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At the end of this month, Philip and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe it’s been two decades since we said ‘I do’, and if you include the on-and-off dating before that, we’ve pretty much been together for 25 years. We met when I was 19 and he was 21.Read More

GRL with Andi Andrew from NYC plus Twitter Time and More

GetRealLive is back with Andi Andrew From NYC. A recent order from a Judge in California forces Christians to remove the nativity scene after 60 years of display. This has raised the question,’Should the Nativity should be allowed in public Places’? Hear the opinions as Susan and Scott weigh in plus hear what people had to say via Facebook.

Is Twilight harmful for teenagers to be watching? Some parents have raised concern over the Vampire story line in fears of it being ‘evil’. Plus, we find out what is trending in ‘Twitter Time’ and follow the hashtag #liesimtiredofhearing.

We find out the Top 12 things Newlyweds should know about marriage. These tips will help people towards living a happier life together.

Also, Scott brings his OMG of the day with the crazy story about a man from Idaho beating a monkey at a zoo to death.

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