We Did It…. #grlpower Turn Up the Volume

We Did It RedFriends, we are SO excited about the impact we had on International Day of the Girl. What an extraordinary day and what extraordinary conversations we were able to have…

So, what did your Social Media Donation result in? Here’s a glimpse of the impact we had….

Needless to say, we are more than excited and we want to encourage you to stay connected with GetRealLive and our ongoing conversation that points us all in the direction of helping girls across the planet. Additionally, we want to make sure you connect with the organizations we chose to partner with. Make sure you jump on their Social Spaces and LIKE | FOLLOW | FRIEND | SUBSCRIBE#grlpower latest TR

A Girl And Her World

A Girl And Her World

Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles

I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl

Village Artisan

Village Artisan

Hope Helicopter Recsue

Hope Helicopter Recsue

Thank You Thank You Thank You from GetRealLive and from Jane (A Girl and Her World), Rachel (Transformation Textiles), Natasha (Village Artisan), Esther (Hope Helicopter Rescue) & Plan Canada for saying YES and making a difference in the lives of girls. We are forever grateful that you chose to care.

Stay tuned to all that’s coming up…. We can’t wait to share more..

Susan, Nicole and the GetRealLive Team

#grlpower Turn Up the Volume BIG DAY!





Well friends the day has come and we are having conversations with some of the best people we know and we want YOU to engage further with these incredible organizations.

How can you connect further? Here are some suggestions:

1) ‘LIKE’ their pages on Facebook

2) ‘FOLLOW’ them on Twitter or Instagram

3) Visit their websites

4) Host a party in your home where all donations go to the organization of your choice {i.e.: Wine Night, Book Party, Dinner Party, Coffee Morning}

5) Buy their product/resource as Christmas Gifts. Give a gift that keeps on giving by way of supporting a girl.


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GetRealLive is PROUD to Partner with……..



A Girl And Her World

A Girl And Her World


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I Am A Girl

I Am A Girl


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Transformation Textiles

Transformation Textiles


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Village Artisan

Village Artisan


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Hope Helicopter Recsue

Hope Helicopter Recsue


Email hopehelicopters@yahoo.com.au





The Magic of Memories Book Launch

Dianne{To read full article click HERE}

Well friends I’m super excited about Monday September 30th because I get the honor of being the Emcee at a book launch in Sydney. ‘The Magic of Memories’ written by the very wise and talented Dianne McKissock OAM and illustrated by the fabulous Phoebe Bakker.

Dianne, a Psychotherapist and Relationship Counsellor uses not only  her years of vast clinical experience but artfully weaves her very personal experience of loss into the book. ‘The Magic of Memories’ brings the conversation of death and dying into a space that allows children the opportunity to not only talk but to truly feel what they are walking through. It is definitely a must read for anyone traveling this road with children.

Details for the launch are below and everyone is welcome. Dianne will be there and Phoebe will be spending some creative time with the children. So, come one, come all and hear from these women who have stepped out and used their collective experiences to bring this book to life and help countless children and families. I am honored to be part of this launch.

Susan xx

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#grlpower Turn Up The Volume!!

Welcome to GetRealLive…. We are so glad you’ve connected with us!


Step 1: To start you on this journey we would love it if you would watch this short video by Rebecca Barry – Award Winning Documentary Writer, Director and Producer who is an upcoming guest on GetRealLive Radio in support of #grlpower Turn Up the Volume. 

Step 2: Here is the image we have created for your Facebook Cover. Please, please take it and upload it and show your support for girls across the world TURN UP THE VOLUME!

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Step 3: More information: GetRealLive is supporting INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL and we have not only chosen to partner with a few organisations we would like to highlight plus we are donating our collective Social Media Influence. We have all reached into our communities and invited friends | family | followers | fans and everyone else we are connected with to donate their influence as well. We have decided to use the hashtag #grlpower Turn Up The Volume (you can also us #turnupthevolume) to use our voice and GET LOUD about issues that matter! We believe that on the other end of our YES (to be involved) are countless girls across the planet who are saying Thank You!

Here are some of the amazing organisations we are partnering with. These are organisations are doing extraordinary work and not only are they partnering with us in terms of Social Media but they are sharing some of their stories through GetRealLive {the on the ground stuff that only they see) plus they are coming on GetRealLive Radio to tell us about their experiences (hear Jane Kennedy Founder of A Girl & Her World HERE and listen to Esther Davidson from Hope Helicopters tell us about the tribes in Papua New Guinea HERE}… ExtraORDINARY people choosing to live out loud and make a difference in the lives of those who need our hands, our feet, our influence and yes… our money!

We are so excited to be partnering with


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Here is a video from Village Artisan… Part of the beauty of what we are presenting through GetRealLive is that these organisations we have chosen to partner with, we know them and we know them well. The beautiful blonde girl in this video is a friend of mine and her life has been dedicated to bringing hope to women in India. I love that through her & her families life work, we have the opportunity to partner with them and hopefully see you engaging with them on a deeper, more meaningful level.



We need to educate OURSELVES, so during the next few weeks, we will be bringing stories of amazing of girls whose lives have been transformed through the work of our partners. These organisations are on the ground making things happen every day! Take a moment to read our posts here, share them, talk about them and visit our partners’ websites to fully engage.


Your Social Influence – This means going old school and simply talking with friends over coffee or a glass of wine and bringing the reality of what girls across the planet have to deal with into our worlds. TURN UP THE VOLUME on social media! We need your updates on Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | Twitter | Tumblr. Whatever your preferred platform, please copy and paste, follow us and re-tweet. Do whatever you can to to help us spread the message. Don’t EVER believe that you can’t make a difference. In our empowered and connected world, we all have great influence.

Your Finances – Did you know that it costs $300 to send a girl in the Pacific Islands to school for a year? Did you know that for less than $1 per day Plan Canada’s Because I’m a Girl Project helps to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing young girls in developing countries? That’s LESS THAN $1!

During the next few weeks, we’ll be offering suggestions on how you can donate your finances and how to go beyond just asking for money. We want this conversation to be very real and totally authentic so we will help you facilitate: Coffee Mornings | Wine Nights | Dinner Parties  | Garage Sales | Pink Lemonade Stands |Book Swaps |Lunch Money Matters | Christmas Cause Gifts | Fund Raiser Celebrations | and more ….

We want to Get Loud and Get Busy helping in any way that we can. Every cent makes a difference and every voice added to the mix helps TURN UP THE VOLUME!


Stay connected to this journey … Email us at events@getreallive.com so that we can keep you can informed about all that’s happening. We want to use this space so that together we CAN make a difference.

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’  Margaret Mead

#grlpower ‘Turn Up The Volume’

It’s about to get really noisy in here so get ready!

GETREALLIVE is taking some ground and we are ready to get loud, get noisy and get up in some business…. We are talking about GIRLS across the globe and we are doing our part for International Day of the Girl and we want you to join the conversation. Information coming your way so stay tuned. If you would like to be included in our mailing list where we will give you details, products, ideas and ways to not only create awareness around this conversation but how to mobilise then email us at events@getreallive.com… Together we really can make a difference and we NEED YOU!

#grlPower ‘Turn Up the Volume’

Get Ready Friends…. It’s about to get REALLY loud around GetRealLive. We are launching #grlPower ‘Turn Up the Volume‘ and using our voices for girls across the globe who need our voices to be heard.

You may have recently heard about the 8 year old girl in Yemen who died due to a horrific situation. If you didn’t then you are now. If you did and you, like us, were turned on the inside and you can’t quit thinking about this little girl and asking the question HOW, WHY, WHAT? Then you need to stay tuned to GetRealLive and go on journey with us as we get REALLY LOUD!

Note: if you are connecting with this for the first time then please email us at events@getreallive.com to join the movement!


Dr. Robi Sonderegger Joins GetRealLive Radio to Insta-Envy…




GetRealLive HOSTING A LIVE EVENT SEPTEMBER 12TH ‘INSTA-ENVY & #REALITYGRAM101’ with DR. ROBI SONDEREGGER. This is going to be a conversation you WON’T WANT TO MISS. If you can’t listen Live then Listen On Demand simply by downloading on any device. This conversation is current, it necessary and it’s impacting everyone. We can’t wait to host and have you join! 







(Take this link and share it on your Social Media Platforms:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/getreallive/2013/09/12/dr-robi-sonderegger-talks-to-getreallive-about-insta-envy

To Join the LIVE TWEET CHAT simply click here and you will see only tweets pertaining to this conversation http://tweetchat.com/room/RealityGram101

Dr. Robi Sonderegger who is a world renowned Clinical Psychologist and sought after speaker will be joining GetRealLive Radio to talk about INSTA-ENVY and the affect Social media is having on our every day lives.

Is it possible that our increased connectivity via Social Media is leading to things like: Depression | Anxiety | Lack of Self Worth | Panic Attacks and more? Are more and more adults finding themselves scrolling through Instagram wishing their lives looked like someone else’s HIGHLIGHTS? Or, is this just something teenagers do? Is there more fighting within homes because the ‘grass appears to be greener on the other side’? Perhaps that green grass is just a fertilizer called Amaro | Mayfair |Rise | Hudson | Valencia | X-Pro 11 | Sierra or that all time favourite | LO-FI! That’s right, it could be just that a filter not a fertilised lawn.

In terms of friendship, where does the Social Media friendship end and the the face-to-face relationship start? Because we connect online, does that instantly translate into a face-to-face relationship? For some yes, for others no. How does this then translate when the relationship doesn’t transform?

How different is our real life world and our social media world and how do those worlds interact? Now that we put our personal lives out there in such a visable way how does this impact us personally. Is there a fakeness to this? Are we using masks and creating something that isn’t really there?

In the end, is all of this extremely narcissistic?

Oh yes, we are going to be talking about this and SOOOO much more. So, invite your friends, start sharing this via Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin | Google+ | Twitter | Pinterest | the bathroom wall | scratched into a bench somewhere | chalkboard (are they even used anymore) and every other place you connect.

We can’t wait to host you… Make sure you follow the #RealityGram101

Making Some Changes to GetRealLive

Hey friends just a quick note to say…… Things are getting a little crazy and we are making some changes to the GetRealLive site….. Yep, our ‘behind the scenes’ team is working to update, refresh and recreate some spaces to make things easier to navigate and engage with!



PS – Coming up on GetRealLive Radio we have the amazing DR. ROBI SONDEREGGER – World Renowned Clinical Psychologist who is going to join us to talk about INSTA-ENVY and the impact of #REALITYGRAM101… Can’t wait ~ more info coming your way

Susan xx

Autism, DownSyndrome, Special Needs. A response to the Ontario Letter

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{Pictures above provide a glimpse into the life of Peter}

In light of the recent and very disturbing letter that was sent to the parents of a boy with Autism (see this Huffington Post Live Story click HERE)I am compelled to share this story with you.

My little brother, Peter, who is not so little now, he is 36 and definitely exceeds my physicality, has DownSyndrome and definitely displays some other characteristics that can be found on the ASD Spectrum. He can be a challenge and throughout his life has most likely upset people, caused them great discomfort and whatever else we {the so called ‘normal’} people have to interpret and manage when our life collides with someone on the spectrum.

Throughout the years, I have written countless stories about my brother and the lessons I have learned from him, the things he has taught me and the way he has lived. Some days, he is our angel and we talk about how he has been sent from God just for us. We talk about how blessed we are to have had the opportunity to walk through life with him and how we wished other people could have a moment of this experience. Then, there are days when we wonder where he came from, why he’s acting a certain way and how do we handle what is happening before our eyes. In these moments, we see the struggle deep within him, his desire to do what we call ‘right’, to act appropriately, to respond how we want him to respond but because of the way he has been created the struggle lies in this this place. These are the times when this gentle giant, this angel who was sent from above needs our care, our love and our acceptance.

I could go on and on about the joy he has brought to our lives and his amazing nature and his deep sense of knowing and understanding that doesn’t translate into school grades or through the written or, at times, even the spoken word. His understanding is deep and his expression of that understanding at times throws the ‘EQ’ balance off the charts.

Today, instead of me writing about his impact on our lives, I have chosen to allow the words of another whom he has touched to bring expression to his being. She’s not a family member but she has been brought into the family through Peter and his love for her and his deep knowing that she is a person to love and to trust. Her name is Lori and outside of our family she is perhaps one of the most influencial people in Peter’s life. I am choosing not to respond in words to the ‘One Pissed Off Mother’ but rather by using the life of another and the experience of another who has chosen to see beyond what she doesn’t understand {in terms of how Peter was created} but has chosen to step over her own insecurities and the ‘unknown’ within Peter and she has found a beautiful relationship that has changed her life. I hope you enjoy her story about Peter.

I have a very special person in my life. He has taught me so many things that have helped me to become a better person. He has made me laugh and cry and practise my skills of tolerance and patience.

Peter has Down Syndrome.

I have known Peter for many years, but it has only been during the past two years that I have developed a relationship with him. What started as a job has turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Job coaching is what brought Peter and I together. For a few hours each week, we go to his place of employment and I instruct him on how to do his work. He is such a diligent worker and it does not take long for him to master the tasks assigned to him. Then it is coffee time!

Coffee time is what he looks forward to the most. This is our time to chat about whatever comes to mind. Peter never fails to ask about my husband, my children and my cat. He always asks how my day at work went and never fails to ask how his nephew is, who attends the school where I work.

Peter loves music and will start to dance when he hears it. He doesn’t care where we are or who is watching. His face lights up with the pure joy of it. Peter has taught me to dance like no one is watching. Everyone should try this. It is the most exhilarating feeling!

He has taught me not to be afraid to tell people how I feel about them. Peter is very quick to tell people that he has missed them, that he likes them, that they make him happy, that he loves them. He quite often will tell me that I am beautiful but he will also tell me when he thinks that I need a haircut. He is so open and honest that it is refreshing to have a conversation with him.

He is also very compassionate. When my Mom was ill, he always would inquire about her. When she passed away, he brought me flowers and hugs. Sometimes he will ask me if I think about her and what I am remembering about her.

Occasionally, we have a date night. He will get dressed up and he is the perfect gentleman. He opens doors for me, pulls out my chair, inquires if I am enjoying myself and of course, compliments me on how beautiful I am. For weeks after he will talk about what a good time he had.

Peter has been raised by a very loving and supportive family. I know it is through his family that he has learned his conversation skills, his strong work ethics, his sense of humour and his compassion. I am truly blessed to be able to have Peter and his family in my life. I believe that when we surround ourselves with positive people like Peter and his family, we remain strong, happy and positive ourselves.

Thank you Peter for being my friend!

Peter Walsh in Calgary

Well friends here it is…. FINALLY the video from our Live Event with Peter Walsh in Calgary for the #CalgarySpringClean. It was a great night of laughter, a few tears and amazing impact. Peter left it all on the stage, providing workable solutions for allowing space for everyone to make change within their spaces.

The night was full of fun, great give-aways and a beautiful moment with WINS (Women In Need Society) where we had the opportunity to not only support the work WINS does but to honour Cathy Coutts who is the Executive Director of the Women in Need Society

The event was definitely a hit and Calgarians are patiently awaiting Peter’s return. A HUGE thanks to everyone who attended the event and much gratitude to all our wonderful partners/sponsors ~ Brookfield Homes | Servpro | 1-800-GOT-JUNK | California Closets | Hotel Arts | Home Outfitters | the skoop | DBD Construction | Maguire Floor Window Coverings | Staples

Here’s a glimpse of what our GetRealLive Event with the incredible Peter Walsh looked like. Big thanks to Mark & his team at Ozone Productions for helping us capture all the great elements of the night. We hope this little taste will give you enough to engage with us and hopefully join us for our next Live Event… Stay tuned!