GetRealLive Friends Share ‘ChangetheAge’ Recipes

GetRealLive friends/listeners/fans/followers are on the move and some have really taken up the ‘ChangetheAge’ Challenge. We are excited about seeing and hearing about real change happening in people’s lives.

Pam Johnstone from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada is one of our ‘ChangetheAge’ friends and she has just sent us a new chicken recipe that she is loving. This recipe is filled with goodness, it’s low fat, great protein and something the whole family will love.

If you would like to share one of your recipes please do…. We love sharing 🙂

Thanks for sharing Pam.




Rosemary Chicken ~ submitted by Pam Johnstone

2 tsp paprika
1 1/2 tsp ground rosemary
1 tsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp coarse grind black pepper
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp Sea Salt
1.5 lbs boneless skinless chicken

Note: Sometimes I add 3 Tbsp of lime juice just because it adds to the flavor. Also, leave out the olive oil and the dry ingredients can be used as a rub for BBQ chicken!)

Mix all your dry ingredients together and drizzle over chicken. Bake at 425 degrees for 30mins, or just until chicken is done. Stir occasionally.

Serve this on a bed of rice, quinoa or whatever you choose and make a nice crunchy salad to go with.

Food that Loves You Back- How is Your Love Life with Food

In our incredible interview with Daphne Oz, she spoke about our relationship with food. I have never thought of my food in this manner, but the truth is it is very similar to a relationship with people. Daphne suggested that we should ‘eat food that loves us back’. Just as a relationship goes both ways, so it is with our food. Sure, your food doesn’t speak to you and if it does, you may want to get some help regarding that! However, it does have the ability to give, take, help, hurt, cure or bring cause to your life. Some people allow food to be abusive thinking the food actually loves them when in fact it is causing so much harm. Others are co-dependent, looking to food for support and security. Others can allow food to harm them, thinking it is their only friend but in reality it is bringing about negative effects such as weight gain, diabetes or inflammation.

On the flip side, I love the concept of being in a relationship with food that loves you back, enabling you to go forward and live your best life. Food that fuels, strengthens, heals and supports you. We can all have this if we decide we are worth and deserve it. It comes in educating ourselves, learning the power of food and giving our bodies what it really needs not just to survive, but to thrive.

Here are some thoughts on eating food that loves you back!

1. Date Your Food– Find out what works for you and doesn’t. Try new recipes and discover new flavors. Get out on the town and meet some new dishes!
2. Have a Fling- The rule is eat clean 80% and cheat 20%. If you were to eat 6 small meals a day, that is 42 meals a week. This means 4.2 meals can be a cheat meal.
3. Add a Little Spice– Next time you go down the spice isle, but some new ones. Try adding them to your dishes and making that chicken and broccoli dish come alive.
4. Look Beyond the Profile Pic- Often we are attracted to what we see at the surface, but get to know your food on a deeper level. What are the true ingredients and find out if they are really what you need to build a lasting relationship.

Listen to our interview with Daphne Oz below or download from iTunes

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GetRealLive- Gets you over your Mondayitis. Listen on Demand here.

You know that feeling on Sunday night when you think about going back to work? That feeling on Monday is a little thing we called “Mondayitis’. Listen on demand as Susan and Scott engage in Hot Topics and bring a little light to your Monday morning helping you ease into your week. Today we chatted about breaking up with a bff, crazy church signs that make us laugh and porn for mommies on the rise. Yeah, that’s what we thought! Plus, we speak to Tara Sheahan who teaches us the importance of practicing happiness and how that can affect our surrounding atmospheres.

Listen below or download from iTunes. Happy Monday!





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Susan’s Change the Age Journey (Part 3)

I’m well on my way on the Change The Age journey and thus far I feel great.

On Friday, I had my second measurements done with my Trainer, Alex (my first ones were before I started anything). I was super excited to find out what my results were and to see how far I had come on the journey…. More on my results later and I will reveal exactly what my success rate is thus far. Fasten your seatbelt.



Before I share those details, here is a pre workout video I made just before a 6am workout. This workout was like the ‘last chance’ workout before I headed off on our GetRealLive Cruise with Princess…..

Needless to say, my time spent working out with Alex is hard. He pushes me and expects a lot. He knows my goals and knows how to get me there. There are times when I have felt like lashing out (at him) because he has put me through something more grueling than I’m used to. However, I bit my tongue and remind myself that he didn’t get me to this place but with his help and wisdom he will show me the way out.

I am reminded daily that it’s not only my workouts with Alex that will get me to where I need to go. Rather, I have to do my part as well. That means for the other 23 hours/day that I’m not with him (and I don’t see him everyday) I have to make wise choices when it comes to food and activity at home and as I go about my day.

Below is a video that I took after a lunchtime workout…. There is a Korean Restaurant right beside the gym and boy did I enjoy my lunch. Maybe a little high in sodium but none the less I made wise choices whilst eating out because this is a big part of life.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired to join me as I Change The Age and bring health and fitness into my life in an even greater way.



As we prepare for ‘Change the Age’ the most important change we need to make is with our thinking. So often, we develop thought processes that keep us from obtaining our goals. If we are limited in our thinking, we will be limited in our achievements. Our speech is the biggest revealer of the thought patterns in our mind. To find out what you are thinking, listen to what you are saying. Phrases such as ”I don’t have the time”, “I’m too busy”, or “I am so stressed and tired’. Sound familiar? If so, then you have set these patterns already in your mind and these will begin to frame your world and daily routines. Here are some tips to change your thinking to set you up on a path of success.


1. Define Your Goals– If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. Sit down and map out what it is you want to achieve. Put practical times frames on things and create milestone to measure success. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail!

2. Start Speaking Positive- What you say is what you believe. Begin to speak positive about your circumstances and start using language that enables you; not disables you

3. Make Up Your Mind– Plan your day accordingly and don’t negotiate in your mind. Stick to what you have decided. Start planning for it and prepare around it. Once you have made up your mind, MAKE IT HAPPEN

4. Think Ahead– Preparation brings success. Think about what barriers could hinder your progress and work around them. For example, what groceries do you need for the week? Make a food plan and buy what you need so that you can do all your daily activities and not be thrown off by reaching for the convenient food and mess up your healthy choices. Have your gym bag ready to go and find times that work for you and your family.

5. The Idea of “I Don’t Have The Time’ Has To GO! – Everyone has one hour to fit into his or her day to focus in on their goal. Ask yourself what you can cut out. How many hours do you spend a day watching TV, on the computer or even shopping? Everyone has 3 hours within a week to contribute to healthy living, learn a new skill or expand their opportunities.  If not, think about how you can manage your time better and take back control of your life. Are you running your life or is your life running you?

6. Your Beliefs Shape Your Reality– Confidence in your ability to be successful in your goals comes from a set of beliefs. It’s in what you believe about yourself and what you believe about others. It’s worth asking yourself the questions and even writing down how you see yourself. You can be your biggest fan!! Changing how you see yourself will instill confidence and set you up for success.

Dr. Oz’s Green Drink – Spring Clean : Detoxing Our Lives

Well friends as you know Scott and I are doing our Spring Clean : Detoxing Our Life. With Spring in the air, what better time than now to clean out every area of life, body soul and spirit.

I have been busy working out with Alex (get ready for my next update on my Training Journey) and I am on day 7 of my 30-day detox and Scott is on day 5 of his 30-day detox. We are feeling great and thus far are loving the experience. We are feeling the impact on and in our bodies, which is exciting. I (Susan) am really noticing clarity… as a busy mother of 3 this is something I didn’t even realise I wasn’t experiencing. I can only attribute this to my workouts with my Trainer, Alex Mohtadi and to the goodness we are putting into our bodies.


Today, Scott and I decided to put Dr. Oz’s ‘Green Drink’ to the test. Scott stumbled across this drink whilst I was away enjoying our GetRealLive Cruise on Princess Cruises and wrote about it. After talking about it and embracing our Detoxing we thought we would give this drink, which is high in fibre, low in calories and full of vitamins, a go.

We hope you enjoy this short video and will try this drink at home. For the recipe click HERE.

And…. Stay tuned because we have Dr. Oz’s lovely daughter Daphne Oz (seen on The Chew) who will be joining us on GetRealLive Radio soon. One of Daphne’s smoothies has become a favorite in our home… Will share that recipe shortly.


Susan & Scott

Creamy Caesar Dressing

Spring has arrived and that means the food of summer is just around the corner. Salads are always a big hit with the family. Here is a simple recipe to make your own Creamy Ceasar Dressing. Its fresh and tastes amazing!!


Creamy Caesar Dressing


1 Egg

2 Cloves garlic

¾ Cup olive oil

3 tbsps red wine vinegar

¼ tsp sugar

¼  tsp lemon juice

¼ tsp dry mustard

Dash of tabasco sauce

Dash of worcestershire sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste



Mix together in a blender for 4-5 Mins. There you have it!! Simple and Easy! This will keep in your fridge from 4-6 weeks.



GetRealLive Cruises with Princess

Well friends, we are here!!! The GetRealLive Cruise is happening and we are having an absolute ball. As I write this I am gazing out at the beautiful Bahamas whilst nestled comfortably in my suite on the Grand Princess.

I find myself marveling at how things unfold. Last year, along with my family and at the generosity of my mother, we took our maiden voyage on the Ruby Princess. Exactly 1 year later we find ourselves again being spoiled by the Princess family. However this time, we didn’t come alone, we brought an entire GetRealLive group with us and we’re having fun.

Get ready for a few updates, pics, vlogs and stories all from the decks, the bars, pool side, the gym (yes, my change the age program is still happening whilst on holiday) and of course our annual Karaoke competition… Robert and Philip are currently planning their songs and the Pop Princess Competition gets underway tonight…. Stay tuned for the updates ☺. As requested by many of our friends/followers & fans, we will take pics of the incredible food we will dining on. It’s already proving to be outstanding.

I’ll sign off now and head down to the pool ~ the kids are already there. After returning from an afternoon at Princess Cayes Island a poolside pre dinner cocktail is on the program.

Ahhhh…. The life with Princess it just gets better and better.

Susan xo

Chicken Burgers with a Twist

Are you looking for something for dinner this weekend? Tired of the same old, same old? Well do we at getreallive have a treat for you. Straight from the streets of Santa Monica this chicken burger is one you’ll crave (I know our family does!) This is our friend, Barry Crocker, he is an extraordinary cook…. One of our men in the kitchen!

This perfect for one of those lazy Saturday or Sunday’s when you want something tasty but something easy. You can jazz it up, totally make it your own by adding toppings like: Avocado, Caramalized Onions, Beets, Capsicum, Asiago Cheese, Pickles, whole grain mustard and some crunchy garden lettuce. Seriously YUM!