Week in Review- April 16-20th

This week was another incredible week on GetRealLive. Monday started on a high with as we started our week on Passion and Purpose. Tuesday we were excited to chat with Brad King, author of ‘Beer Belly Blues’. Brad is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to exposing the dangers of belly fat and teaching us how trim this spare tire! Wedesday we spoke with Dr. Andrea Beuabrun who is a naturpoath and nutritionist. Her insight on food and debunking myths about fat was eye opening and a real informing interview. John Nelson shared Part 2 of his incredible story of being imprisoned for bank robbery and the stories and lessons that came from his experience. On Thursday we spoke with Morgan for Therapy Thursday and heard from a skateboarder who is using his passion to make a difference in his community and beyond. Finally on Friday we had the pleasure of hosting Daphne Oz, daughter of America’s Doctor, Dr. Oz and star of ABC’s hit show, ‘The Chew’. It was another exciting and extremely informative week on GetRealLive.

All 5 episodes are here for your convenience. You can listen on demand or download from iTunes. Have a great week and we will see you Monday!



Listen to internet radio with Susan J Sohn on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Susan J Sohn on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Susan J Sohn on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Susan J Sohn on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to internet radio with Susan J Sohn on Blog Talk Radio
Nutritionist, Dr. Andrea Beaubrun brings light to taking our nutrition to new Levels

What’s for breakfast? Cereals and Oats? Andrea Beaubrun teaches us to get the most from our grains in the morning. As well, she shares how incorporating healthy fats in your diet actually don’t make you fat but are neccesary for healthy living. We learn more about the cooking oils we use and how to make the food we eat go further.

You can Listen on Demand to our informative interview with Dr. Beaurbrun. As well, check out Integra Naturopathics for more information. You can also follow Andrea on twitter and Facebook.

Listen on Demand or Download straight from iTunes here.

Listen to internet radio with Susan J Sohn on Blog Talk Radio
Passion and Purpose- What Happens When These Collide

When Passion and Purpose collide,  there is an explosion that takes place in your life. So often people are passionate about something but are not exactly how to make their passion a reality. We must first identify our passions and then connect them to our purpose.  Be sure not to confuse passion with excitement., although it is a bi-product.  Passion is expressed through the consistencies of your life. What you love to do, what gets you motivated and where most of time spent and invested. These things will point directly to what you are most passionate about. Purpose on the other hand is to operate in the fullest potential to which you were created. Everyone has a purpose. Sometimes people confuse purpose with having to achieve a world changing stratospheric accomplishment. This couldn’t be further from the truth!! Fulfilling your purpose is to live in the space you are in and to live out the passions that are instilled within you, inspiring and pushing people around you to do the same. It requires you develop the necessary skillsets for you to be most effective. For example, you may feel your purpose is to write a book. If so, then you need to learn the skills to write, acquire the instruments needed and build the audience to be interested in your story. Work and educating yourself are involved!


Colonel Sanders was rejected 999 times before he partnered with someone who believe in his secret original recipe. That is passion defined and consistency in action. Most would have given up after a few rejections!! However, if you believe in something you will always find someone out here that will believe with you. Here are a few things when connecting your passion to purpose.


  1. Identify Your Passions– Look at what is most interesting to you and what comes naturally.
  2. Connecting your Passion to Purpose will make you most Productive– You will thrive in life when these are connected. It wont be work, it will be you at your finest and you will be energized by doing what you love.
  3. Have a Strategy– No one takes a road trip without mapping out directions to get their destination.  Plan! Plan! Plan!
  4. Be Flexible– Sometimes life throws you a curveball. You may get thrown off your course, but be quick to get back on your feet and get back on route.
  5. Never Give Up– Remember the line from Finding Nemo when they say, ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming’. Adopt this Mantra! In the words of Winston Churchill,“Never, never, never, never, never give up”. He said it 5 times. You can say it as many times as you need. Just don’t give up!

Listen to the start of our new series “Passion and Purpose’ below.


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Sometimes I get a good feeling- How to keep the Fire burning

This year I will be married for 10 years!! I am often asked by my guys friends, single or dating how to keep the ‘fire’ burning. Truth is the fire for me is not defined by emotions or spark. Obviously when you start a relationship all that excitement is there. You are willing to do anything for love!! You will go without sleep, drive crazy distances and spend any amount of money because that’s what love does!! The bank account depletes fast and energy levels are low, but you don’t even care because love kicks in. The big question is what do you do when the honeymoon stage ends? What happens when the love buzz wears off and the crazy antics fade?

I actually think this is where true love kicks in and relationships go deeper. Take example the highest towers, tallest mountains or deepest canyons. They last forever, not moments. They possess deep-rooted foundations that prevent unwavering or dissolve. So it is with relationships. The strength of any great marriage will always be built on more than just feelings. Trust, open conversations, willingness to grow and acceptance of each other. The wide-open space to discover and celebrate another person. It’s really about doing life with someone, sharing in simple pleasures and finding solace in the truth that you have a companion, a sincere friend that would go to the ends of the earth with you. On one scale, I am a cheerleader and another I am a support and help. I love that I get be the one who can champion the dreams and gifts of my spouse and on the other hand be the one who goes and grabs the coffees on a Saturday morning, while she still lies in bed. When I return we enjoy them together over great conversation. This is a privilege I will never take for granted.

Yes there are grand moments, but mostly simple pleasures. True passion for me is consistency. It’s about being there in times of need and being a constant. My wife is not a project that I need to change. She is a person with her own thoughts and ideas. Who she is not only inspires me, but also adds to me. So how do you keep the fire burning? You have to define what the ‘fire’ is. If you call it a feeling, then you are in trouble. However, if you can see that those initial goose bump feelings are really just the first layer to the beginning of a life long friendship surrounded in commitment, honesty, authenticity and depth then you are in for a wonderful journey.


Whitney Houston – A Life Inspired

My first encounter with Whitney Houston was at the age of 8. She has just arrived on the scene and her debut album and was the very first pop album I ever owned. Up until that point, it had all been sesame street and the likes. I still remember the first song I ever heard, “The Greatest Love of all”. Not only was I completely transfixed by the VOICE that my ears were taking in, but my heart was also receiving the message of the song, hitting me deep within me.

“Everybody’s searching for a hero People need someone to look up to”

“I decided long ago never to walk in anyone’s shadow If I fail, If I succeed at least I’ll live as I believe”

Words to live by. At such a young and impressionable age, this message certainly helped shape mindsets within me. Whitney wasn’t just singing, she was delivering a message. Which, I think is one reason I connected so closely. I would listen to that album night and day. It would be on in the car, at night, in my Walkman (remember those) on road trips, basically everywhere.  She was who I was looking up to. Her message of faith in God also resounded with me. A Voice that transcended beyond notes and sounds, it went straight to the heart.

I continued to follow Whitney throughout her career. Every album and song! A new Whitney release was an event, a celebration. Lets get this straight, I wasn’t obsessed. No weird fan stuff!! Just a connection, a shared passion for music and faith.

Then came The Bodyguard and then all those who were not yet fans, seemed to jump on board. You couldn’t turn on a radio station, go to a function or enter a shopping mall where you did not hear “And I…..”. Everyone was in awe. This woman could sing. She had passion and every note she delivered, carried conviction. It was effortless, natural. No need for lights, fireworks and wild costumes. The VOICE was enough.

Years would bring more movies and more hits. It would seem this person had it all. The fame, the personality, beauty, riches. However, there was obviously something that blinded her from seeing the gift she possessed. Maybe at one point she knew, but she lost sight. The fame, glitz and glam seemed to distract. It all became too much for one person to handle. Then, there were the years that would be filled with sorrow, struggle and pain. All of this leading us to her final moments on February 11, 2012. But that’s not what I want to talk about!! I don’t want to focus on the years when we saw her fighting her own demons in a public eye as most stood back with judgment and jokes. I want to remember the Whitney that at the age 8, gave me passion to sing, that helped me find my voice. The Whitney that told me to believe in the greatest love of all. Throughout every year, I was there. I believed through the hard years, through the failed attempts at a comeback. In 2012, I even organized a “Welcome Back Whitney” party among friends where we launched her new album, “I look to you”. It was night to celebrate Whitney and all the years of joy she had brought us thus far. Sure, she wasn’t at the top of her game as in past years, but I wasn’t about to discard her after all these years.

I didn’t know her personally and no I wont be able to thank her until the day I meet her in heaven. However this got me thinking about how often (in life) we walk with people when they offer us something and when they are at their finest. Yet we are quick to walk away from years of invested friendship or relationship simply because that person no longer gives us what we need. Are we only there in the good times? What about the hard times? Sure we all celebrate Whitney now that she is gone, but let’s not forget, she was out of our minds for years whilst she tried unsuccessfully to battle her inner demons. Then, one day there were 2.5 million tweets about her in one hour. A total of 1000 tweets per second!!! She went from not being on the radar with exception of jokes and slander to overwhelming our Facebook pages, twitter accounts, tv sets and radio stations. Where were we before this tragic event?  Where were all the kind words, all the joy she had brought to us? Sadly it had been smothered in bad choices and wrong life decisions.

Today, I find myself wondering, is there still value in walking with someone at their lowest? Is believing in someone with all your heart and hoping they will sort out their issues even though every indication says that ‘it’s not likely’? Isn’t it worth it just to believe? Does our faith count for anything even though we may not see the result we desire? I think it is worth it and I think it does count. It has too.

Back to my childhood. My purchase of her album never impacted her in any way that she would know, yet she made a profound influence on my life. As Wayne Gretzky is to that little guy who wants to play hockey, as Steven Spielberg is to the upcoming film maker or Steve Jobs was to the computer nerd that wants to bring his invention to the forefront. We all look up to someone. Everyone has that person, whether it be a celebrity, a public figure or a family member that inspires them in some way, shape or form. Whitney was this to me. I believed and hoped until the end.

Her journey on earth may have ended, but her impact will live on. Through her music, her triumphs and her story. She helped me believe in myself. She told me at a young age, don’t let anyone take away your dignity!! And I won’t.

And that VOICE! There will never be another that could just simply stand behind a microphone and with such conviction and passion, deliver the power of a message and have the vocal strength to match the resounding themes being conveyed. She made us believe. She sang hope into our lives. I have posted her performance of “The Greatest Love of All” and in my opinion it is probably one of the greatest performances of all time. Pure, effortless and passionate. You can hear her soul in every note.

She gave us so many incredible performances and now she is gone. That VOICE that we were so blessed to hear and that brought us so much joy has been silenced on earth, only to live on through her music. Now she stands in the presence of the One whom she sang about all these years. She joins her voice with the angels, probably singing one of the songs we so often heard her sing.

“Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.”

I am sure she is happy to be home.

Scott C Bakken

Chef Andre on Today Show

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