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We are excited to invite you to join us tomorrow for GetRealLive Radio. Yes, there is Real Talk Radio with myself and Mark Zschech and back by popular demand and much planning, Nicole Liboiron and I are hitting the air waves tomorrow morning and we would love for you to join us.


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Tomorrow we have a really interesting guest. Author, Joseph Wakim, will be with us and he will be sharing his story about losing his wife and how he had to step in and raise his 3 Daughters on his own. Published by Allen & Unwin the book is called, ‘What my Daughters Taught Me.’ It has been described as a ‘brilliantly honest memoir … hilariously so’ and also a ‘fight against gender and cultural stereotypes’.

The book not only deals candidly with father-daughter relationships, but also with resilience, hope, faith, masculinity, strength, grief and the ‘humour hormone’.

Tune in tomorrow at 10am (Sydney AEDT) and be part of the conversation. We will be taking calls, answering questions and comments from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Click on the link below to listen live or on demand

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Caitlin Roper chats to Susan & Nicole about Sexual Abuse and Violent Crimes towards Women

GetRealLive is passionate about keeping girls safe and doing what we can to celebrate the girls in our world and others across the globe. True to us, we love to tell peoples story and to hear and share and we are confident this will be one that we will remember for a long time to come.

Joining us tomorrow, we have Caitlin Roper who is an Activist, Survivor and State Coordinator for Collective Shout which is a grassroots movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.Read More

Peter Walsh on GetRealLive Radio

Peter WebsiteIt’s true…. the world’s best Organiser and De-Clutter man is back to share more of his wisdom and wit on the GetRealLive Radio…. A dear friend of ours the one and only Peter Walsh who is known for his time spent on the Oprah show and most recently Rachel Ray. We are super excited to be hosting him as we talk about Christmas | Organising | and so much more!

To listen either LIVE or ON DEMAND click on the link below….


All I Want For Christmas

coles holidayEvery year around this time, our son turns to me with his big, beautiful baby blues and asks, “Am I getting ANYTHING this for Christmas, THIS year?” His hopes for a ‘sleigh-full’ are soon dashed when I quickly reply, “You’re getting an adventure.”

Please understand, I’ve not always been a Grinch, but his being only 15 and an only child, begs asking what this boy could possibly need? Long ago, our family decided that traveling, sharing time and experiencing somewhere new, far outweighed the commercialism of Christmas.

Our son is now nearing 30 stamps on his passport, and his life is full of experiences and moments that ‘stuff’ just can’t replace.  We have eaten guinea pig in Peru, slept in a haunted castle in Northern England, and gone scuba diving with sharks in Fiji.  Maybe he doesn’t see those experiences as note worthy as his IPhone, but I see it and I believe he will too.

Jackson & I out to dinner (Warren taking the picture)

Jackson & I out to dinner (Warren taking the picture)

I will admit, that in the beginning, traveling with my son was for purely selfish reasons.  I refused to let ‘having a child’ curb my desire for seeing every corner of the globe.  He boarded his first flight at 9 months and we haven’t looked back.  Traveling has given us so amazing gifts, one’s that can never be put under the tree.

My ‘only’ child lives a very fortunate life.  Our travels have humbled him.  It is important to see that not everyone on the planet lives as he does, or with first world luxuries, that he takes for granted.  Whether it be bringing supplies to school kids in the Dominican Republic or sharing candy with a little boy in Ecuador, he has seen what we often take for granted can be a treasure to someone else.

I strongly believe in raising a ‘global citizen’, one that is aware of different cultures, languages, and philosophies.  What he has learned in his travels can never be taught in a classroom.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe strongly in the importance of education.  We rarely pull our son from school in order to travel.  However, I believe, he has learned and experienced things that could have never been taught from a book.  I adhere to the ‘more you know, the more you grow’ principle.  My son has gained tolerance and insights that are invaluable.

Traveling has helped him learn to be more adaptable.  In North America, we are quick to have a kid’s menu and kid’s clubs, this is not so in most other places around the world.  Stepping outside the ‘chicken fingers and fries’ mentality can in the end help parents out with their picky eaters. It may seem small, but for those who have faced food battles this is monumental.

Traveling with children, in my opinion, isn’t heading south of the border to an all-inclusive resort with a kid’s club and all the trappings of home (including PlayStation rooms).  Have you given them anything different from that they could have found at home?

We are a very tight knit family because of our travel together.  Traveling half way around the world, where you may or may not have Internet access, allows you to unplug, spend more time together.  We play silly word games, cards and recall stories.  I think those are some of my travel memories that I hold most dear.   Collecting experiences are one of the best parts of traveling with your kids.

We have awakened wanderlust in a young man that will stay with him forever. He boarded his first flight on his own this past summer.  Yes, it gave me anxiety, but I was also extremely proud and I will admit, a little envious. I love his adventurous spirit and his willingness to try new things. He is far wiser and more audacious than I was at his age.

Warren & Jackson on Safari

Warren & Jackson on Safari

The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page’, said St. Augustine. I believe our travels have given my son the ability to see new things and see things in a new way.  Despite out son’s perfected ‘disappointment act’, when told his Christmas present will be yet another trip, one shouldn’t be fooled.  If asked what present he go for his birthday 3 years ago he has trouble remembering.  If asked, however, where he went three Christmases ago, he’ll recall every last detail.

#grlpower Turn Up the Volume BIG DAY!





Well friends the day has come and we are having conversations with some of the best people we know and we want YOU to engage further with these incredible organizations.

How can you connect further? Here are some suggestions:

1) ‘LIKE’ their pages on Facebook

2) ‘FOLLOW’ them on Twitter or Instagram

3) Visit their websites

4) Host a party in your home where all donations go to the organization of your choice {i.e.: Wine Night, Book Party, Dinner Party, Coffee Morning}

5) Buy their product/resource as Christmas Gifts. Give a gift that keeps on giving by way of supporting a girl.


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GetRealLive is PROUD to Partner with……..



A Girl And Her World

A Girl And Her World


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I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl


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Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles


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Village Artisan

Village Artisan


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Hope Helicopter Recsue

Hope Helicopter Recsue







#grlpower Turn Up The Volume!!

Welcome to GetRealLive…. We are so glad you’ve connected with us!


Step 1: To start you on this journey we would love it if you would watch this short video by Rebecca Barry – Award Winning Documentary Writer, Director and Producer who is an upcoming guest on GetRealLive Radio in support of #grlpower Turn Up the Volume. 

Step 2: Here is the image we have created for your Facebook Cover. Please, please take it and upload it and show your support for girls across the world TURN UP THE VOLUME!

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Step 3: More information: GetRealLive is supporting INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL and we have not only chosen to partner with a few organisations we would like to highlight plus we are donating our collective Social Media Influence. We have all reached into our communities and invited friends | family | followers | fans and everyone else we are connected with to donate their influence as well. We have decided to use the hashtag #grlpower Turn Up The Volume (you can also us #turnupthevolume) to use our voice and GET LOUD about issues that matter! We believe that on the other end of our YES (to be involved) are countless girls across the planet who are saying Thank You!

Here are some of the amazing organisations we are partnering with. These are organisations are doing extraordinary work and not only are they partnering with us in terms of Social Media but they are sharing some of their stories through GetRealLive {the on the ground stuff that only they see) plus they are coming on GetRealLive Radio to tell us about their experiences (hear Jane Kennedy Founder of A Girl & Her World HERE and listen to Esther Davidson from Hope Helicopters tell us about the tribes in Papua New Guinea HERE}… ExtraORDINARY people choosing to live out loud and make a difference in the lives of those who need our hands, our feet, our influence and yes… our money!

We are so excited to be partnering with


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Here is a video from Village Artisan… Part of the beauty of what we are presenting through GetRealLive is that these organisations we have chosen to partner with, we know them and we know them well. The beautiful blonde girl in this video is a friend of mine and her life has been dedicated to bringing hope to women in India. I love that through her & her families life work, we have the opportunity to partner with them and hopefully see you engaging with them on a deeper, more meaningful level.



We need to educate OURSELVES, so during the next few weeks, we will be bringing stories of amazing of girls whose lives have been transformed through the work of our partners. These organisations are on the ground making things happen every day! Take a moment to read our posts here, share them, talk about them and visit our partners’ websites to fully engage.


Your Social Influence – This means going old school and simply talking with friends over coffee or a glass of wine and bringing the reality of what girls across the planet have to deal with into our worlds. TURN UP THE VOLUME on social media! We need your updates on Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter | Tumblr. Whatever your preferred platform, please copy and paste, follow us and re-tweet. Do whatever you can to to help us spread the message. Don’t EVER believe that you can’t make a difference. In our empowered and connected world, we all have great influence.

Your Finances – Did you know that it costs $300 to send a girl in the Pacific Islands to school for a year? Did you know that for less than $1 per day Plan Canada’s Because I’m a Girl Project helps to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing young girls in developing countries? That’s LESS THAN $1!

During the next few weeks, we’ll be offering suggestions on how you can donate your finances and how to go beyond just asking for money. We want this conversation to be very real and totally authentic so we will help you facilitate: Coffee Mornings | Wine Nights | Dinner Parties  | Garage Sales | Pink Lemonade Stands |Book Swaps |Lunch Money Matters | Christmas Cause Gifts | Fund Raiser Celebrations | and more ….

We want to Get Loud and Get Busy helping in any way that we can. Every cent makes a difference and every voice added to the mix helps TURN UP THE VOLUME!


Stay connected to this journey … Email us at so that we can keep you can informed about all that’s happening. We want to use this space so that together we CAN make a difference.

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’  Margaret Mead

Changing the life of a Girl through Underwear!

Today on Get Real Live, we had the honour of talking to, Rachel Starkey, the founder of Transformation Textiles.

Did you know that if you educate a girl, you can change a family, a village/community and ultimately Nations? Did you also know that many girls across the world don’t get their education simply because they don’t have proper underwear? That’s right, girls in some countries miss out on going to school simply because they don’t have underwear or proper protection during their monthly cycle. How sad is that and how simple it is to change.

Below is some information from Global Concerns Classroom about why it’s important to educate girls.

Top 5 Reasons to Educate a Girl:
Reducing Fertility Rates
The World Bank cites that when girls receive an education, they’ll have “fewer and healthier” babies. In fact, one year of formal education can result in a 10% decrease in fertility. Why is this? Women who receive an education are better informed about family planning, and are more likely to marry later.
Lower Maternal and Child Mortality Rates
Girls who receive an education are less likely to contract HIV & AIDS, and thus, less likely to pass it onto their children. The Comparative & International Education Society writes that their children are more likely to be vaccinated, and educated mothers will be better informed about proper nutrition and health practices. The Girls Global Education Fund reports that when a child is born to a woman in Africa who hasn’t received an education, he or she has a 1 in 5 chance of dying before 5.
Future Educated Generations
An African proverb says, “If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” By sending a girl to school, she is far more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. As many claim, investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation.
Higher Wages
The Girl Effect states that if a girl attends an additional year of primary school, she’ll see her wages increase up to 20%. Furthermore, if she attends an additional year of secondary school, her wages could increase by 25%!
Investing in the Family
With these additional wages, research shows that women are more likely to invest in their family. In fact, the Basic Education Coalition claims that women will reserve 90% of their income to better their families. This economic savings will result in the betterment of not only individual families, but entire communities.

Transformation Textiles is a not-for-profit organization that assist in providing young girls, in developing nations, menstrual supplies, enabling them to go to school. This inspiring, Alberta-born visionary started all of this simply through walking down the streets of Egypt when her eye was caught by some cut off fabric laying ruined in the street. Tune in and listen to her story and how you can get involved in changing the lives of girls across the globe.

Listen to internet radio with Get Real Live on BlogTalkRadio

Peter Walsh Press Release

 Contact: Susan Sohn or Nicole Liboiron                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Phone: 403-803-0310

Email: or

Organisational Expert Peter Walsh In Calgary Saturday Only

Oprah’s Organisational Expert, Peter Walsh comes to Calgary for one night only.  GetRealLIve is hosting Peter in a live event Saturday, April 20th at 7pm in the Boyce Theatre.  Peter Walsh will be discussing how to ‘de-clutter’ and sharing tips and tools for leading your best life.

Peter is most well known for his many appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Peter is also featured in on the OWN Network in his own program called Extreme Clutter. Peter is a regular contributor to O Magazine and has shared the platform for Oprah tours along side Gayle King, Suze Orman and Dr. Phil. Recently, Peter has made several appearances on The Rachael Ray Show. He is also the author of such books as ‘Enough Already’ and ‘Its All Too Much’.

This event is in support of WINS (Women in Need Society) of Calgary.  Attendees to the event are encouraged to bring donations for women and their families in low-income situations. Peter will be on location at WINS Friday, April 19th, 2013 in support of this worthy cause.

The event has created a buzz throughout Calgary engaging with our cities most influential social media.  The hash tag #CalgarySpringClean, has reached over 3.4 million impressions to date.  This is all in an effort to encourage Calgarian’s to not only give back to their community, but to engage in a greater message.

GetRealLive is a Calgary/Australian based organization building online conntectivity and hosting live events in an effort to encourage healthy families, relationships and strengthening communities.  This happens with the assistance of industry experts who can provide helpful tips, practical knowledge and informational tools.

Further information and registration details for the event can be found on the GetRealLive website at


Organise and Rejuvenate Your Closet

I walk into my favourite room and see rows of neatly hung, fashionable clothing, organized by season, colour and style.  In this sanctum, every hanger is aligned, sweaters are beautifully folded, handbags are displayed and accessories wait their calling. Now, unfortunately, this room doesn’t really exist.  Yes, I’m outing myself.  This clothing horse, with a closet most would kill for, can’t seem to organise that favourite room, but she is getting there.  So in keeping with Get Real Live’s Spring Clean Calgary Movement, I have vowed to bring my favourite room into reality.

With the help of a dear friend, and a few professionals, I have started down the path towards the beautiful closets pictured on my Pinterest boards. Here are some of the tips I used to get me started:

Everything in your closet belongs in three distinct categories; keep, donate, or sell.  Let’s deal with the third one right away.  There is a large market for those who want to consign or sell their clothes.  If you have the time for eBay, Kijiji or second hand stores you can sell your gently used clothes perhaps even for a small profit. It can be time consuming, but you may put some change in your pocket to add some new pieces to your wardrobe.

My preference is to donate my once-loved pieces to someone who will appreciate them just as much as I did.  After dear friends have taken a few choice articles, I love to donate the clothes I no longer wear to great causes.  Our Get Real Live partner, WINS (Women in Needs Society), is a favourite of mine.  WINS assists women coming out of crises, with the fundamentals for a new home. Just a warning, please do some research about the charity you are intending on receiving your donation.  CBC investigations uncovered a lucrative industry where-by for-profit companies set up donation bins and accept donations, then turn around and sell them.  Trying not to be half-generous, be a courteous donor and throw away the clothes that are damaged, torn or stained.

The clothes you keep should be organized. First make sure the clothes are all hanging properly and in the same direction. Fold as many things as you can in order to free up hanging space.  I found my closet was so crowded that I was unable to see what I really had.  Once I removed jeans, t-shirts and work out gear from the racks I had more room to spread out my great items, thereby making my space look tidier and easier to work with.

Then you will want to group like items with like items.  Group similar pieces together first (for example; all capri pants), then by season, and finally by the colour families.  I am really amazed at how much easier this has made finding things in my closet.  It really helps my daily with putting outfits together and my getting out the door quicker. Another great tip: if you are short on space, consider storing unneeded seasonal items.  In summer store your big bulky sweaters in clear bins that can be sealed from dust and possibilities of bugs.

Organizing guru Peter Walsh, says that “culling and organizing your clothes will allow you to wear more of what you have more often”. I couldn’t agree more, since yesterday I removed tags off a sweater I didn’t remember buying and waltzed out of the house feeling like a million dollars.  Now I’m excited to venture back into my favourite room everyday to see what treasures I’ll uncover.