The GetRealLive Retreat is a time to gather, to connect and to leave strengthened and empowered to live the life you dream of living. Our Retreats are designed with you in mind. Every moment is intentionally designed for you to walk through and into something new. From the moment you arrive, our heart is to treat you, to challenge you and to ignite your senses. Watch the videos from the previous years to hear all the testimonies. YOU ARE INVITED to our GetRealLive Lifestyle Retreat and we would love to have you with us!


We believe in true, authentic engagement through compelling conversation and rich dialogue. We know that small talk always leads to BIG Talk. This engagement plus an understanding that we are planned, purposed and chosen for such a time as this takes us to a place of revelation resulting in transformation. We want to help you walk in the fullness of who you are and who you were created to be. We are interested in your BEing and want to help you with your DOing. We want to help you move beyond your comfort zone and design the life you love. Together, we will adventure to distant places and spaces and delve into the truth of who we are. Through time spent together, away from the demands of life, we believe we will impart vision and see you leave inspired and motivated for more.

During the Retreat we are ready to take our skills, speaking and coaching and talents to the next level -increasing our capacity alongside you. This is a shared experience, and our promise is that the intensive, fast-paced, life-changing journey will happen with others who are ready for the same. We believe that the right people will formulate our time together and that we will gather a heart-centered group who are ready for a change.

Powerful sessions including coaching, impartation, art, fitness, food and more will formulate the hours spent together. We will move toward a powerful sacred circle time that promises to be both revealing and incredibly releasing.

This retreat has a long-lasting value, one that far exceeds the investment made to attend. You will feel the shift the moment you sign up. And we promise the results will continue long after we leave. You will gain invaluable friends and connect with an unstoppable community that will endure for your lifetime.

Everything you need to break down barriers and build your future.

You will be staying at an incredible facility that is designed to cater for our time away where we will spend quality time together. Let the sunrises & sunsets of this space inspire you, and the perfectly designed days unfold to catapult you into the life you love.



Every retreat is specifically designed and recrafted for those attending. We don’t see retreats as a one size fits all but rather through gaining a deep understanding of our guests, we take time to create something that will touch the lives of everyone attending in a very specific way. Simply put, we get to know you and create based on your needs.

By combining essential elements we know that you will leave, not only refreshed and relaxed but inspired to make the changes you desire. You will leave us with renewed hope, focus, resolve and tools to help you take the next steps. And, that’s not all, the retreat doesn’t end because we pack our bags and jump in our cars. That’s part of our promise and some of the surprises you’ll encounter along the way.

Now time to share what your retreat package will include. Important to note that in the past we’ve never shared the cost of the retreat upfront, we wanted that to be part of your journey. Why, because we wanted you to 1) take a risk and book without knowing the cost or anything. A step to valuing yourself without you even realising it. 2) This is YOUR story and not ours to tell and we liked the idea that everything, including the cost to be for you to share, not us. That being said, we understand that details up front are helpful and we’ve taken some of your comments on board and we remain true to our values of living and learning so I hope this helps build your confidence in us as we get to know each other in the hope of hosting you and walking with you towards our time together. 

Your package includes:

  • Luxury accommodation
  • Personal welcome on arrival
  • Gourmet meals and snacks prepared by our Chef
  • A diverse selection of group activities including fitness, yoga/stretch class & meditation
  • In-depth group and individual sessions with seasoned practitioners
  • Guided Meditation Sessions
  • Contemplative Silence Sessions – Regaining the beauty and art of silence
  • Art therapy
  • Great friendship
  • Life Changing personal investment that will see you propelled into your future
  • Use of all the facilities including pool, spa walking trails and an outdoor relaxation area
  • One consultation with your choice of counselling, meditation, coaching
  • Plus a few things we like to keep as surprises

The cost for our retreat is $1400 (+gst) and we have payment plans available. We’ve done our best with the price and have created it in such a way that you can be confident that every person who is attending the retreat is there for 1 reason and 1 reason only. To see CHANGE in their lives. Upon application, you will receive your onboarding and welcome emails which will include some incredible quotes from people who have been through the retreat. Trust us, you won’t regret taking this step. 


A prairie girl with global experience, Susan Sohn is a natural motivator and gatherer. Her infectious humour, straight-talking style and love for people, can be seen and felt through all her endeavours. She lives to inspire others to look beyond their today and grasp the promise of their tomorrow. Her passion is to see people step into the strong, confident lives they desire.  She wholeheartedly believes that you can live the dream. Susan has dedicated her life to helping others walk in their full potential. She believes that we were planned, purposed and chosen for such a time as this. It’s through this revelation that she inspires and motivates people and helps people not only see the gold within but helps unlock the future. Susan is passionate about identity and knowing who you are. Again, through living out of this revelation she shares the truth of who you are and whose you are and helps each person walk in that truth.