Celebrity Chef Andre Carthen Talks Fall Foods

GetRealLive was excited to have our favourite Chef drop by the show. Chef Andre is the Worldwide Ambassador for Kathy Ireland and co-author with Janet Jackson of the NY Times #1 Bestseller, ‘True You’. When the celebs want to get fit and eat great they call on Chef Andre! His excitement for life and passion for food make always make for an editing time on GetRealLive.

Todays show was a special feature of our newest segment called My House is Your Home. This is dedicated to bringing you information all about building homes, building families and building lives. It is here that you can grab all your entertaining tips, great food ideas and learn the basics about what makes a home truly a home. Brought to you by Westview Builders, this surely is to a great place to drop in.

Check My House is Your Home for some wonderful new fall food ideas from Chef Andre. Try his newly inspired meatloaf and check out the Sweet Potato Gnocchi. Anyone hungry yet?

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Susan begins her Change The Age Journey

Susan Sohn Begins her Change The Age journey. Over the next month, you can follow Susan’s personal journey as she visits our team of experts including Skin Scientist Marie Bertrand, Naturopathic Doctors Arnel and Andrea Beaubrun and Fitness Coach Alex Mohtadi. Watch the videos and read the articles as Susan will be sharing the  lessons she will be learning and the hurdles she will seek to overcome.

You too can Change The Age as our team of Experts will be sharing on the night of October 11th at the GetRealLive LIVE Event! These nights are full of incredible giveaways, Live Music and just an amazing night out with friends, new and old. Check out this video of our last Live event for a taste.  So jump on CHANGE THE AGE and Register TODAY!!

Phil Cooke talks One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born To Do


Phil Cooke  joined us on GetRealLive to talk about his latest book, ‘One Big Thing; Discovering What You Were Born To Do’. Are you exceling in what you do? How to transition from what you hate to what you love? Are you wasting time investing into your weaknesses? These are some of of the questions that Phil touched on into todays show.

An internationally known writer and speaker, Phil Cooke has actually produced media programming in nearly 50 countries around the world.  In the process, has been shot at, survived two military coups, fallen out of a helicopter, and in Africa, been threatened with prison. And during that time – through his company Cooke Pictures in Burbank, California – he’s helped some of the largest nonprofit organizations and leaders in the world use the media to tell their story in a changing, disrupted culture.

He was formerly a founding partner in the commercial production company TWC Films, which produced national advertising for some of the largest companies in the country. TWC Films produced two TV commercials for Super Bowl 2008 and was selected to unveil the revolutionary new electric Chevrolet Volt.

According to former CNN journalist Paula Zahn, Phil is rare – a working producer in Hollywood with a Ph.D. in Theology. He’s appeared on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, and his work has been profiled in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

He’s lectured at universities like Yale, University of California at Berkeley, UCLA, and is an adjunct professor at the King’s College & Seminary in Los Angeles.  In addition to writing his blog at, he also blogs for The Huffington Post, and is a contributor to Fast Company,,  and

You can purchase ONE BIG THING at Barnes and Nobles, Amazon or download from iTunes.

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Skin Scientist Marie Bertrand talks Detoxing Your Skin After Summer

Skin Scientist and Microbiologist, Marie Bertrand took time out of her retreat week from Sparking Hill Resort to talk about skin repair after summer. As an expert for our Change The Age event on October 11th, Marie gave in depth insight when it comes to how you can give yourself the spa treatment right from your own home. Your skin is actually your largest organ and yet often goes ignored. Gone are the days that treating your skin is just a thing for woman, but men are getting on board. As part of Change The Age and living your best life, giving your skin the attention it requires it essential for truly experiencing results. Check out below as Marie has given a detailed weekly schedule on how you can detox and repair you skin. Additionally, included is your shopping list that is made up of the required ingredients for your daily spa treatment. Don’t let the list scare you as the required essentials are inexpensive in price and are available from your local health food store.

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GRL chats with Only Make Believe

The latest episode of GetRealLive is here. Today was a little off the wall as Susan and Scott weighed in on the morning buzz. Where’s the beef asks In and Out Burger as the treatment of local cows comes into question.  Also, Scott is feeling the baby check list is a little out of control and looks back at how the caveman seemed to be just fine with just a fire and some sticks. Susan asked what is the world is lactic acid and we tried to figure this thing out!

Our guest today was Dena Hammerstein from Only Make Believe. This not for profit organization is based in NYC and performs theatrical presentations in over 52 hospitals for children who are chronically ill. Through the power of imagination and creativity, these volunteers engage the kids in the storties. Listen as Dena shared some emotional stories that they have witnessed through the years. You may want to get the box of tissues just in case.

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PaperTongues on GetRealLive

GetReallive is back in business and todays show brought some more off the wall fun!! Listen as Susan and Scott weigh in on the morning buzz and more. Should the music we listen to be subject to ratings similar to that of the movies? Plus Susan shared more about her Change The Age joiurney and how she is overcoming her hurdles.

Papertongues stepped away from the studio to join the conversation and shared what they have been working on. They talked about the inspiration behind their latest single, ‘Amen’ and how they believe this message translates to this generation. We were inspired as lead singer Aswan North spoke about his passion for music and their commitment to the message of hope. You will be inspired as Papertongues fills us in on what they have been learning on their journey and what they are hoping to achieve with their music and lives.  Check out below to listen to their lates single.

Hope week continued as Andi Andrew calls in from NYC and talked about how we can all be carriers of hope. Andi’s fun and inspiring approach to life is very exciting and engaging and we love having her every Tuedsay!

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