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I have always searched for truth. As a young 20-year-old I remember sitting with a group of women, we were talking about life. It was a faith-based women’s group back in the early 90’s. It was called ‘Women’s Aglow’ but I lovingly referred to it as ‘Women on or in Heat’ (apparently it depends which country you come from whether you say on or in… it doesn’t really matter, either way). To this day, my mind still boggles at the thought of that name for a women’s group. Being a marketing person, I always like to question the ‘why behind the what’ and this is a classic example. However, I think the better question to ask is ‘Why Did I Even Go?’ I realise now I was in search of TRUTH and so I found myself there. I promise that in my 20’s this was not my scene at all. I can only think that with my new found faith, it must have been the only watering hole at the time. I was new to the faith; I was full of zeal and zest, and the world was exciting and new to me. But I found myself lost in this women’s meeting, feeling like I didn’t belong……AND I DIDN’T.Read More

Recharge, Refuel, Refocus: 5 Tips on Expanding Your Capacity

Susan-Sohn-PromoIf there is one question I get asked on a regular basis it is this, “How do you do all that you do?” My question back is always, “What is it that you see me do that you want to know about?”

This question always results in the conversation of capacity and capacity is something that never ceases to fascinate me. Why is it that some people seem to have greater capacity than others?

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Notes From A Broad featuring Nicole Liboiron

Notes From A Broad by Nicole Liboiron-  presenting Lifestyle, Fashion and Travel

Every month since I was a teen, I would head to my local bookstore and flip through the glossy pages of couture-laden magazines. A select few would make it to my bedroom floor for me to dog-ear.  The fashion was always, and still is, beautiful but usually unattainable, and more runway than ‘real way’. With the advent of social media, lovers of all things trendy have access to fashionistas from around the globe, eager to make us a little more fashion savvy.  Whether it’s on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram, you can have your own personal stylists at your fingertips.  A stylist, who will guide you through the world of what’s hot and how to make it wearable.

Heck you can check out my Pinterest boards for what I like to wear. I even have the audacity to post ‘selfies’ of myself in pieces from my closet. However, if you need the advice of an ‘expert’, many of the top contributors from Vogue, Glamour and Elle will tweet, pin and post their latest fashion obsessions.  Two of my favourite pinners are Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia and Emily Schuman from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. For the everyday stylista, Glamour magazine has great Pinterest boards with outfit ideas for what to wear on a date or in the boardroom.

Fashion Bloggers have become so popular that some have become celebrities in their own right.  Many sit front row at the most anticipated fashion shows the season and are sought out for their opinion on trends.  Many of the blogs are as beautiful as the clothes they flaunt.  Their photography and presentation are so stunning you feel as though you are staring at that glossy magazine. You Look Fab and the Budget Fashionista are great blogs for the everyday style enthusiast with tips (and accompanying pictures) for everyday dressing.

For a quick fashion fix, check out Instagram for latest from ‘on-the-street’ stylists. Mobile photographers are now using the photo-sharing app to post their daily outfit or latest fashion find.  Fashionfacts and Getfashion are just two I like to follow. This is another great way to see how you can use what you have in your closet to make a great outfit.

The list of fashion bloggers, tweeters and pinners grows on a daily basis and their influence in the world of fashion is irrefutable.  Scott Schuman’s blog, The Sartorialist, had over 13 million views in one month last year.  So whether you hate to wear the same outfit twice, or dream of wearing Marchesa, there is always a place on ‘the net’ to satiate your love of fashion, and maybe even give you a few pointers a long the way.

Here are some of my favourites.

 Pinterest users to follow


Nina Garcia

Emily Schuman (Cupcakes and Cashmere Blogger)


  Glamour Magazine 

Blog writers to follow

The Budget Fashionista

You Look Fab

The Satorialist

Glitter Guide

Put This On (for men)

      The Glamourai

 Twitter Users

Refinery 29


   InStyle Magazine







What I  Wore (complete outfit guides…even by colour)

Four-Thirds Gentleman

Guy Style Guide


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