You’re just about ready to apply, but you might be wondering why. Why this Retreat? Why is it being hosted?

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It’s simple. Like everything I do through GetRealLive, it’s all through user generation. This Retreat has been birthed out of people continually asking me the question, how do I do what you do? How have I built and created a successful business whilst raising children and living the life I love – even through the challenging times? How do I keep going and where does the motivation come from?

These questions have compelled me to create a time away where I believe we will effectively help you grab hold of your future by addressing challenges and barriers head-on. Whilst doing this, helping you put vision in front of yourself because when you put vision in front of someone I believe they will chase it down and see incredible things happen in and through their lives.

I am confident that the right people will be with us. There are LIMITED SPACES available so don’t delay. Fill out the form to apply!