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to our GetRealLive Lifestyle Retreat and we would love to have you with us

Are you ready to have your life altered forever? The GetRealLive Lifestyle Retreat is designed with you in mind. Every moment is intentionally designed for you to walk through and into something new. From the moment you arrive, our goal is to treat you, to challenge you and to ignite your senses.

First, let us tempt you with some highlights from our last Retreats!


We believe in true, authentic engagement through compelling conversation and rich dialogue. We know that small talk always leads to BIG Talk. This engagement plus an understanding that we are planned, purposed and chosen for such a time as this takes us to a place of revelation resulting in transformation. We want to help you walk in the fullness of who you are and who you were created to be. We are interested in your BEing and want to help you with your DOing. We want to help you move beyond your comfort zone and design the life you love. Together, we will adventure to distant places and spaces and delve into the truth of who we are.

Through time spent together, away from the demands of life, we believe we will impart vision and see you leave inspired and motivated for more.

During the Retreat we are ready to take our skills, speaking and coaching and talents to the next level -increasing our capacity alongside you. This is a shared experience, and our promise is that the intensive, fast-paced, life-changing journey will happen with others who are ready for the same. We believe that the right people will formulate our time together and that we will gather a heart-centered group who are ready for a change.

Powerful sessions including coaching, impartation, art, fitness, food and more will formulate the hours spent together. We will move toward a powerful sacred circle time that promises to be both revealing and incredibly releasing.

This retreat has a long-lasting value, one that far exceeds the investment made to attend. You will feel the shift the moment you sign up. And we promise the results will continue long after we leave. You will gain invaluable friends and connect with an unstoppable community that will endure for your lifetime.



The GetRealLive Retreat is a time to gather, to connect and to leave empowered to live the life you dream of living. To live the life that is designed for you. 


Everything you need to break down barriers and build your future.

You will be staying at an incredible facility that is designed to cater for our time away where we will spend quality time together soaking up all on offer. Let the sunrises & sunsets of this space inspire you, and the perfectly designed days unfold to catapult you into the life you love.


  • World Class Teaching
  • Gourmet Food Prepared by Kelli Ginbey – Professional Chef & Consultant who has worked for Jamie Oliver, cooked for the Queen of England and Simon Cowel plus many others. Additionally, she has invested into the lives of others and trained and cooked for London’s homeless community.
  • Art Therapy with the incredibly talented Jessica LeClerc
  • Contemplative Silence Session
  • Great friendship
  • Life Changing personal investment that will see you propelled into your future


Susan 18Writer, speaker, broadcaster and social media personality Susan Sohn was born on the prairies of Canada and found her feet in the business world at an early age. Gripped by a desire for adventure, Susan left her native land and headed overseas. The vibrant, south-east Asian hub of Hong Kong felt like home from the moment she arrived. Through a series of extraordinary opportunities, she learned the ropes of the media industry. She rapidly rose through the ranks during her time at News Ltd to take on the role of South China Morning Post Advertising Manager for Hong Kong’s leading English-language magazine. Susan’s media career took off and the ensuing years saw her representing 13 USA/Canada titles in Asia. These titles included: The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, The Dallas Morning News,Worth Magazine, Sunrise Magazine, The Globe and Mail just to name a few. While rising to the challenge of Associate Publisher for Expression Magazine {American Express Cardmember publication}. This period of her life presented Susan with the opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s greats.

Hong Kong was home for 10 years. However, after much hard work and endless hours of travel, Susan and her husband Philip, who enjoyed a highly successful career in finance, took the decision to retire early. They relocated to Australia with plans to settle down and start a family.

Retirement was fun but inevitably short-lived for a couple like the Sohns, who could not resist the desire to continue building and investing into the lives of others.

A prairie girl with global experience, Susan is a natural motivator and gatherer. Her infectious humour, straight-talking style and love for people, can be seen and felt through all her endeavours. She lives to inspire others to look beyond their today and grasp the promise of their tomorrow. Her passion is to see people step into the strong, confident lives they desire. She wholeheartedly believes that you can live the dream.

Susan has dedicated her life to helping others walk in their full potential. She believes that we were planned, purposed and chosen for such a time as this. It’s through this revelation that she inspires and motivates people and helps people not only see the gold within but helps unlock the future.

Susan is passionate about identity and knowing who you are. Again, through living out of this revelation she shares the truth of who you are and who’s you are and helps each person walk in that truth.

You’re just about ready to book, but you might be wondering why this Retreat? Why is it being hosted?

It’s simple, and I’m glad you’ve asked these questions. Like everything I do and have done through GetRealLive, it’s all through user generation. This Retreat has been birthed out of people continually asking me the question, How do I do what you do? How have I built and created a six figure business whilst raising children and living the life I love – even through the challenging times? How do I keep going and where does the drive or motivation come from? These questions have compelled me to create a time away where I believe we will effectively deposit into you and help you grab hold of your future by addressing challenges and barriers head on. Whilst doing this, helping you put vision in front of yourself because when you put vision in front of someone I believe they will chase it down and see incredible things happen in and through their lives.

With that, I am confident that the right people will be with us. There are LIMITED SPOTS available so don’t delay. Book your space now.


Cancellation, Refund & Late Payment Policy

Due to the success of the GetRealLive Retreats and our complete confidence that attendees will receive incredible input we don’t offer any form

of cancellation or refund. Please read our disclaimer for necessary information before you book.

Late Payments will incur a $50.00 fee on top of payment due.