Eternity News: Tired of seeing #picture-perfect lives?

Recently. I was super honoured and excited to find out that Eternity News had published an interview I did with them on my birthday! This kind of attention is humbling and very much appreciated. Thanks very much to Rebecca Abbott for the wonderful article,  titled “Tired of seeing #picture-perfect lives?”

Read the full article below. 


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100 Women of Influence Nomination


Some days you never know what will come across your desk and the invitations you will receive. Today is one of those days.

This week I received an email to let me know that I have been successfully nominated for the  ‘100 Women of Influence’. What an honour to be amoung these extraordinary women and be considered for such an award. Whatever the outcome, I am forever grateful for the life I live, the work I get to do and the people I get to work alongside.

Have the best week and keep digging deep and doing great things. Remember; small steps always lead to big ones.

Susan xx

Questions that don’t work for Girls/Women in 2015?

Monday was a day like many others. I drove my children to school, dropped them off with kisses and well wishes. As usual I began to make my way home to get to work. School holidays were finally over, and that meant the mountain of work that had been beckoning me was ready to be conquered.

While I drove, I found myself captivated by the radio show that had been playing in the background whilst the kids were in the car. I turned the volume up and began to listen with interest. A woman was being interviewed about a book she had written for parents.

For the sake of this esteemed author, I won’t mention the book or her name as her interview was exceptional, and from what I gained, she was doing great things. The interview went on and with each question and answer my interest was peaking.

And THEN…..

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