ChangetheAge Journey Update Sept 13th

Well friends, today I felt the challenge of ChangetheAge. When my alarm went off at 6am I was desperate to press the snooze button. All I wanted to do was curl up under my covers and snuggle in for another hour of much needed (or so I thought) sleep. With the Autumn chill in the air, getting up and heading to the gym was the last thing I felt like doing. In saying that, I was reminded that operating by how one feels isn’t usually the best tool in decision making.

So, as I document my journey, here is Part 1 of my morning workout.. Hope you enjoy my raw honesty.

{Disclaimer : I really need a shower in these videos}

Susan at 6am – Pre Workout


Susan Post Workout… What a difference 1 hour can make in a persons life…

Just one girls honest journey about ChangetheAge and doing it one step at a time. Hope you have enjoyed.
Susan xo

ChangetheAge Group Workout with Alex Mohtadi

Here I am on my way to a group workout. I didn’t really want to do the ‘group thing’ but after some encouragement from my trainer, Alex. I decided to go…..

Part 1:

I DID IT…… GROUP WORKOUT COMPLETE and guess what… here’s what I thought:
Part 2:

Thank you Alex. You pushed me beyond my personal comfort level/space and I did it. It felt great and I’m going to do this again next Friday. It’s all happening and I’m all about ChangetheAge one step at a time!


Susan begins her Change The Age Journey

Susan Sohn Begins her Change The Age journey. Over the next month, you can follow Susan’s personal journey as she visits our team of experts including Skin Scientist Marie Bertrand, Naturopathic Doctors Arnel and Andrea Beaubrun and Fitness Coach Alex Mohtadi. Watch the videos and read the articles as Susan will be sharing the  lessons she will be learning and the hurdles she will seek to overcome.

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