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We are so grateful to be partnering with some great Australian Professional Organisers as we bring you Peter Walsh: Live in Sydney at the Sydney Theatre.

We want to take a moment to introduce you to them personally and give you the opportunity to engage with them.

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Pinklily is an amazing organisation that is able to create the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of. Discover products that will transform the way you feel and care for your clothing, shoes and accessories.

No more “I’ve got nothing to wear” moments. All your beautiful possessions at your fingertips. Imagine your wardrobe calling out to you and welcoming you rather than feeling like the doors are bursting with drama.




AAPO is the industry association for Professional Organisers. AAPO is an exceptional organisation who have been extremely easy to work with. We are grateful to be partnering with them. AAPO are hosting Peter at their annual conference on the Gold Coast in July 2014. For more details visit their website.












We are really happy to have Heavenly Order on board as well. Heavenly Order is about making your life run as smoothly as possible, no matter what the circumstances. Being organised is not about perfection, it’s about being prepared for life. We offer hope to the overwhelmed and tired! Sarah Cottman, owner of Heavenly Order, has personally overcome the confusion and chaos that comes with Chronic Disorganisation.

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Need Rescuing? Well, Clutter Rescue is here and ready…. Helen from Clutter Rescue says, ‘I’m just like you – juggling everything that comes into my life, some times succeeding, sometimes just coping.’ Clutter Rescue has been created in an effort to bring much needed help your way, they provide real honesty and advice from a woman who walks in the same shoes as you! Their website is for busy Mums wanting more balance in their lives. Helen understands that it might seem strange thinking that getting organised, having a decluttered space and schedule, and having helpful kids will give you more balance – but her promise is that it will!

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I can personally recommend this company to you as I have used them in my own life. 1-800-Got-Junk are a wonderful organisation that come in and help sort out your space in a way that is like no other. Their staff are trained exceptionally and truly understand what it means to be overwhelmed by your stuff or simply time poor. In my case, we were moving countries and at the end of the packing we had one ‘storage’ room that contained the leftovers or the things that didn’t have a home. We needed help and we needed it quick. A call to 1-800-Got-Junk and they were there in a professional moment, ready and willing to help us rid ourselves of the excess.

Additionally, 1-800-Got-Junk has partnered with us in Canada when we hosted Peter Walsh for our #CalgarySpringClean Live Event. 1-800-Got-Junk were on board and at the venue ready to collect gently used items that our attendees generously donated to WINS (Women’s in Need Society). Again, their professionalism and kind service were greatly appreciated. At every turn and with every experience 1-800-Got-Junk has delivered more than they have taken away and we are grateful for their partnership.

Peter Walsh Live on GetRealLive Radio

Peter Walsh T & TJoin us LIVE with PETER WALSH

for a 1 hour special Talk & Tweet on February 10th

Make sure you FOLLOW THE HASHTAG #peterwalshSYD on all of your social spaces and use the hashtag to stay connected to the conversation.

Come with your questions and ready to be involved in a conversation that will definitely change your life. Also, joining the conversation is Tania Venn from 1-800-Got-Junk and we promise, some of her stories will leave you shocked and laughing in your seat. Plus, we will share how we are endeavouring to make a difference with the organisation we are supporting which is Vinnies.

Make sure you mark your diary and tune in and together we’ll make the Live Experience one to remember!

How to Connect:

TIME:  12:30pm (Australia) for all other listeners can I suggest you check out World Clock to find out what time this is for you… this just makes it easier for me if you find your time and make it work.

RADIO: Listen thru BlogTalk Radio HERE

TWITTER: Join the Live Twitter Conversation HERE 

CALL IN: Call into the Show with your questions on +1 718 508 9042 or click onto the BlogTalkRadio link above and connect via Skype – it’s super simple!

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Peter Walsh: Live in Sydney

PETER WALSH SLIDERDid you know that research has shown:

  • 1 in 4 Australians feel ANXIOUS | OVERWHELMED | DEPRESSED about the clutter in their homes
  • 1 in 5 Australians have built a SHED | GARAGE to store their extra stuff
  • 1 in 8 Australians have MOVED HOUSE to accommodate their superfluous ‘stuff’*

(*The Australia Institute)

Needless to say, the research continues and there are many more stats we could share about the mounting piles that  Australians are trying to dig themselves out of. Whether it be stuff, emotional clutter or even our increasing waist lines, our worlds seem to be bursting with the need for well needed clean sweeps, conversations and movement.

It would appear that we are drowning and thankfully there is help at hand. GetRealLive is throwing a much needed lifelife to overburdened and overwhelmed Australians who are hung over from years of overconsumption. This lifeline comes in the form of one of our very own who has already helped hundreds of thousands of Americans resurface and face their challenges. Peter Walsh, who is known across the world for his work on The Oprah Show, Rachael Ray and in our own backyard on The Living Room which is aired on Channel Ten.

Peter has answered a clarion call and has returned to help his fellow Aussies turn (in some cases) chaos into health and order. Peter asks his signature question, “Does the stuff you own help you live the life you want.?” With that question echoing through the minds of many he proceeds to help by building back into people.

February 21st Peter will be at the Sydney Theatre for a 1 Night Only Live Event where he will engage & entertain his audience whilst leaving them equipped to head home with the desire to live the life they want and deserve. This event is not to be missed. Book your tickets now Don’t delay!

Here’s a glimpse of some of the fun you can expect…. This and so much more Peter brings to the stage in a Live Experience.

Event Partners

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Peter Walsh – More Than Just Clutter

Peter Arms Website
Peter Walsh understands people. With a background in education followed by working in drug abuse prevention and health promotion in Australia and then in developing health, education and training programs for schools and corporations. Peter has developed a unique understanding of the ‘Why behind the What’. Often times, it is the stuff that we all see but Peter is able to go beyond the stuff and find out why. Once the why is understood, it is from that place that he helps people let go and begin to rebuild.

How is a Live experience with Peter different than what we see on TV? Peter is a personality and he brings it all onto the stage. He comes ready to solve problems and bring solutions in a completely unique style. There will be laughter, a few tears and anyone who attends will definitely leave inspired, motivated and wanting more of Peter’s wisdom and amazing solutions.

Here’s a little clip of Peter on Channel Ten’s ‘The Living Room’.

To book tickets click on the Partners Link Below

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Peter Walsh Update

PW website newerOprah’s organizing expert, Peter Walsh, is heading home this February to offer New Year’s relief to the hundreds of Australians whose homes are convulsing with clutter. So don’t delay…. get your Tickets NOW!

In a one off stage event hosted by GetRealLive, Peter Walsh will not only debunk the myth that more is better, but will throw a much needed lifeline to overburdened and overwhelmed Australians hung over from years of overconsumption. Research has shown that one in four Australians feel anxious, overwhelmed and depressed about the clutter in their homes. One in five respondents, according to the same research, have built a shed or garage to keep or store things, while one in eight had even moved house to accommodate their superfluous ‘stuff’.*

In his own unique way, Peter will bring his TV experience to life, offering practical tips and tools around his signature question: “Does the stuff you own, help you live the life you want?” Aussies will be inspired and motivated to make real and lasting changes in 2014.

Best known for his regular appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Peter also has his own series Extreme Clutter on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network). He is a regular contributor to O Magazine and has shared the platform for Oprah tours alongside Gayle King, Suze Orman and Dr Phil. Recently, Peter has been featured on The Rachael Ray Show and has become an audience favourite.

Peter is an international speaker and motivator and is in a league of his own when it comes to helping people overcome their clutter and live their best life. He is the author of several books including the New York Times bestseller ‘It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff’. The Times review labeled him a genius. In Australia, Peter has been featured on Channel 10’s The Living Room, helping families sort out their mess.

Peter Walsh on THE LIVING ROOM



GetRealLive Presents Peter Walsh as we celebrate Peter’s return to AUSTRALIA!

Save the date friends FEBRUARY 21ST and join us for an amazing fun-filled night with Professional Organiser and De-Cluttering Genius PETER WALSH. Peter is known across the world for his ability to turn chaos into healthy spaces to live. Whether it be clutter in your home, in your mind or whatever the case, Peter has helped millions of people LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES….


Click HERE and book your tickets. 

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Christmas Fun… Winner #2 + This Weeks Competition!

Ferrero FunWe have our 2nd WINNER of our #toshareislove Christmas Competition and we are excited!!!! 

This past week has been all about Ferrero Funnies and seeing people have fun with Chocolate in their lives. We’ve definitely seen some interesting entries and have shared a few giggles along the way. But, as with every week of the Competition…. there can only be 1 WINNER and this week our winner is @ESTHERANNE for her fun and funny way of incorporating a bit of Ferrero Fun into her life 🙂

Today, we will present EstherAnne with a beautiful hamper from Ferrero Boutique as a prize (watch for pictures and videos when we present…. also, check out the video with @LadyGleeson our winner from last week she was very excited!).

This weeks COMPETITION DETAILS are below – more chances to WIN so get your cameras out and take pictures and videos because YOU GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT!

Competition #2

Note: This competition is only for Australian Residents however GetRealLive will provide prizes for out of country entries.

Christmas Competition Fun Continues….

Ferrero CollageOkay friends we have our 1ST WINNER and we are super excited….. The last week has been about decorating with Ferrero and we have had some extraordinary entries but alas, we can only have 1 WINNER this week and the winner is LADYGLEESON for her Ferrero Flower that she not only made but shared because #toshareislove!pic8

LadyGleeson will receive her beautiful hamper from Ferrero Boutique as a prize (pictures to come) which I’m sure she will enjoy and continue to post pictures of her and her loved ones enjoying some well deserved Ferrero Rocher.

This weeks COMPETITION DETAILS are below….. Come on friends, get your camera out, take pictures & videos because you gotta be in it to WIN it….

Ferrero Comp #2