Payment Application

Your Application has been Received

Your Application has been received

We will process your application as soon as you have paid your deposit.

We have two payment options:

  1. Pay the deposit, and then four easy installments of $385 for the total retreat payment of $1540. The first button is for deposits, the second button is for installments.
  2. Pay the full amount of $1540.

Your deposit will go towards the full payment of your retreat once your application is successful. Your deposit will be refunded to you on the occasion that your application is unsuccessful. If you choose to cancel your retreat booking after this deposit has been paid it will not be refunded.

Pay $400 (GST incl) Deposit

Pay $385 (GST incl) Installment


Pay $1540 (GST incl) Full Payment



Here's a quick reminder of our
Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions.

Disclaimer: I understand that GetRealLive Retreats are not meant to replace standard medical and/or mental health counselling. GetRealLive Presenters or Therapists do not ‘treat’ any medical conditions, and are not a substitute for professional healthcare.

Terms and Conditions:

By engaging in Retreats with GetRealLive you must agree to take full responsibility for your own well-being. You agree to NEVER hold Susan J Sohn or anyone else associated with GetRealLive liable for any side effects or results of time in Sessions or Retreats.

There may be photographs taken, at the Retreats and video used for promotional purposes that you as an individual will be featured either discreetly or non-discreetly. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to your photos being used in this way.

By booking, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Cancellation, Refund & Late Payment Policy: Due to the success of the GetRealLive Retreats and our complete confidence that attendees will receive incredible input we don’t offer any form of cancellation or refund. Late payments will incur a $50 fee on top of payment due.


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