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We are pretty excited at GetRealLive…. Susan was chosen as one of the Mompreneurs to be featured in an article written by Anfernee Chansamooth. Needless to say, being included in this is indeed an honour and one we will cherish. Click on the link below, have a read and make sure you follow Susan on her different Social Spaces.Read More

Recharge, Refuel, Refocus: 5 Tips on Expanding Your Capacity

Susan-Sohn-PromoIf there is one question I get asked on a regular basis it is this, “How do you do all that you do?” My question back is always, “What is it that you see me do that you want to know about?”

This question always results in the conversation of capacity and capacity is something that never ceases to fascinate me. Why is it that some people seem to have greater capacity than others?

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When Dreams Conflict and Collide

I’m 44 and I feel like my life has just begun. How is that possible? I have three children, I have been married for 20 years and I have had a fulfilling career however, the excitement, the desire and the drive that I find within feels more like it did in my twenties. What is this and where does this come from?

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Susan J Sohn New Social Biz Magazine Writer

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We are excited to announce that we have added one more publication to the list where we will be contributing. Social Biz Magazine has asked Susan to share her knowledge when it comes to all things Social Media. Susan joins a well rounded team of professionals who know the ropes of Social Media and Susan will bring her engagement specialty to the table. Check it out and stay tuned for more updates coming your way!

The Ordinary into the Extraordinary



At the end of this month, Philip and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. I can hardly believe it’s been two decades since we said ‘I do’, and if you include the on-and-off dating before that, we’ve pretty much been together for 25 years. We met when I was 19 and he was 21.Read More

A Cup of Warm Milk

So I’m sharing this article today simply because one of my readers had remembered this article and she shared how it had touched her. She asked if I would repost it so here we go…. I hope you enjoy!

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Everyone Has a Story


On Wednesday morning I had the opportunity {through a weekly women’s group I attend called Sisters} to listen to a speaker I really admire. The speaker was Lizzy Milani and every time she speaks I choose to sit up and listen. She oozes wisdom and couples it with great wit which always keeps my attention. Her messages are well thought out and her attention to detail is definitely appreciated. This particular message was about Kindness and in her message she weaved in a story that she had read on a blog and I was quickly reminded of a story I had written and a time where I was touched deeply.

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Susan J Sohn

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Susan Sohn is a strong voice for family through the structure of GetRealLive. Additionally, Susan has managed to build a thriving business through simply doing what she does and is now spending much of her time giving back and helping other people Build | Connect and most importantly ENGAGE.

Over the past three years Susan has seen the following:

  • GetRealLive developed a product resulting in over 200 million Twitter Impressions for Clients
  • GetRealLive expanded with offices now in Canada and Australia
  • Named one of the strongest Community Builders & Engagement Specialists by clients and major brands
  • GetRealLive has established a large client base and has developed a respected reputation with a proven record of generating lasting results.
  • Established #CalgarySpringClean in conjunction with Peter Walsh Live Event & a Social Campaign to support WINS (Women in Need Society). In a collaborative effort, we encouraged attendees to de-clutter their lives and bring these gently used items to the event. We collected over 300 bags of items from Calgarians
  • Developed Social Strategies and Consultation for  top brands | personalities
  • Successfully Integrated Social Platforms whilst maintaining Platform integrity | language | content
  • Increased Radio Engagement to over 200,000 people with top shows generating over 20,000 downloads
  • Created #RealityGram101 creating a visual space for ‘normal’ acceptance

“I had no idea where this journey would take me….”Susan Pretty

Susan started blogging before it was ever deemed cool. She started back in 2005 and set up her first ‘blogspot’ all in an effort to tell stories. As a young mum, living away from family Susan quickly realised that perhaps the current state of family life (for many) wasn’t what she knew or was used to. As she went about raising her small children, she found herself spending a lot of time answering questions about discipline, raising children who listened, enjoying your children in all seasons.

It wasn’t long before she hit the keyboard, all in an effort to help other mother’s who were seemingly drowning in nappies, baby formula, cracked nipples and little or no sleep.



No One Read Anything that was Posted and No One Knew What Was Happening… 

Sleep deprived and jazzed up on coffee, Susan began to write. Yes, she expected millions of people would find her and her honest and VERY REAL blogspot would hit a sweet spot very soon. Days turned into weeks and articles were posted and unread. She remembers clicking onto her then Analytics page and seeing that someone had been on the site…. excitement was in the air but when she dug a little further, she was quick to learn that the visitor was her mother (in Canada) or her sister or perhaps a well meaning friend down the street.

This didn’t stop her. Susan was sure there were people who wanted REAL | AUTHENTIC | COMMUNITY that was totally ENGAGED. So she continued and she did what she knows to do and what she does so well. She gathered her girlfriends and put vision in front of them. It was vision about being REAL and sharing LIFE and the STORIES we all have. Before long, lead by Susan, these girls started Podcasting through a local Radio Station and hosting Live Events. True Engagement was happening and it was very exciting.

Susan kept writing and slowly but surely Community was growing, articles were being shared and people were not only Connecting but Engaging in meaningful conversations.

Small Town Girl | Big City Lights | Retiring before 30…. hang on, we can’t be done yet!

How did Susan, a small town girl, head to the big city life of Hong Kong? This story has twists and turns that would make an owl dizzy.

Hong Kong was full of Media and that’s where Susan got her taste for true Engagement and Connecting with People through the written word and through messages that matter. Susan and her husband Philip, who was in Finance lived busy lives, building careers that would see them through to their old age. Nothing or no one could prepare them for early retirement and the life they have lived. They often think about writing a book and sharing their thoughts on early success… the joys, the fun, the pitfalls and the extreme challenges. Everyone thinks financial freedom and extreme choice make life easy. These two have a lot to say about that subject.

In any case, Susan and Philip have spent the last 20 years of their lives giving back any way they can. In and thru this time, Susan has continued to build Community through the brand she was creating. This too has had twists and turns, some good, some great and some down right dreadful times. But, all-in-all she wouldn’t change much of it at all.

One thing Susan did (early on in the piece) was she determined to NOT throw a stack of money into her work and what she was building. She made a strong decision to allow this journey to unfold Organically and to take the ‘hard road’ so to speak. She wanted to build something that had legs of it’s own and could stand the test of time. Additionally, she decided that if she was going to continue to help people, to motivate and inspire people, she needed to walk the path to get where she knew she wanted to go…. This meant learning the ropes in every area of the business from website development to database marketing to graphic design.

Susan looks back now is sits in a place of Gratitude for so many reasons but one main reason is the hard road. Through this experience, she is now influential in helping others understand their Social Spaces and she has built part of the business side of her organisation through teaching and coaching people on the “How To’s”… Who knew! It’s been a longer journey but definitely a much richer journey and you will often hear Susan say, “The richness of what you see today is directly related to the quiet and the times when not one person read anything I wrote or connected with anything I did. For those moments and seasons I am forever grateful and so glad I didn’t give up. I’m so glad my instant gratification button was switched off.”

From the Quiet to the Busy

This has all been created out of passion. Passion to see people live strong, confident lives. Passion for families and for helping people through the telling of Real Stories and for seriously KEEPING IT REAL. Non of this fluffy, SuperWoman | SuperMum business. It’s about living in the moment and recognising that some will be great, others not so much and some seriously SUCK! But, the moment when Susan realized her time and risks would be rewarded was when other people started asking her questions like, “How do you do what you do? How do you make life happen a certain way? How do you do life | work | family? Just tell me How?

Susan’s a-ha moment was when she first stuck her neck out and hosted an online Radio Show. She discovered a platform that gave her this opportunity and she called her parents and sister and told them to log on because she was hosting a Radio Show. From that day on Susan has hosted shows covering a vast array of content. She soon realised that the REAL the AUTHENTIC the COMMUNITY and the ENGAGEMENT people craved, she could create. With fear and trembling she went from show to show, creating new content as she went and people wanted to listen, to read and to CONNECT.

“I’ll never forget that first Talk N Tweet we did. That moment, when I realised that we had connected with over 4.2 million people. That we had successfully ENGAGED in meaningful conversation that would change lives.” It was in that moment that the doors flew open and the years of work behind began to make sense and the years of work ahead were filled with excitement and possibility.

“Susan has maintained a huge following because she has the keen ability to connect the right people with the right ideas to inspire people around the world. People love her because, as her brand suggests, she keeps it real. She empowers her community to talk about issues that are hard to talk about and turns people’s vulnerabilities into a source of inspiration. She also provides a platform for brands to be authentic and a natural part of the story-telling process that ensues. Susan is a powerhouse and it’s why her brand has been on an upward trajectory since its inception.” Jessica Smith

Susan’s following increased and her expertise grew well past hosting a Radio Show and writing heartfelt articles (of which she continues to do both) she dove into giving |teaching | assisting | of all that she has learned and has since developed a proven track record of results for clients both large and small.

Susan’s straight talk, no nonsense approach to life, coupled with her wit and wisdom cause people to gravitate towards her. Susan is all about building people from the inside out and truly believes that within every individual lies gold and that it is our responsibility to help find that which lies within.

To read more about Susan, her husband Philip and their three children check the ‘About Susan’ Section of the website or click HERE