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Peter WebsiteIt’s true…. the world’s best Organiser and De-Clutter man is back to share more of his wisdom and wit on the GetRealLive Radio…. A dear friend of ours the one and only Peter Walsh who is known for his time spent on the Oprah show and most recently Rachel Ray. We are super excited to be hosting him as we talk about Christmas | Organising | and so much more!

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Christmas Competition Fun….. #toshareislove

stars websiteWho doesn’t want to win an exquisite gift at Christmas? Well, as with a lot of things, GetRealLive is providing you with the opportunity to win not just any gift but a luxurious Gift Box from Ferrero Boutique where they offer Exclusive gifts online in minutes AND delivered to your door… So, for those gifts you want to give that just say the extra ‘You Matter or Because We Care’ this is a solution that fits all budgets and allows you to bring | deliver | order in style. Below are just a few of the incredible options they have…. To see more click on the pictures below for full website information! You’ll be amazed……

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So friends let’s get posting… We want to see pictures from EVERYONE. We want to see YOUNG  and OLD alike enjoying not only a Ferrero but time well spent together, SHARING | LAUGHING | LOVING and ENGAGING in a way that says #TOSHAREISLOVE. Remember, if you are looking for that special gift to take somewhere or if you just not sure what to buy, check out because there you will find something for EVERYONE!

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We can’t wait to see your pictures…. LET THE FUN BEGIN!

GetRealLive Christmas Plan

FB GRL WebChristmas Eve is HERE and we’re so glad the plan has helped you stay organised and on top of this beautiful season!

Aussie friends and visitors make sure you check out for amazing gift ideas not only for Christmas but throughout the year. PLUS check out the fun we’ve had through #toshareislove on all your social spaces and check out our Christmas with Ferrero Roche board on Pinterest…. Feel free to add your ideas by sending us your pictures and how you have incorporated Ferrero into your Christmas…. We would love to see your creativity and post some of your pics. Engage with us!

Christmas Eve – Merry Christmas – You Made It!

1) Pick up Turkey | Ham |Seafood

If delivery wasn’t an option then make a time with your Butcher or Seafood Monger to come and pick up your purchases.

2)  Cook whatever else can be made in advance

3)  If needed pick up a few bags of ice

CONGRATULATIONS….. You did it and we can’t wait to hear how much this 8-Week Plan helped you!!!!! Now go and relax by your Christmas Tree with your family for a few hours listening to Christmas music and have a laugh. Make sure you get an early nights sleep. ENJOY!!!!

Week 1: Jingle All The Way!

1)             Purchase remaining gifts from your list

Christmas is just around the corner so get everything crossed off your list and to your wrapping station and under the tree.

2)            Christmas with the Cranks

Put your feet up, grab a few of the goodies you’ve made, pop some popcorn, pour yourself a glass of bubbles and sit down with the kids and enjoy your favorite Christmas movies. Again, pinch yourself and smile because you have followed the 8-Week Christmas Plan and you are relaxed and savouring the moments of this beautiful season rather than running around like a headless chicken cursing the lack of parking stalls, the long lines and the empty racks.

3)           Christmas Light Tour

Bundle the family in the car and go on a tour of some of the nicely decorated homes either in your suburb or beyond. Here’s a thought…. Since your so organized, why don’t you invite someone who is on their own to enjoy this time with you and or your family.

4)          Finish wrapping your final few gifts

5)          Go along to your local Church or Community Carols by Candlelight with your family.

ACTION TIP FOR THE WEEK: Phone someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, wish them Merry Christmas and remember it’s not about you. Again, pinch yourself because you’re doing this simply because you are organized.

TO BUY THIS WEEK: Fruit, Vegetables, Salads, Bread/Buns, Dairy Products (milk, cream, custard, Ice Cream, cheeses), Eggs, Bacon, Stuffing ingredients, Juice x 2, Pavlova/ Pumpkin Pie filling or your favorite desert, Dips

 Week 2 & 3 Combined: It’s All Under Control – Relax!

1)        Batteries | Chargers | Camera Space 

Make sure cameras and videos are in working condition and batteries are charged. Clear your phone so you have room for Christmas and new year holidays photos.

2)      Purchase More Gifts

Remember to cross them off your list to avoid doubling up. Stay on top of it… this is the time we can spend where and when we don’t need to. Here’s a suggestion… why not check out Ferrero Boutique and get a beautiful gift delivered (before Christmas) to that special someone or perhaps someone who has been on your mind and you want to let them know you’re thinking about them 🙂

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3)      Pamper Time

Isn’t this amazing… because you’re so Organised you have time for hair | beauty | pedicure | manicure appointments. Remember last year or your pre 8-Week Christmas Plan days when you were lucky if you had a clean pair of undies come Christmas Day… This is simply bliss and we are so glad you have used this plan.

Book your appointments and maybe even something for hubby and the kids.

4)      Neighbour Treats

Since you are so organized, you have created space to do something for your neighbors. So, turn on the Christmas Playlist and have another baking session. Bake some Christmas biscuits with the kids and allow them to decorate and deliver to neighbors. Everyone loves this and you have time for it!

5) Table Setting

If you are hosting Christmas Dinner at your place this is a good time to check that you have everything you need for your table settings and to decorate.

Since you are so organized, you have created space to do something for your neighbours. So, turn on the Christmas Playlist and have another baking session. Bake some Christmas biscuits with the kids and allow them to decorate and deliver to neighbours. Everyone loves this and you have time for it!

6)  Send your cards for students and already wrapped gifts for teachers to school.

If you are hosting Christmas Dinner at your place this is a good time to check that you have everything you need for your table settings and to decorate.

Since you are so organized, you have created space to do something for your neighbours. So, turn on the Christmas Playlist and have another baking session. Bake some Christmas biscuits with the kids and allow them to decorate and deliver to neighbours. Everyone loves this and you have time for it!

7)      Clean the BBQ | Oven | Stove Top

ACTION TIP FOR THE WEEK: Make sure you have ‘room’ in your home for those dropping by over the next few weeks. Invest into some spare chairs, extra glasses and a couple of more little presents for your surprise visitors. Keep sheets and bedding clean in the spare room or your or blanket box ready to accommodate anyone you know who might need it. Too much Egg Nog or Christmas Cheer may mean someone chooses not to drive.

Remember to replace the water for your fresh tree regularly and you keep small pieces that fall from tree picked up. Little fingers may be tempted to put them in their mouth. Think safety around your tree.

TO BUY THIS WEEK: BBQ supplies (fill gas, matches, extra foil roasting trays) for the Aussies maybe and extra baking tray for others  , Foils and plastic wraps, Napkins, Plastic cups and plates for kids, Canned Juice x 2, 2 bottles of wine, Paper Towels. Bon Bons, Tea Lights, Candles, Table Decorations, 2 bottles of Champagne, Garbage Bags

A Gentle Reminder…. because we care!

In Week 1 we suggested you find a way for you and your family to GIVE BACK. Our chosen organisation this year is Care for Children and they have put out a Clarion Call for people to consider children and to #giveachildafamily this Christmas. We hope you will help us as we endeavour to help children who need a home…

 Week 4: Time to Decorate | It’s Feeling Like Christmas

1)        The Sound of Christmas

Play your favorite Christmas music from now until well after New Years. Make a special Playlist that your family will love and another one for guests and dinner parties or whatever your entertaining looks like.

2)      Gifts

Purchase a few more this week but REMEMBER to cross them off your list.

3)      Tree Time

Set up the Christmas Tree this week and why not make it a special time with the family. In our home we have ‘Christmas Tree Decorating Night’ the playlist is on, finger food on the go and everything is laid out (because it’s been carefully planned and tended to) and we create memories and always take a picture in front of the tree when it’s done.

 4)      The Sights of Christmas 

Hang Fairy lights and external decorations and really make your house sparkle.Ferrero Pinterest


Head down to your nearest Shopping Centre and take the kids to get their photo with Santa. Doing it this week means you avoid the long line ups in the coming weeks plus you can display the picture and enjoy it rather than tucking it away, never to be seen again.

6)        REMINDER Notes |Emails

Since you invited friends and families to all the important dates (as per Week 1) this is a great opportunity to send them a ‘Gentle Reminder’ with times | locations | dress.

ACTION TIP FOR THE WEEK: Turn your Christmas tree decorating into a huge family event with great food and festive drinks. The kids will love it.

TO BUY THIS WEEK: Shortbread, Biscuits, Panettone, Frozen Deserts, 4 Bottles of Soft Drink, Chocolate, extra coffee and creamer .


 Week 5: Halfway There

1)        De-Clutter Your Home 

You’ve already cleaned up in prep for the season but why not take this opportunity to De-Clutter a little. With the extra ornaments and decorations things can become a little intense.

2)      Turkey | Ham | Seafood

Place your order with your favorite Butcher and or Fish Monger now. Get in early and enjoy some of the deals they are offering or additional services including Free Delivery. Ask Questions and see if there is anything new and exciting they are preparing.

Pay for this now so you aren’t putting out a big sum the week of Christmas.

3)        Teacher Gifts

Piano | Guitar | Language | Homeroom | Sports | whatever the case maybe, there is always a teacher to buy for. Get this gift now, wrap it and have it ready to take.

4)      Send Christmas Cards

Since your cards are already done (as per Week 1) simply jump on your computer, press send | print |or drop them off at your Post Office. What a great feeling to have these DONE!

5)      Re-visit Gift List

Re-visit your gift list and see where you are up to. Are you on budget, what others need to be bought or consider making a few. If you’re good in the kitchen, nothing says ‘I Care’ more than a well done homemade gift. Consider the recipient and if this is appropriate go for it!

6)        Tree Time

You know when you’re checking the Tree time is clicking closer and we are almost there. If you have used this 8-Week Plan you’re probably feeling pretty good and your friends are probably wondering how you are so calm, cool and ORGANISED.

If you have an Artificial Tree check it and make sure all the pieces are intact. If you get the real thing get your order in now and consider delivery.

7)        Fill the House with the Sights | Sounds | Smells of Christmas 

It’s time to bake your fruitcake & other goodies that either need time for flavors to enhance or freeze well. Also, if you’re making ‘Gifts from the Kitchen’ the time in now!

Get the kids involved and make some sugar cookies or other family favorites.

8)        Deck the Halls

It’s time to decorate….. Not necessarily the tree but pull out your seasonal decorations for the house and make it sing with all the bells and colours of Christmas. Have fun!

ACTION TIP FOR THE WEEK: Write letters (or get the kids to) while you still have a little time up your sleeve to include with your gifts. The gifts may not last a lifetime, but your words will.

TO BUY THIS WEEK: Batteries for toys, Non-perishable items, Canned food items (sauces, salad dressing, mustard, etc.), Cooking Oils, 1 bottle of soft drink, 2 bottles of wine.

 Week 6: Gifts | Decorating | Food 

1)        Gift List 

Create a list and put gift ideas by their names. Check out online stores | buying sites | local markets and other avenues for great gift ideas. This is a great way to watch the budget.

2)      Book Baby Sitters

If you have little ones book your babysitters NOW. If you need sitters in December book now and don’t forget New Year’s Eve. Book early and reconfirm because a few weeks before Christmas and they’ll be scarce and will go to the highest bidder.

3)        Book in your Post Christmas Clean Up

If this is something you usually do then book it in now. Book your carpet cleaning | cleaners | Christmas Light Removal | for post holiday clean up.

4)      Decoration Check

There’s nothing like a fight whilst decorating the tree because the lights are all out or broken or because we have to spend the first 2 hrs uncoiling of the lights from last year. Check these in advance to avoid known pitfalls.

Pull out the Christmas lights and decorations THIS WEEK. Replace whatever needs replacing. Again, this just keeps everything organized and makes for a more peaceful experience.

5)        Online Shopping

Online Stores tend to get more expensive the closer you get to Christmas as people leave their shopping to the last minute. Take advantage of their offers and savings that are available now.

6)        Non-Perishable Food Items

Shop for these now and store in a place that won’t be raided by hungry teenagers before Dec 25th.

ACTION TIP FOR THE WEEK: Get the kids involved in the cleaning jobs, more hands make light work. Whilst cleaning pull out the Christmas lights and make sure they all work. If not, add bulbs, etc., to your list.

TO BUY THIS WEEK: Candy Canes, Nuts, Crackers, Chips, Pretzels, 2 Bottles of soft drink, 2 Bottles of wine – don’t forget to hide them. Don’t put them where they will be mistaken for this week’s grocery


 Week 7: Making a Start! 

1)        Start by Cleaning Up 

Get the back yard, basement, pantry, fridge and oven cleaned up and ready for the weeks ahead which will be filled with baubles | family | friends | last night movies | snacks | games and more…. Doing a good clean always makes the season easier. Whilst cleaning do a stock take on bathroom items (toothpaste | shampoo/conditioner | Loo Paper, etc) Having all of this done and stocked up makes space for you to think about other important things.

2)      Write a Holiday Grocery List

This is IMPORTANT. Now that you have the house clean and you know what you need to stock up on in different areas, take a moment, have a cup of tea and write out your grocery list.

Think about all the goodies you will be baking, the meals you will be preparing, the snack foods you enjoy and get a comprehensive list together.

3)        Wrapping Station

Find a space in the house you can use to wrap gifts as you go. Creating a permanent space with all the necessary bits and pieces makes it easy for everyone to wrap and create… Do this now rather than doing it all on Christmas Eve.

4)      Hosting

If you’re hosting a special event or a Christmas Party, prepare your menu and your plan and make a list of things you will need. e.g. ingredients for Christmas cake, extra drinks or cutlery, etc.

Note: Make sure you’ve done your stock take in your newly cleaned pantry, this will save doubling up on ingredients.

5)        Santa Claus Letters

If you have little ones in the house these need to be sent out now if you want a reply. Check with your post office or online to make this a success for little eyes and hearts.

ACTION TIP FOR THE WEEK: Get the kids involved in the cleaning jobs, more hands make light work. Whilst cleaning pull out the Christmas lights and make sure they all work. If not, add bulbs, etc., to your list.

TO BUY THIS WEEK: Candy Canes, Nuts, Crackers, Chips, Pretzels, 2 Bottles of soft drink, 2 Bottles of wine – don’t forget to hide them. Don’t put them where they will be mistaken for this week’s grocery


Week 8: Get Yourself ORGANISED!

1)        Live by LISTS 

We all know that Santa writes a list and checks it Twice and we encourage you to do the same. PLUS, we encourage you to write your list on your chosen mobile device so you can add change and correct it in Real Time.

Susan loves the Cozi App and this is her favourite to share!!! This definitely helps to keep things in order including shopping lists and calendars. This App can be shared with all family members who have a Smart Phone or Device. This allows everyone an ‘at a glace’ look at what’s happening, what’s needed, etc.

2)      Set a Holiday Budget

Gifts | Food | Entertainment | Extra Coffee whilst shopping | Babysitters | Alcohol, etc.

Include your children, if they buy gifts for siblings & friends, in this conversation. This gives them a clear understanding of what they are able to spend. Take a few minutes to browse through some online shopping sites, find coupons or great offers that are being made available.

Note: if you still have small children and know you’ll need babysitters, make sure you include this in your Holiday Budget

3)        Have a Family Portrait Taken

Print this out and use it to make your Christmas Cards or jump online and upload and ‘Go Green’ by sending your cards via email. If you’re including a ‘family update’ in your cards, start writing now and save it in your ‘Christmas File’ so it’s done and ready to simply press SEND. Check out Mix Book this is Nicole’s favourite and we wanted to share!

4)      Purchase your Wrapping Paper, Ribbon and Tape

If you where clever you stocked up during the Christmas sales last year if not mental note for this year. If not, get out and buy what you need.

5)      Mark all End of Year Events on your Calendar

This is IMPORTANT… Save the Date texts | emails | school notes | parties are soon to come flying your way so in an effort to stay on top of everything pull out your Calendar

Highlight the days you don’t have anything planned so you can use time during these days to wrap gifts or simply to breath or have margin to contribute to your community Christmas activities.

6)        Write Your Gift List

Break it down to family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors.

7)      Send out Invites

If you are hosting any Functions or Parties this is a great time to send out invites so you’re ahead of the rush and you can secure your date with those you want included.

8)       Give Back

Think about how you can involve your family in a Charity this Christmas. Where can you donate your time and efforts? Community websites are a great place to visit for this information or simply call up one of your favorite organizations and ask how you can help.

GACAF 1This year GetRealLive is supporting Care For Children check out #giveachildafamily on all your Social Spaces. 

9)        Overseas Gifts (if necessary)

If you are sending by Snail Mail get these organized now to avoid paying a last minute premium. Again, this is a great time to jump online and see how you can make it easy by buying online and having everything sent on your behalf… Time Saver, indeed!

ACTION TIP FOR THE WEEK: Mark you Diary Calendar with all IMPORTANT Dates

TO BUY THIS WEEK: Cards & Wrapping paper


Lauren Galley on GetRealLive Radio

lauren #2Lauren Galley, Teen Mentor, Author, TV Host, Actress and President of Girls Above Society transitioned from her high school AP program to college at age 16 embarking on a journey driven to create an anchor of empowerment for teen girls. Launching Girls Above Society allows a platform of teen to teen mentorship as she instills confidence and leadership skills in today’s media driven society. Lauren hosts her own show “The Lauren Galley Show” and has been featured on Fox News, Teen Vogue, Best Ever You Radio and Talented Teens in the UK. As a Huffington Post Teen writer, Lauren covers the pressures teens are face today. Her Free2BeYOU Series as a Youth Advocate for Free2Luv and serving as the Teen Commentator for Houston Family Magazine provides an extended platform reaching millions of teens.

Lauren’s “Girl Talk” program addresses issues relating to pressures affecting a generation affected by the wave of negative values. Helping teens feel good about themselves and empowering them to mentor their peers about the importance of self-acceptance holds the promise of improved lives for teens everywhere.

Lauren’s tag line “Making a difference-One Girl at a Time” ignites a passion for charitable causes such as Boy and Girls Country, Susan B. Curtis Foundation, Communities in Schools and Cy-Hope located throughout the United States. Lauren’s work extends to the economically challenged territories providing hope and change. Lauren’s effort to bring an end to bullying has been officially recognized by Texas Governor Rick Perry.


Thank You for ENGAGING

Thank You bannerThank You, Thank You, Thank You so much for ENGAGING with us today.

We love sharing what we know and what we have learned and uncovered in regards to Social Media but adding the additional  Marketing Strategies throughout truly makes this conversation Rich on all levels.

So, with this in mind, if you would like to continue growing and moving forward we want to create space for you to do that.

With that in mind, we have created some one-on-one Training where you can spend some quality time with Susan discussing your platform whether it be your brand | business | personal | whatever the case may be this Quality time of Engagement will benefit you.

What others are saying about their time spent Engaging with Us:

“Susan was a key figure in conceiving and implementing the GetReal Live event in Calgary at which I was the major presenter. From start to finish Susan was incredible to work with. The event was hugely supported by local business and experienced sold-out attendance. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and to be part of an event that was so perfectly and flawlessly executed.” Peter WalshTV Host & Professional Organiser at Peter Walsh Design, Inc.

“I have had the honour of attending many speaking events where Susan Sohn delivers Business and Life changing concepts. With a unique and powerful skill set particularly within the Social Media space, Susan is a very effective communicator and coach who is able to impart her expert knowledge to any business. Highest recommendations!” Estelle Wood, Personal Trainer

 “Susan has maintained a huge following because she has the keen ability to connect the right people with the right ideas to inspire people around the world. People love her because, as her brand suggests, she keeps it real. She empowers her community to talk about issues that are hard to talk about and turns people’s vulnerabilities into a source of inspiration. She also provides a platform for brands to be authentic and a natural part of the story-telling process that ensues. Susan is a powerhouse and it’s why her brand has been on an upward trajectory since its inception.” Jessica Smith, Flexible Work Evangelist: Marketing, Social Influence & Digital Strategy at


A SPECIAL OFFER for you to consider

This Offer is Available for the first 10 People who Register Now…. Spaces are limited to 10 one on one Personalised Consultations with Susan

Susan Next Step

After booking, we will contact you directly to make all the necessary arrangements for your One on One Training. We’re so excited that you’ve made the decision to take the next step and can’t wait to share more with you and assist you as you endeavour to achieve your goals.

Susan xx

We Did It…. #grlpower Turn Up the Volume

We Did It RedFriends, we are SO excited about the impact we had on International Day of the Girl. What an extraordinary day and what extraordinary conversations we were able to have…

So, what did your Social Media Donation result in? Here’s a glimpse of the impact we had….

Needless to say, we are more than excited and we want to encourage you to stay connected with GetRealLive and our ongoing conversation that points us all in the direction of helping girls across the planet. Additionally, we want to make sure you connect with the organizations we chose to partner with. Make sure you jump on their Social Spaces and LIKE | FOLLOW | FRIEND | SUBSCRIBE#grlpower latest TR

A Girl And Her World

A Girl And Her World

Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles

I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl

Village Artisan

Village Artisan

Hope Helicopter Recsue

Hope Helicopter Recsue

Thank You Thank You Thank You from GetRealLive and from Jane (A Girl and Her World), Rachel (Transformation Textiles), Natasha (Village Artisan), Esther (Hope Helicopter Rescue) & Plan Canada for saying YES and making a difference in the lives of girls. We are forever grateful that you chose to care.

Stay tuned to all that’s coming up…. We can’t wait to share more..

Susan, Nicole and the GetRealLive Team

#grlpower Turn Up the Volume BIG DAY!





Well friends the day has come and we are having conversations with some of the best people we know and we want YOU to engage further with these incredible organizations.

How can you connect further? Here are some suggestions:

1) ‘LIKE’ their pages on Facebook

2) ‘FOLLOW’ them on Twitter or Instagram

3) Visit their websites

4) Host a party in your home where all donations go to the organization of your choice {i.e.: Wine Night, Book Party, Dinner Party, Coffee Morning}

5) Buy their product/resource as Christmas Gifts. Give a gift that keeps on giving by way of supporting a girl.


grlpower web banner 1

GetRealLive is PROUD to Partner with……..



A Girl And Her World

A Girl And Her World


LIKE them on Facebook 

FOLLOW them on Twitter 

FOLLOW them on Instagram




I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl


LIKE them on Facebook

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FOLLOW them on YouTube




Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles


LIKE them on Facebook

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Visit Transformation Textiles Distribution Partner in Kenya ZANA AFRICA




Village Artisan

Village Artisan


LIKE them on Facebook

VISIT their Blog





Hope Helicopter Recsue

Hope Helicopter Recsue







The Magic of Memories Book Launch

Dianne{To read full article click HERE}

Well friends I’m super excited about Monday September 30th because I get the honor of being the Emcee at a book launch in Sydney. ‘The Magic of Memories’ written by the very wise and talented Dianne McKissock OAM and illustrated by the fabulous Phoebe Bakker.

Dianne, a Psychotherapist and Relationship Counsellor uses not only  her years of vast clinical experience but artfully weaves her very personal experience of loss into the book. ‘The Magic of Memories’ brings the conversation of death and dying into a space that allows children the opportunity to not only talk but to truly feel what they are walking through. It is definitely a must read for anyone traveling this road with children.

Details for the launch are below and everyone is welcome. Dianne will be there and Phoebe will be spending some creative time with the children. So, come one, come all and hear from these women who have stepped out and used their collective experiences to bring this book to life and help countless children and families. I am honored to be part of this launch.

Susan xx

book launch copy 1

#grlpower Turn Up The Volume!!

Welcome to GetRealLive…. We are so glad you’ve connected with us!


Step 1: To start you on this journey we would love it if you would watch this short video by Rebecca Barry – Award Winning Documentary Writer, Director and Producer who is an upcoming guest on GetRealLive Radio in support of #grlpower Turn Up the Volume. 

Step 2: Here is the image we have created for your Facebook Cover. Please, please take it and upload it and show your support for girls across the world TURN UP THE VOLUME!

#grlpower Facebook Copy #


Step 3: More information: GetRealLive is supporting INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL and we have not only chosen to partner with a few organisations we would like to highlight plus we are donating our collective Social Media Influence. We have all reached into our communities and invited friends | family | followers | fans and everyone else we are connected with to donate their influence as well. We have decided to use the hashtag #grlpower Turn Up The Volume (you can also us #turnupthevolume) to use our voice and GET LOUD about issues that matter! We believe that on the other end of our YES (to be involved) are countless girls across the planet who are saying Thank You!

Here are some of the amazing organisations we are partnering with. These are organisations are doing extraordinary work and not only are they partnering with us in terms of Social Media but they are sharing some of their stories through GetRealLive {the on the ground stuff that only they see) plus they are coming on GetRealLive Radio to tell us about their experiences (hear Jane Kennedy Founder of A Girl & Her World HERE and listen to Esther Davidson from Hope Helicopters tell us about the tribes in Papua New Guinea HERE}… ExtraORDINARY people choosing to live out loud and make a difference in the lives of those who need our hands, our feet, our influence and yes… our money!

We are so excited to be partnering with


Gallery Error : Unknown Error Please try again later

Here is a video from Village Artisan… Part of the beauty of what we are presenting through GetRealLive is that these organisations we have chosen to partner with, we know them and we know them well. The beautiful blonde girl in this video is a friend of mine and her life has been dedicated to bringing hope to women in India. I love that through her & her families life work, we have the opportunity to partner with them and hopefully see you engaging with them on a deeper, more meaningful level.



We need to educate OURSELVES, so during the next few weeks, we will be bringing stories of amazing of girls whose lives have been transformed through the work of our partners. These organisations are on the ground making things happen every day! Take a moment to read our posts here, share them, talk about them and visit our partners’ websites to fully engage.


Your Social Influence – This means going old school and simply talking with friends over coffee or a glass of wine and bringing the reality of what girls across the planet have to deal with into our worlds. TURN UP THE VOLUME on social media! We need your updates on Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter | Tumblr. Whatever your preferred platform, please copy and paste, follow us and re-tweet. Do whatever you can to to help us spread the message. Don’t EVER believe that you can’t make a difference. In our empowered and connected world, we all have great influence.

Your Finances – Did you know that it costs $300 to send a girl in the Pacific Islands to school for a year? Did you know that for less than $1 per day Plan Canada’s Because I’m a Girl Project helps to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing young girls in developing countries? That’s LESS THAN $1!

During the next few weeks, we’ll be offering suggestions on how you can donate your finances and how to go beyond just asking for money. We want this conversation to be very real and totally authentic so we will help you facilitate: Coffee Mornings | Wine Nights | Dinner Parties  | Garage Sales | Pink Lemonade Stands |Book Swaps |Lunch Money Matters | Christmas Cause Gifts | Fund Raiser Celebrations | and more ….

We want to Get Loud and Get Busy helping in any way that we can. Every cent makes a difference and every voice added to the mix helps TURN UP THE VOLUME!


Stay connected to this journey … Email us at so that we can keep you can informed about all that’s happening. We want to use this space so that together we CAN make a difference.

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’  Margaret Mead

#grlpower ‘Turn Up The Volume’

It’s about to get really noisy in here so get ready!

GETREALLIVE is taking some ground and we are ready to get loud, get noisy and get up in some business…. We are talking about GIRLS across the globe and we are doing our part for International Day of the Girl and we want you to join the conversation. Information coming your way so stay tuned. If you would like to be included in our mailing list where we will give you details, products, ideas and ways to not only create awareness around this conversation but how to mobilise then email us at… Together we really can make a difference and we NEED YOU!