceptions about the inner workings of our world that cause us to throw our hands in the air with frustration. And it's not just a reflection on her own broken life and marriage (which is eventually redeemed), she constantly reflects on the lives of the many women she interviewed in preparation to write this book. God is present here in these pages. I only hope you can hear his voice speaking deeply into your soul through Susan's insightful words.

About The Author Susan Sohn

Susan J. Sohn is a community builder, speaker, writer, retreat facilitator, and online/social media entrepreneur. She is best described as raw, honest, disarming, and immediately relatable. Susan has the ability to gather people and create rich community. Her table is a place where everyone is welcome, everyone has a voice, and everyone is heard. 

Raised in the Canadian Prairies, her eclectic life has brought her to various cities around the world. She has worked with influential media companies, such as the New York Times, as well as significant global not-for-profits and faith-based organizations. Her digital imprint engages with over 650,000 listeners through her podcasts and hundreds of millions of social media impressions.

From creating businesses to throwing parties, Susan lives a life of joy that makes space for heartache and insecurity. Susan sees beauty and possibility in the lives of everyone she meets. She currently resides near Sydney, Australia, with her husband, Philip, and their children, Sophia, Gabriel, and Ella. You can follow her blogs on

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