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GetRealLive Retreat 2019

GetRealLive Retreat Highlights

GetRealLive Retreat Highlights

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"This weekend marked the beginning of a vulnerable and gentle journey of accepting myself as perfectly imperfect. For me, it marks a moment in time where I am settling into my truest and most free self. One who knows she is unconditionally loved and can walk more confidently into the things that sit well with my soul instead of other people’s expectations or ideas of who I should be."
"Susan greeted me at the door. With tears running down my face, I stood before her and said, ‘If what you sent me and what you’ve done so far is all I receive, I will have gotten my money's worth, and the weekend hasn’t even begun."
Before this retreat, I knew what I prioritised in my life, but I had always questioned, “what are values….? And what are mine?” This retreat certainly helped me pinpoint exactly what my values are. Before this retreat, I felt I couldn’t balance my work/life. I overwork myself into the ground and am extremely good at it. I didn’t realise before that while overworking myself; I’m putting one of my core values, "restfulness”, completely on the back burner. No wonder I am constantly feeling off balance. I left the retreat feeling 100% confident in who I am at my core. I know what my values are, and I have the tools now to implement a daily check-in, making sure I continue to stay in complete alignment. Undoubtedly, this retreat was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself.

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