“Gather the Girls to GetReal” is simply a gathering for women of all ages, backgrounds & beliefs who want to be more connected to their community & themselves so they can go out & make a difference!

These nights are an opportunity to make new friends, drink wine, eat cheese and have meaningful conversations about the important stuff that we so often don’t make time to talk about. The topics discussed the ways to a healthy Body, Soul and Spirit while touching on anxiety. In 2017, we took our GetReal events on a roadtrip and hosted one night on the Central Coast and one in Newcastle… what a fun and inspiring tour!


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Susan Sohn || Founder of GetRealLive 
Self-confessed work in progress, a forever learner and one who chooses to live out loud and on purpose. Susan is an Entrepreneur, a verified social/mobile/online media maverick (someone once referred to her as a maverick and she liked the word so kept it!). Susan has had the opportunity to help launch #1 iTunes music albums, create social media engagement for a live event with 60,000 attendees, and has been able to grow a client Facebook page from 35,000 to over 1 Million in less than two years. As a wife, and mother of 3 beautiful children, she firmly believes that community starts in the home, and her “others” focused ethos drives her to leverage technology platforms to maximum effect, connecting people to stories, and people to one another.

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Kelly-Anne Kent  || Founder of Events4Change

A pure extrovert, tea addict & party lover! Kel started ‘Gather the Girls’ through her belief that when the girls gather we can change the world. She is passionate & driven to help others succeed & wants her events to make a difference to her community & while she’s at it… the world!

Kel’s love of events stems from her love of people. She explains, “I love bringing people together, engaging in important conversations & seeing community flourish…I’m a born and bred Central Coast girl with a dream to see communities of women connect & support one another – because together we can do so much more!”

Don’t just take our words, here from some of the brave souls that have joined us…..

The Gather the Girls to GetReal event – though I enjoyed the other Gather the Girls party style nights out celebrating all things women.. I LOVED the more intimate nature of Gather the Girls, TO GETREAL I was able to make great connections and listen to some awesome words of wisdom from three lovely ladies. There was cheese, wine, Chatter & most of all friendships made. I would highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about attending an Events4Change night out, to jump straight in and get involved in the fun. Bring your friends/family or come alone – you’ll always feel right at home in the presence of these women! I would also HIGHLY recommend Kel to help/organise /run an event that you have coming up, that requires that extra touch of sparkle & expertise, she knows her stuff and you will be in good hands!

– Mandy, Illustrious Hair & Beauty Bar Director

Gather the Girls to GetReal was such a humbling experience. And for all the right reasons! Not only was I reassured that my ordeals, thoughts and feelings aren’t anything peculiar in relation to that of others, but I was also very warmly reminded that I am not at all alone in them. And that is why we should gather, because when we gather – we talk about things that matter and begin the change we wish to see in the world within ourselves first. A raging success I say and one I will definitely be attending again! xo

– Keira, Long Jetty

Gather the Girls and all related events, run by the incredible Kel @ Events4Change are truly inspiring, uplifting and heart-warming all at the same time. Women coming together to change the world, embrace and champion one another whilst enjoying themselves all at the same time is an incredible thing to be a part of and extremely refreshing. I have been lucky enough to attend a few now and I wouldn’t miss them now for the world. Make sure you are at the next one! ♡

– Steph, North Avoca

I attended my first Gather the Girls event, Gather the Girls to GetReal, with some work colleagues. I’m not usually into “girly events”, so I wasn’t sure how I’d find it, but I was so pleased I attended. I came away inspired and refreshed with some extra tools under my belt to develop my resilience and combat the challenges which are all too familiar to women. It was a very productive environment for women supporting and enabling other women, which is really refreshing in a society where we so often compete against one another and pull each other down. The speakers were high quality, well versed in their respective fields, conversational in their approach and offered pragmatic solutions. It was well worth investing my time into and I’m really looking forward to the next one!

– Naomi, Mardi