Couples Retreat

May 19th - 21st

Couple Retreat

Going on a retreat can be a transformative experience. It provides an opportunity to unplug and focus on your own needs, allowing for self-reflection and personal growth. Retreats allow you to step outside your comfort zone and learn more about yourself.

GetRealLive retreats are unique. Susan and the team want you to feel seen, able to relax enough to allow a shift to take place in areas where you’ve been stuck. To feel valued enough to trust yourself to make brave decisions, clear in your thinking and direction.
Sometimes we also just need to reconnect with our true nature. This happens so much more freely when we’re quiet and reflective, able to see ourselves as others see us, even if only for a weekend.

The GetRealLive team will set the table, the invitation is waiting for you!

Are You Ready

For Change

The GetRealLive Retreat is a time to gather, to connect and then to leave strengthened and empowered to live the life you dream of living.
Every moment is designed for you to walk through and into something new. From the time you arrive, we want to treat you, to challenge you and ignite your senses.

Get Real Live Retreat

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GetRealLive Retreats Highlights

Prepare for a time away

That will transform and refresh you.

We don’t see our retreats as one size fits all. But rather, through gaining a deep understanding of our guests, we take time to create something that will touch the lives of everyone attending in a very specific way. By combining essential elements, you will leave with renewed hope, focus, resolve and tools to help you take the next steps. Simply put, we get to know you and create our time together based on your needs.

Your Retreat Package

You’ll fit right in if you

During the Retreat, you will learn skills to:

We hope you’ll join us for what we believe will be a moment in time for you to press the pause button on life and connect in ways that you didn’t realise were possible.

Hosts and Guests

Who will be joining you?

Susan Sohn

Retreat Lead

Jane Kennedy

Team Member

Jess Leclerc

Team Member

Phil Sohn

Team Member

Your Investment

The cost for our retreat is $1540 (+GST) and we have payment plans available.
This is your first step to valuing yourself and your need for rest and renewal.