Why we need to love ourselves crazy

LoveI recently watched the new Amy Schumer movie ‘I Feel Pretty‘, and all I can say is if you haven’t watched it yet. GO. It’s hilarious and has such a good girl power message to it. Grab your girlfriends and your daughters and see it. That’s what I did, and I promise you will laugh. I haven’t laughed so hard in a movie since watching ‘Why Him‘ another hilarious movie but not one I’d recommend for a girls night out with your friends and daughters. But, if your movie filter is a little broken, then it’s another movie you might want to watch if you need a crazy belly laugh.

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Life Isn’t Perfect and the Sky Isn’t Falling

Life Isn't PerfectLife isn’t perfect but guess what? The sky isn’t falling… You’ll be okay! There is a word that has been making its way around social media spaces and blogs. From what I can see, it started with Glennon Doyle Melton, the founder of Momastery. The word is Brutiful. It’s usually used in reference to the lives we all live. Our lives are both beautiful and brutal at the same time which gives us brutiful.

This week I would say I’m having a brutiful week. In many ways I have felt like Chicken Little and that the sky is falling. Some days have been filled with the sunshine, great thoughts and high moments. Whilst others have been riddled with angst, frustration, anger and even hurt.

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Neighbourhood Terrorism Alive and Well

Neighbourhood TerrorismI never imagined I would write an article with this title. The fact that I am is a sad reflection of recent events which have rocked my family. We have found ourselves targeted by hatred, ignorance and, quite frankly, absolute stupidity.

Yes, we’ve experienced hurtful words before. We’ve felt the sting of racism and the bite of careless comments made in poor taste, but never before have we needed to deal with such a torrent of vicious abuse, literally on our own doorstep. Never have we been faced with terrorism in our neighbourhood.

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GetRealLive Talks With Corporate Coach Ben Young About Energy Levels and Andi Andrew

GetRealLive was back at it today with all the latest! Corporate Athlete Coach Ben Young joined us to talk about energy levels. Ben talked all about how your emotional state can dramatically affect your energy levels and also highlighted other key factors. Listen as Ben motivated us and gave pratical tips when it comes to strengthing your overall health.

Andi Andrew joined us from NYC to dicuss Social Media and how Instagram has become a popularity contest for adults. Andi always is fun, witty and inspiring with her down to earth approach to  everyday topics.

The Buzz included Starbucks has released it’s most expensive cup of coffee. How much are you willing to pay for your brew? The US lottery is at $500 million and Susan and Scott discussed what they would do with the money.

That Should be A Crime asked the question if ‘passing gas in public’ is a crime. People jumped in on Facebook and weighed in with their opinions as this is an issue really got people stirred up.

Listen below on demand, Podcast or download from iTunes. Keep up with GetRealLive on Facebook and Twitter and email us at events@getreallive.com as we love to hear what you are thinking!

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Ben Young

GetRealLive- Gets you over your Mondayitis. Listen on Demand here.

You know that feeling on Sunday night when you think about going back to work? That feeling on Monday is a little thing we called “Mondayitis’. Listen on demand as Susan and Scott engage in Hot Topics and bring a little light to your Monday morning helping you ease into your week. Today we chatted about breaking up with a bff, crazy church signs that make us laugh and porn for mommies on the rise. Yeah, that’s what we thought! Plus, we speak to Tara Sheahan who teaches us the importance of practicing happiness and how that can affect our surrounding atmospheres.

Listen below or download from iTunes. Happy Monday!





Listen to internet radio with Susan J Sohn on Blog Talk Radio

GetRealLive Omelette Supreme!

Here’s a simple, fast and healthy recipe for a great veggie omelette. You can tell Scott gets hungrier and hungrier while he films. 7 minutes from whoa to go….probably faster if I wasn’t talking.