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What Every Mumpreneur Should Know Before Starting a Business

October 27 2014, Anfernee Chansamooth.

Twitter IPO hurdle: The service is well known but not widely used

October 1 2013, Jessica Guynn.

Susan Sohn, 43, has been on Twitter since 2008. She has used the service to promote her GetRealLive Internet radio shows and helps other people learn how to use Twitter as a social media consultant. 

“I think people try it and give up because they don’t understand it,” said Sohn, who lives in North Avoca, Australia. “If you learn how to use it, you will not only like it but you will love it.”


GetRealLive presents Oprah’s organizing expert Peter Walsh

March 19 2013, Peter Walsh and GetRealLive in Canada – YouTube (CTV Community Calendar).