GetRealLive Omelette Supreme!

Here’s a simple, fast and healthy recipe for a great veggie omelette. You can tell Scott gets hungrier and hungrier while he films. 7 minutes from whoa to go….probably faster if I wasn’t talking.

Marie Bertrand

getreallive is proud to present Marie Bertrand:

As a microbiologist and skin scientist, Marie Bertrand has had the opportunity to work with the most successful cosmetic companies in the world. Over the years, Marie has trained over 75,000 people – from beauty advisors, aestheticians and dermatologists to the general public – on the proper use of skin care products and nutritionals to maximize skin health.

In 2007, Marie founded SkinScience, Canada’s only scientific skin care clinic, so women and men could have a place to turn to for ethical, science-based, personalized skin care recommendations & procedures. Marie has helped thousands of men, women and teenagers deal with their skin issues, using a rigorous, science-based approach.



SkinScience Clinic | 403.287.1477

the getreallive table: Marie is a genius when it comes to skin. Her scientific background allows her to look at us from a cellular level, providing solutions that bring change, to our largest organ (our skin). Marie brings a wealth of knowledge to our getreallive table and she is a trusted friend.

Whitney Houston – A Life Inspired

My first encounter with Whitney Houston was at the age of 8. She has just arrived on the scene and her debut album and was the very first pop album I ever owned. Up until that point, it had all been sesame street and the likes. I still remember the first song I ever heard, “The Greatest Love of all”. Not only was I completely transfixed by the VOICE that my ears were taking in, but my heart was also receiving the message of the song, hitting me deep within me.

“Everybody’s searching for a hero People need someone to look up to”

“I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow If I fail, If I succeed at least I’ll live as I believe”

Words to live by. At such a young and impressionable age, this message certainly helped shape mindsets within me. Whitney wasn’t just singing, she was delivering a message. Which, I think is one reason I connected so closely. I would listen to that album night and day. It would be on in the car, at night, in my Walkman (remember those) on road trips, basically everywhere.  She was who I was looking up to. Her message of faith in God also resounded with me. A Voice that transcended beyond notes and sounds, it went straight to the heart.

I continued to follow Whitney throughout her career. Every album and song! A new Whitney release was an event, a celebration. Lets get this straight, I wasn’t obsessed. No weird fan stuff!! Just a connection, a shared passion for music and faith.

Then came The Bodyguard and then all those who were not yet fans, seemed to jump on board. You couldn’t turn on a radio station, go to a function or enter a shopping mall where you did not hear “And I…..”. Everyone was in awe. This woman could sing. She had passion and every note she delivered, carried conviction. It was effortless, natural. No need for lights, fireworks and wild costumes. The VOICE was enough.

Years would bring more movies and more hits. It would seem this person had it all. The fame, the personality, beauty, riches. However, there was obviously something that blinded her from seeing the gift she possessed. Maybe at one point she knew, but she lost sight. The fame, glitz and glam seemed to distract. It all became too much for one person to handle. Then, there were the years that would be filled with sorrow, struggle and pain. All of this leading us to her final moments on February 11, 2012. But that’s not what I want to talk about!! I don’t want to focus on the years when we saw her fighting her own demons in a public eye as most stood back with judgment and jokes. I want to remember the Whitney that at the age 8, gave me passion to sing, that helped me find my voice. The Whitney that told me to believe in the greatest love of all. Throughout every year, I was there. I believed through the hard years, through the failed attempts at a comeback. In 2012, I even organized a “Welcome Back Whitney” party among friends where we launched her new album, “I look to you”. It was night to celebrate Whitney and all the years of joy she had brought us thus far. Sure, she wasn’t at the top of her game as in past years, but I wasn’t about to discard her after all these years.

I didn’t know her personally and no I wont be able to thank her until the day I meet her in heaven. However this got me thinking about how often (in life) we walk with people when they offer us something and when they are at their finest. Yet we are quick to walk away from years of invested friendship or relationship simply because that person no longer gives us what we need. Are we only there in the good times? What about the hard times? Sure we all celebrate Whitney now that she is gone, but let’s not forget, she was out of our minds for years whilst she tried unsuccessfully to battle her inner demons. Then, one day there were 2.5 million tweets about her in one hour. A total of 1000 tweets per second!!! She went from not being on the radar with exception of jokes and slander to overwhelming our Facebook pages, twitter accounts, tv sets and radio stations. Where were we before this tragic event?  Where were all the kind words, all the joy she had brought to us? Sadly it had been smothered in bad choices and wrong life decisions.

Today, I find myself wondering, is there still value in walking with someone at their lowest? Is believing in someone with all your heart and hoping they will sort out their issues even though every indication says that ‘it’s not likely’? Isn’t it worth it just to believe? Does our faith count for anything even though we may not see the result we desire? I think it is worth it and I think it does count. It has too.

Back to my childhood. My purchase of her album never impacted her in any way that she would know, yet she made a profound influence on my life. As Wayne Gretzky is to that little guy who wants to play hockey, as Steven Spielberg is to the upcoming film maker or Steve Jobs was to the computer nerd that wants to bring his invention to the forefront. We all look up to someone. Everyone has that person, whether it be a celebrity, a public figure or a family member that inspires them in some way, shape or form. Whitney was this to me. I believed and hoped until the end.

Her journey on earth may have ended, but her impact will live on. Through her music, her triumphs and her story. She helped me believe in myself. She told me at a young age, don’t let anyone take away your dignity!! And I won’t.

And that VOICE! There will never be another that could just simply stand behind a microphone and with such conviction and passion, deliver the power of a message and have the vocal strength to match the resounding themes being conveyed. She made us believe. She sang hope into our lives. I have posted her performance of “The Greatest Love of All” and in my opinion it is probably one of the greatest performances of all time. Pure, effortless and passionate. You can hear her soul in every note.

She gave us so many incredible performances and now she is gone. That VOICE that we were so blessed to hear and that brought us so much joy has been silenced on earth, only to live on through her music. Now she stands in the presence of the One whom she sang about all these years. She joins her voice with the angels, probably singing one of the songs we so often heard her sing.

“Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.”

I am sure she is happy to be home.

Scott C Bakken

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So, stick around and be part of this unfolding venture. Follow us on Facebook and twitter: @realliveshow and @susanjsohn. This is going to be a great ride and we can’t wait to discover what lies ahead.



A note from Scott

Hey Everybody

I am so excited about what is happening through Get Real Live!!!

Here at Get Real Live, we have assembled a team of All Stars who excel in knowledge within their field and are passionate about seeing people achieve their goals. We are excited to present and introduce this incredible team to you!

In addition, I can’t wait to hear all the stories, meet new people and see all of us connect! Information is power and when you know better you do better. The opportunity here is that through our show, site and Live events we can all share the wisdom and knowledge we have collected on our journey. However, with this knowledge we must not just talk about it, but put it into action!! We are pumped about life and we are so excited to GET REAL LIVE!!!!!

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The Tapas of Travel

Arriving in St. Thomas at 6:45am…. Breathtaking…
Travel is one of my favourite things to do. I love to go, to see and to explore. I love preparing for a trip and I get excited at every turn, whether the turn be down a new road or down a familiar one ~ like the road home for a visit. Whatever the case may be, when God created me, I’m convinced he included a shot of Nomadic blood in my stream. I love my desire for travel and my sense of adventure because on my journey thus far, I have seen some of the most beautiful sights the world has to offer and I have had the honour or meeting some of the most extraordinary people on my way.

I have had the opportunity to walk the dusty roads from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. I have swam in the Dead Sea and sampled some of the most delicate foods whilst nestled in a restaurant in Japan. I have watched whales and gazed on coral and sealife on the Great Barrier Reef. I have danced on the streets of Gyoungzhou and sang songs in Hebrew with a choir in Jerusalem. I have slept in a monestary in Nazareth and have dined at some of the finest restaurants in Paris. I have savoured a Sunday Roast Dinner in London and I have sipped on a Singapore Sling in Singapore. I have walked through the markets of Malaysia and I have discovered the underground department stores of Seoul. I have dined outdoors in villages both on the seaside and from the greatest mountain peaks in Korea whilst enjoying bowl of Kimchee Stew. I have seen the sights and sounds of South Africa and watched the sunset set over Thailand. I have allowed myself to do and see so many things the world has to offer and I look forward to every trip that I have the opportunity of taking. As a young woman, I wandered the world with eyes full of adventure and excitement. Now, as a mother, I take my children and allow them to experience culture and difference. We find travel to be one of the most valuable educators.

Recently my mother treated our entire family to an Eastern Caribbean Cruise. Cruising is something I have never experienced, nor had anyone else in our family. It simply wasn’t something that seemed to appeal to our eyes of adventure. For whatever reason, when I thought of cruising, I thought I would be ’stuck’. Stuck on a ship, stuck in line ups, stuck waiting, stuck in Ports. I’m not sure why I thought this way but I did, and for whatever reason I believed it. So, when my mother booked our trip and surprised our families at at Christmas with the information surrounding the trip, we all graciously accepted knowing that it would be (if anything) very interesting. Interesting for a few reasons:
1) Because we hadn’t been on a family holiday since we’ve all been married and with children so the family dynamics (as we all know) would promise to be of interest.
2) Because I’d never cruised and nor did I think I was a cruiser so this holiday peeked my interest in way of a challenge – would I come off a cruiser or one who would vow never to step foot on a cruise line again?

After learning about our trip and getting excited we all jumped online to start checking the details. Firstly, I was surprised by the ship, ‘The Ruby Princess‘, she was beautiful and so big. Every time I popped on the website I was excited about what I discovered whether it be the ‘movies under the stars’ or the ‘7 pools onboard’. The kids were excited about the clubs that were applicable to their ages, they looked so inviting and fun. As I read about the cruise I discovered that it was more than I had ever thought. I realised that Princess promised something for everyone. Our group spanned a few generations yet from what I could see (from the information provided) no one would be left empty handed or bored by any means ~ whatever the age.

As our departure date grew closer, I wondered if the Princess Family onboard would measure up to what I had already experienced with them. Thus far, through the booking process, arranging the finer details and simply asking questions as a first time cruiser I was amazed at the level of service I had received. Clearly this company had some great training and staff development.

Finally our day of departure. Our cruise consultant (Cathe Offet, Expedia Travel Regina) was fantastic, she had gone above and beyond anything we could have expected. She was there to send us off in style and as we turned and said our final good bye to her, we were Ruby Princess bound. As we reached the ship we were all in awe of our home-away-from-home. My heart skipped a beat and the adventurer in me stood up. I realised that this cruise was going to be something I would remember forever. Different to previous trips but as I know well, different can be really good.

After checking in and getting ourselves sorted (for more on this read my previous article ‘Princess for a Day‘) we all started to relax and enjoy. The service was beyond 5 Star, the food was divine and being a food family we were a little worried about this. We had heard people speak of food on cruises but we weren’t convinced. After experiencing our first meal on the Ruby Princess, we were convinced…..the food was incredible and from that moment on we looked forward to every meal.

What have learned about cruising with Princess Cruises? There is something for everyone. Our family group ranged in age from 72 – 6 years and Princess offered something for everyone. It was perfect holiday for a group of people simply because they cater to everyone. You are never at a ‘loss’ for things to do yet you never feel bombarded or forced to do anything. Your holiday is designed by you and Princess is simply there to fill the gaps if need be. It is the perfect union.

Discovering the Ports is fun. I have decided that cruising is ‘The Tapas of Travel’. Tapas is the name of a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. Like Spanish cuisine, cruising offers you a taste of different cultures, cities, beaches and life. As a traveler you don’t have to commit to one destination, rather you can sample in style and simply indulge whilst others do the work. When I say others do the work, I am fascinated that I was, in fact, wrong about Princess having an excellent training program for their staff. Instead, through my conversations with staff members, I discovered that their 5 Star service comes from the greatest place of all ~ people who love their jobs and are excited everyday about working, serving others and being part of the Princess Team. I tip my hat to the company, the employees and to the opportunity that they have….they make memories happen and they (the staff) were all part of our puzzle of making our family holiday one we will remember for a lifetime.

The question remains, am I Cruiser? Absolutely…. I am Princess in the making and in addition to the off the beaten track travel we enjoy our family has now engaged and adopted the cruising life. We can’t wait to go again and by that I mean all of us 72 – 6 years. What an experience, what memories….. What a cruise. Thank You Mum for an extraordinary holiday and Thank You Princess Cruises.