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The GetRealLive Retreat is a time to gather, to connect and then to leave strengthened and empowered to live the life you dream of living.
Couples Retreat: May 19th - 21st
Individual Retreat: June 23rd – 25th
Individual Retreat: August 25th – 27th
Individual Retreat: Oct 13th – 15th

Every moment is designed for you to walk through and into something new. From the time you arrive, we want to treat you, to challenge you and ignite your senses.

We Believe...

In the Potential of Every Person

We believe in true, authentic engagement through compelling conversation and rich dialogue. We know that small talk always leads to BIG Talk. We want to help you walk in the fullness of who you are and who you were created to be. We are interested in your BEing and want to help you with your DOing. We want to see you move beyond your comfort zone and design the life you love. Together, we will dive into the truth of who we are. Through time away from the demands of life, to reflect, play and be still, we know you’ll leave inspired and motivated for the next right thing for you.

During the Retreat we are ready to take our skills, speaking, coaching and talents to the next level – increasing our capacity alongside you. This is a shared experience, and our promise is that the intensive, life-changing journey will happen with others who are ready for the same. We believe that the right people will formulate our time together and that we will gather a heart-centered group who are ready for a shift.

Powerful sessions including women’s circle heart conversations, art, meditation, beautiful food and nature will form the hours spent together. We will move toward a powerful, sacred time on Saturday night that promises to be both revealing and releasing.

This retreat has long-lasting value, one that far exceeds the investment made to attend. You will feel the shift the moment you sign up. And the results will continue long after we leave. 

You will gain new friends and connect with like minded community.


Why do people love Get Real Retreats?

The Get Real Live Lifestyle Retreat was exceptional.

Expectations were met and went above and beyond. True to what the retreat promises, lives were transformed, hearts were open to change, and change happened. There was so much packed into the time away I honestly don’t know how the team did it but I’m grateful that they did. Every detail was tended to and it was in the detail that I experienced change. I trusted the process from the application all the way through to the first and last payment. I’m so glad I went, things became ever so clear and I’m happy that I valued me. Part of the BEAUTY of the Retreat is the confidentiality and the safe space that is created. So I would love to share more, and I will respect that and the only thing I can say is GO. You won’t regret it and you will be excited for the next one. I can hardly wait. To Susan and her team from the moment I said that ‘yes’ in my head change started to begin. Thank you for seeing me, hearing me and knowing me

Susan greeted me at the door. I stood in front of her and said with tears running down my face.

If what you’ve sent me and what you’ve done so far is all I receive, I will have gotten my money’s worth, and the weekend hasn’t even begun.

Thank you so much for a truly phenomenal weekend Susan!

You took care of every detail so stunningly well. It will take some time to process all the wisdom that has been shared. Sleep well in the knowledge that you created a beautiful and safe space for so many women to start on – or continue – their journeys of transformational change. The impact of this weekend will be deep and enduring.

This weekend marked the beginning of a vulnerable and gentle journey of accepting this woman in the portrait as perfectly imperfect.

For me it marks a moment in time where I’m settling into my truest and most free self. One who knows she is unconditionally loved and can walk more confidently into the things that sit well with my soul instead of other people’s expectations or ideas of who I should be.

Prepare for a time away

That will transform and refresh you.

We don’t see our retreats as one size fits all. But rather through gaining a deep understanding of our guests, we take time to create something that will touch the lives of everyone attending in a very specific way. By combining essential elements, you will leave  with renewed hope, focus, resolve and tools to help you take the next steps. Simply put, we get to know you and create our weekend based on your needs.

Your retreat package

  • Secluded, spacious accommodation tucked away in nature with stunning sweeping views
  • Use of all the facilities; pool, spa walking trails and an outdoor relaxation area
  • Forest Bathing – an ancient Japanese tradition of spending meaningful time under the canopy of a living forest.
  • Gourmet meals designed specifically for your time away. Group dining with intention and purpose
  • A diverse selection of group activities; art therapy, fitness, yoga/stretch class & guided meditation
  • In-depth group sessions 
  • Contemplative silence sessions – regaining the beauty and art of silence
  • Specific surprises along the way, created to enhance your overall experience

You’ll fit right in if you

  • want to start something new and recalibrate
  • need to get away and return energised
  • are ready to live free
  • want to ditch the lies you’ve believed about yourself and rewrite the script
  • are figuring out where you fit in the grand scheme of life

Hosts and Guests

Who will be joining you?

Susan Sohn

Retreat Lead

A prairie girl with global experience, Susan Sohn is a natural motivator and gatherer. Her infectious humour, straight-talking style and love for people, can be seen and felt through all her endeavours. She lives to inspire others to look beyond their today and grasp the promise of their tomorrow. Her passion is to see people step into the strong, confident lives they desire.  She wholeheartedly believes that you can live the dream. 

Susan has dedicated her life to helping others walk in authenticity and living their true selves rather than filling the space that is expected. Living in such a way means freedom in ways that is breath-taking. She believes that we were planned, purposed and chosen for such a time as this. It’s through this revelation that she inspires and motivates people and helps people not only see the gold within but helps unlock the future. Susan is passionate about authenticity, knowing who you are and loving self.

Susan and her husband, Philip, have raised three incredible children, they have travelled the globe and have lived in multiple countries (Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Canada). They currently call Australia home. Both are guided meditation instructors and they lead weekly guided meditation classes. Additionally, they have started ‘The Gathering Cloud’ which is a safe place for people to come together and commune with one another and with God – the Divine.

Jane Kennedy

Jane has worked in the International Aid and Development sector for 16 years and is wired for connection across cultures, or over coffee. She is currently moving into the world of Counselling and Psychotherapy and is excited to support people as they move through pain and areas where they’re stuck, into freedom and ease. 

Whether in a tribal village in India or over dinner with friends, we just want to be seen and fully known. Jane loves conversations that create the courage to connect and let others in. 

Mum of two wonderful young adults, partner to Pete, big fan of yoga and quiet time.

Jane has been part of the GetRealLive team from the very first retreat and knows what’s possible when open hearts take a step towards wholeness.

Jess Leclerc

Jess is the principal & founder of Art School Co. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America and is recognized as an Associate Living Master by the Art Renewal Center.

Jess has been teaching art for 20 years and has been a finalist in numerous art prizes including the Archibald Prize, the Shirley Hannan Art Award, the Lester Prize, the Brisbane Portrait Prize, the Percival Portrait Prize and the International ARC Salon Competition.

Living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia, Jess is married to Dylan, and is Mum to Toby, Jewel, Summer & Eden. 

Philip Sohn

Philip stumbled upon meditation and hasn’t looked back since. Struggling to be present, and suffering from a racing mind and bouts of anger; by an act of grace, he experimented with 10 minutes of silent prayer and discovered God’s wide open spaces.

Having explored the contemplative spiritual tradition since then, his daily spiritual practice of meditation and contemplation has seen him live from his heart and not his head. Married to Susan, and seeing their life and relationship transformed, the couple started The Gathering Cloud in 2016, a contemplative spiritual space that emphasises divine love and being present. Expressions include a weekly guided meditation class at their local yoga studio and gatherings in homes and venues both near and far. It is their passion to see people experience communion with the divine, with others and with themselves.

Your Investment

The cost for our retreat is $1400 (+GST) and we have payment plans available. 
This is your first step to valuing yourself and your need for rest and renewal.

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