screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-12-08-26-pm“I recently read Lean In by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on women and leading with confidence. This isn’t so much a plug for the book although it’s highly recommended reading, but more about how it reminded me of my friend Susan. She’s always been one of my greatest fans even, or maybe especially when I have been hesitant to step out into something new and scary or needed someone to be strong for me till I could find the strength in myself. We empower others from our own sweet spot and give them permission to be amazing, even though they never needed it.Susan’s desire to empower women and girls to be the very best version of themselves comes from her confidence that life can be all you want it to be. She has a great ability to strap poms poms onto her wrists and dance while shouting for your success.  Susan’s message to women is one of freedom, let the kitchen be messy for today and go and live your dream life, be present with your kids, the people in your workplace and community. Don’t wait for permission to move onward and let go of having/doing it all. Do what’s in front of you and get started today!” Jane Kennedy – Programs Manager Asia/Africa UnitingWorld


Or are you weighed down by the past? Does the uncertainty of the future paralyse you? Does the fear of failure haunt you? Do you feel dormant and stagnant? Is the voice of negativity actually yours?

I am not a psychologist. I am a woman who decided one day to start doing the things that were birthed from deep within; because I value the people around me, and afar; because I learnt to value myself. Having found my personal, authentic identity and voice at a young age; self-esteem and confidence have never been an issue.

But life is not always kind to the outspoken.

Adversity and setbacks affect us all; but what is our response?

However you choose to engage with me on this journey called life, I make this promise: Open, fearless and safe conversations, help you take courage to confront the giants, with a travelling guide who has helped others navigate some treacherous paths. My hope is that a week, a month, years from now; that you remember you started the adventure with me, with this very first step.

Not only is my hope that a week, a month, years from now that you remember you started the journey with me with this very first step; but that you’ve progressed enough to guide others through their life path. GRL 12 Month Life Reboot is a one-year  life-affirming experience with me: as your confidante and adviser, where we get real together, living in the now, one empowering step at a time. Whether it be overcoming your greatest fear or obstacle, or starting/transforming your venture, I will be there with you.


Here’s what you’ll receive:

Throughout the 12-month time, you will get a combination of the following:
Two, private, 50-minute one-on-one sessions via video conferencing per month.
An invitation to connect with like-minded people who desire change through a secret Facebook Group.
Weekly emails with suggested reading, never published articles from Susan’s extended ‘Thought of the Day’ posts.                 Plus Susan’s personal ‘To Do’ daily structure delivered to your inbox.
A signed copy of Susan’s upcoming book (expected release date: September 2017)
Carefully selected reading list to deepen your journey.
Invitation and priority registration to attend GetRealLive Retreats


 Still Not Quite Sure, Or Have Some Burning Question?


Kind words from those I have mentored:
The importance of mentoring is greatly under appreciated in our culture today. With the advent of the start up, the self made millionaire and the social media maverick, it is easy to think those who are successful have done it alone. I beg to differ,  I personally have enjoyed the robustness and the deeply challenging opportunity to be coached by Susan online. Collaboration and coaching is by far the wisest choice in leading significant change. If you haven’t asked someone for help in the last month, then maybe you are not as productive as you possibly could be. Susan brings a bigger picture, experience from the trenches and a strategic approach to coaching and the art of mentoring. I have loved and loathed each session, as I know how much information and opportunity I now have to implement. She brings experience, wisdom and sass in one mentoring punch. And that is something I really admire and respond to. 


Amanda Viviers
Speaker | Author | Creative Consultant


At a crossroads time in my life Susan played a pivotal role in helping me to see unrealised potential within me and to understand my personal value. In a world quick to consume and take advantage of others, Susan’s ethical approach and nature to serve and unleash the potential within me, called forth a personal revelation of who I am and reminded me that what I bring to the world is of great worth. She was able to inspire confidence and belief in myself, unleashing the courage to step out and pursue my dreams. Years of wisdom and knowledge in the industry have given Susan a keen eye to see and draw out my personal strengths. She has helped me to become aware of the barriers that were holding me back and has spoken words that have propelled me forward into designing and living a life that I love. I am now soaring toward those dreams freer in heart and mind, more confident in my gifting and strengths and so grateful to have had some time to realign my life with my values. Now I can confidently walk in the direction of my dreams.

Carly Thomson 

Speaker | Author | Founder of the She Collective