GetRealLive hosts ChangetheAge

The Event

YOU ARE INVITED to GetRealLive’s Live Event on October 11th, 2012 . Change the Age will launch with one night of excitement and inspiration. GetRealLive events are unlike anything you have been to before. Full of energy, laughter and powerful stories this night will certainly make an impact. Along with life changing information, these events feature giveaways, Live entertainment and crowd participation. These nights are not to be missed!! Grab your friends and Register today for this amazing night LIVE in Calgary Canada. Check out the video here of our last event for a glimpse of the fun. Get ready to CHANGE THE AGE!

What is Change The Age?

Change the Age is a social movement designed to inspire people to take control of their life and start investing into their own lives. This movement kicks off with the one night event this October 11th in Calgary Canada! Often people view their house or their car as their greatest asset. However, the truth is your greatest asset is you! When you are healthy, everything around you will be healthy. From your own relationships, family and your even your frame of mind. You wouldn’t buy a house and not put the proper gasoline into the tank, yet each day people put wrong things in their bodies and mind, simply because they just don’t know what is truly good for them.

Change the Age is about getting inspired and educated in all areas of life that pertain to inner and outer health. It is not a 12-week program or a cookie cutter routine. Rather it is the individual gaining the knowledge required and aligned with his or her own personal needs. As it is applied to your life, one will significantly alter their own health for the better.

While we believe people will see a difference externally, changing the age comes from the inside out. Dealing with mindsets and habitual patterns and reversing these to reverse the clock. True transformation doesn’t not come over night, but with time, commitment, focus and applied knowledge. It is about people looking great, but also feeling great!

Why Change The Age?

Over 9 million Canadians are at risks of diabetes or are pre diabetic. Heart disease is the #1 killer in our Country. We believe prevention is better than the cure. Knowledge is power and when you know better you do better. We want to inspire and educate people so they can live long healthy lives.

You Are Not Alone

Change the Age is a social movement where people will be able to connect and engage with the GetRealLivecommunity through Facebook, twitter and the online radio show. Through featured segments and shows highlighting experts and personal stories, this will be adding fuel to your fire and bring encourage along the way.

We want people to join forces in their community and neighborhoods as to Change the Age together. It’s all about connecting with others and developing a support system that will help people realize their potential and achieve their goals!

Your Resources

It all starts with our Live Event on October 11th. Our experts will be presenting LIVE and just be scratching the surface when it comes to turning back the clock. This will be the beginning of this incredible journey for many!

Our website will feature articles, radio episodes and webisodes all geared towards bringing incredible information from our experts.

The Experts

We will encourage people who want to take the Change the Age journey to seek out our experts and be put on individual plans as assessed by them. We believe the cohesiveness of all three experts and their services are imperative for people to truly reach their goals!