Stay Motivated to Fight Temptations….

Lead us not into temptation!! Isn’t that the prayer we should be praying especially as the holidays approach!! Not only will be tempted by all the  yummy treats, but also to stay inside during those cold winter months. However, in order to maintain your fitness and health goals we need to keep our goals clearly defined and in front of us. Inconvenience can be overcome by preparation and planning ahead. Keep moving to see the pounds keep coming off. Keep motivated to experience what you have already made so many sacrifices for. As you move, so do the pounds.

New research published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise finds that aerobic exercise can actually dampen your desire for the excess things you crave—and not only fast food but also money and material things!

Researchers asked volunteers to run on a treadmill or remain inactive for 30 minutes. Then, everyone played a game in which they had to press buttons to gain—or avoid losing—money. The results: The brain area that controls rewards (like the want for cash) was much more active in those who stayed sedentary than those who worked out

Why is this? It’s all thanks to a neurotransmitter called dopamine that spikes when you’re anticipating a reward. When you exercise the brain is experiences more shots of  dopamine—causing an effect to last for several hours. Since the levels are already peaking in your brain, the dopamine spikes from a reward are blunted post-sweat session, making you less likely to crave them.

So when the temptation hits, get your butt in gear and start moving! Hit the gym, go for a walk or take a bike ride. Activate your body and get the dopamine flowing. It doesn’t cost you anything and the payback is very rewarding.



ChangetheAge Movement Launches with Live Event!

October 11th 2012 was the launch of ChangetheAge Social Health Movement in Calgary Canada. GetRealLive is all about connecting, educating and entertaining people. The message is simple; Your Greatest Asset is YOU!  In Canada, statitiscs prove that 9 million Canadians are diabetic or prediabetic, Heart and Stroke is the #1 killer amongst woman; even above breast cancer. With education and applied knowledge, GetRealLive believes we can ChangetheAge!

We compiled a team of Experts who brought incredible, life transforming information on the night. Through the Live Radio Show and website these experts will continue to bring forth information that will educate Canadians and beyond to live a more holistic, healthy life. These include Naturopathic Doctors and Nutritionists, Arnel and Andrea Beaubrun, Microbiologist and Skin Scientist Marie Bertrand and Fitness Coach Alex Mohtadi.

Moksha Yoga is also all about ChangetheAge!! Everyone at the event received a FREE MONTH at Moksha. This studio will be hosting the ChangetheAge month starting November 5th. You are welcome to start your journey when suits you, but we want to encourage everyone to collectively do this together starting November 5th where we can support and share with each other together!

ChangetheAge is about two things; changing your biological change by cohesively dealing with your food, fitness and skin. It is also about changing the social age, by providing knowledge to individuals to transforms the state of their health within their homes, families, communities and workplaces.

After an electrifying night on October 11th, the future is in your hands! Your journey can begin and GetRealLive wants to be a part of it. If you are interested in sharing your personal journey we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at as your story just may be the inspiration someone else needs to hear.

For those who attended the event, you can access all the experts with incentive and discount by using your ChangetheAge card. For those who did not attend the event, you can access your own ChangetheAge Card by clicking here. Through the Experts, they will be able to assess the specifics needs of every individual and set you on the road to success!

GetRealLive was also proud to highlight and support the Heart and Stroke Foundation through this event. Bracelets were created to raise funds for this incredible organization and if you missed out, you can send your support by clicking here! Susan shared the powerful and touching story of the day she lost her father to heart failure. Tears were flowing and the message of ChangetheAge hit home for so many.

We also want to thank our sponsors and businesses who were generous in their donations towards the night. Thank you to Sparkling Hill which gave one lucky winner a 7 Night Spa Package valued at over $2700!!   MyPakage Undewear gave 100 pairs of undies ensuring that every man went home more comfortable! People also went home winning prizes from Nespresso, Hotel Arts, Raw Bar, Good Earth at Aspen Landing,Moksha Yoga, Skin Science and Skinceuticals. Thanks to Jugo Juice who also gave to all participants of the night!

ChangetheAge is just beginning! Join us November 5th for our ChangetheAge month with Moksha Yoga and keep up to date for more to come!


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My Personal ChangetheAge Journey

I was 29 years old and living in Australia with my wife and living what I thought was a pretty healthy lifestyle. One day I noticed I was feeling quite tired and started to be low on energy. After a few days I went to the doctor to inquire why I was so low on energy, only to discover my immune system was really weak. I ended up getting really ill and was out for a little bit. I remember when the doctor told me about my immune system and distinctly recall what went through my mind. “I’m way too young for this’! So with ambition and focus I decided it was time to get healthy.

So my journey of changing the age began. I would begin to seek knowledge about food and nutrition. I had heard of protein and carbs but I had no strong understanding of these really were. Through research, study and simply asking questions I began to shape a new diet. I joined my local gym and decided I would put in the required exercise to turn around my situation. When I first walked in the gym, I had no clue what I was doing. It seemed everyone was an expert and I felt so out of place. However, I chose to put my health above my insecurities. Most gyms offer two free sessions with a trainer when you join and I took advantage of that. I listened, asked questions and figured out how to work these crazy contraptions around me.

As time went on I made several adjustments. I would need to identify the hurdles that needed to be overcome, schedule my day so I can get to the gym and even preplan my meals before hand to ensure I had the right nutrition at mealtimes. Breakfast became essential. Eating in the morning kick starts your metabolism and starts burning fat. Fast food was no longer an option. Learning the nutritional value of this helped me to no longer view it as food. Once I started eating healthier my body started desiring what was nutritious and “treat” food was no longer even a treat.

Overtime, my energy levels began to come back up. I started feeling great and noticed that I was becoming more efficient and effective with my days. I was alive again, gaining a new sense of confidence and even noticed that I was not getting sick anymore. In fact, if I did feel something coming on, my body would attack it and I would end up being fine. My work allowed for 6 sick days a year and in 5 years I believe I only took 4-5 days due to sickness (one or two might have been hookie..sshhh).

Overall, this journey to health was inspired while I was very young. I am so thankful that I didn’t wait until I was older to gain this knowledge and even forced to get healthy due to a major health scare. These habits have been built in to me overtime and have simply become my new normal.  Now as a soon to be father I see the value of being healthy for years to come. This is why I am so passionate about ChangetheAge. It’s not a quick fix or a fad diet. It is about getting the information required so people can then apply knowledge and live the best lives possible for themselves, their families and their future. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Prevention is better than the cure. Check out ChangetheAge for more information.

Here are some quick thoughts about ChangetheAge

1.Do you really know what’s in your food? 

You may think it’s healthy but if it comes in a box or a bag, chances are it’s full of preservatives and not really great for you. Just because it looks healthy doesn’t mean it is.

2. How often do you exercise?

If you go to the gym 1 hour a day 7 days a week that it still 161 hours a week you are not exercising. Your body needs to move.

3. Are you set up to win?

Your daily routine must move in a circular motion. Your gym, grocery store, work place needs to work around your day. Plan your day in such a way that allows you to succeed and enables you to get where you need to go.

4. Prepare.

Preplan your meals and buy the containers required to allow you to take portions of food to work so you can have your lunch with you. If you don’t prepare than you end up going on the fast food run for lunch. Think ahead!

Scott Bakken



Susan visits Dr. Arnel Beaubrun as part of her Changetheage Journey

Susan visits Dr. Arnel Beaubrun from Integra Naturopathics as she continues her Changetheage journey. One key to truly Changetheage is one must deal with every area of their life. Dr. Beaubrun will work with Susan on her nutrition and discover what foods she should eat and what food she should avoid to reach her goals. Plus, Dr. Arnel will establish Susan’s metabolic rate as this must be determined to help push Susan forward. Combining this with her fitness, her skin treatments Susan is on track to truly Changetheage.

Watch below as Susan steps into the clinic with Dr. Beaubrun.

ChangetheAge Journey Update Sept 13th

Well friends, today I felt the challenge of ChangetheAge. When my alarm went off at 6am I was desperate to press the snooze button. All I wanted to do was curl up under my covers and snuggle in for another hour of much needed (or so I thought) sleep. With the Autumn chill in the air, getting up and heading to the gym was the last thing I felt like doing. In saying that, I was reminded that operating by how one feels isn’t usually the best tool in decision making.

So, as I document my journey, here is Part 1 of my morning workout.. Hope you enjoy my raw honesty.

{Disclaimer : I really need a shower in these videos}

Susan at 6am – Pre Workout


Susan Post Workout… What a difference 1 hour can make in a persons life…

Just one girls honest journey about ChangetheAge and doing it one step at a time. Hope you have enjoyed.
Susan xo