Peter Walsh Live in Sydney

PW16Sydney captivated by the king of de-cluttering. It was a night of laughter and tears as Oprah’s organising expert Peter Walsh delivered his unique blend of wit, wisdom and practical advice to Sydney fans during a one-off stage event.Read More

Peter Walsh: Live brought to you by GetRealLive

We are so excited you have landed here…. It means you’ve heard that Peter Walsh is going to be in Sydney for a Live Show for 1 Night Only at the Sydney Theatre in Walsh Bay. So, if you’re curious about the event, we’ve added a few bits and pieces here to help you make your decision to BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW….  Peter Walsh: Live is hosted by GetRealLive Founder, Susan J Sohn and will also feature musical guest artist, XFactor favourite, Barry Southgate.Read More

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Peter Walsh: Live Amazing Giveaways!

We know that everyone likes a GREAT Giveaway and our goal is to never disappoint. So, we have spent time connecting with some of the best companies and many of them have come on board to surprise a few lucky winners on the night.

Have a look through and see if there is anything you like. Also, invite your friends because this is going to be a fabulous night. Peter Walsh: Live is definitely a night to remember…. Also included is a glimpse of what the night will look like.

Thank You to our friends at Pinklily

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Thank You to our friends at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

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Thanks to our friends at 1-800-Got-Junk?

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So Proud to be Partnering with Vinnies and Supporting the work they do

On the night, please bring a pair of gently used jeans to support the work they do. 1-800-Got-Junk? is going to be onsite collecting your donations.

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Thanks to our friends at Endota Spa

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GetRealLive Presents Peter Walsh as we celebrate Peter’s return to AUSTRALIA!

Save the date friends FEBRUARY 21ST and join us for an amazing fun-filled night with Professional Organiser and De-Cluttering Genius PETER WALSH. Peter is known across the world for his ability to turn chaos into healthy spaces to live. Whether it be clutter in your home, in your mind or whatever the case, Peter has helped millions of people LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES….


Click HERE and book your tickets. 

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Dr. Robi Sonderegger Joins GetRealLive Radio to Insta-Envy…




GetRealLive HOSTING A LIVE EVENT SEPTEMBER 12TH ‘INSTA-ENVY & #REALITYGRAM101’ with DR. ROBI SONDEREGGER. This is going to be a conversation you WON’T WANT TO MISS. If you can’t listen Live then Listen On Demand simply by downloading on any device. This conversation is current, it necessary and it’s impacting everyone. We can’t wait to host and have you join! 







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Dr. Robi Sonderegger who is a world renowned Clinical Psychologist and sought after speaker will be joining GetRealLive Radio to talk about INSTA-ENVY and the affect Social media is having on our every day lives.

Is it possible that our increased connectivity via Social Media is leading to things like: Depression | Anxiety | Lack of Self Worth | Panic Attacks and more? Are more and more adults finding themselves scrolling through Instagram wishing their lives looked like someone else’s HIGHLIGHTS? Or, is this just something teenagers do? Is there more fighting within homes because the ‘grass appears to be greener on the other side’? Perhaps that green grass is just a fertilizer called Amaro | Mayfair |Rise | Hudson | Valencia | X-Pro 11 | Sierra or that all time favourite | LO-FI! That’s right, it could be just that a filter not a fertilised lawn.

In terms of friendship, where does the Social Media friendship end and the the face-to-face relationship start? Because we connect online, does that instantly translate into a face-to-face relationship? For some yes, for others no. How does this then translate when the relationship doesn’t transform?

How different is our real life world and our social media world and how do those worlds interact? Now that we put our personal lives out there in such a visable way how does this impact us personally. Is there a fakeness to this? Are we using masks and creating something that isn’t really there?

In the end, is all of this extremely narcissistic?

Oh yes, we are going to be talking about this and SOOOO much more. So, invite your friends, start sharing this via Instagram | Facebook | Linkedin | Google+ | Twitter | Pinterest | the bathroom wall | scratched into a bench somewhere | chalkboard (are they even used anymore) and every other place you connect.

We can’t wait to host you… Make sure you follow the #RealityGram101

Peter Walsh in Calgary

Well friends here it is…. FINALLY the video from our Live Event with Peter Walsh in Calgary for the #CalgarySpringClean. It was a great night of laughter, a few tears and amazing impact. Peter left it all on the stage, providing workable solutions for allowing space for everyone to make change within their spaces.

The night was full of fun, great give-aways and a beautiful moment with WINS (Women In Need Society) where we had the opportunity to not only support the work WINS does but to honour Cathy Coutts who is the Executive Director of the Women in Need Society

The event was definitely a hit and Calgarians are patiently awaiting Peter’s return. A HUGE thanks to everyone who attended the event and much gratitude to all our wonderful partners/sponsors ~ Brookfield Homes | Servpro | 1-800-GOT-JUNK | California Closets | Hotel Arts | Home Outfitters | the skoop | DBD Construction | Maguire Floor Window Coverings | Staples

Here’s a glimpse of what our GetRealLive Event with the incredible Peter Walsh looked like. Big thanks to Mark & his team at Ozone Productions for helping us capture all the great elements of the night. We hope this little taste will give you enough to engage with us and hopefully join us for our next Live Event… Stay tuned!


Peter Walsh in CALGARY

Calgary was ignited on Saturday night with Peter Walsh.

Peter was live at the Boyce Theatre and he brought his wit and wisdom and filled the Theatre with laughter and a few tears were shed as he touched on issues close to the heart.

The impeccable skill of a seasoned motivator ignited the crowd and took the message of organisers, GetRealLive, and their Calgary focused endeavour #CalgarySpringClean to a new level. The event was in support of WINS (Women In Need Society) and every attendee was asked to bring a donation to this very worthy cause. Throughout the night, Peter masterfully weaved his world-renowned ability through the crowd. His infectious humour wowed the crowd and he had each person captivated from the moment he stepped on the stage.

Peter was in Calgary for this event only. He and his manager/partner, Ken Greenblatt, definitely left their mark on our city and have left Calgary better, simply because they came and gave of themselves. We are, forever grateful and can’t wait to see them again

Here are just a few comments from people who attended:

‘Thanks to GetRealLive and their show with Peter Walsh I have been encouraged and inspired me to take steps towards and uncluttered life’

‘Saturday was a fun, safe event that has given me freedom and security to deal with my clutter throughout my life. From the inside out’

‘Peter Walsh is an inspiring individual that provides practical strategies to concur clutter and take control of your life back. He gave me permission to let go of items that I felt obligated to hold on to – I easily collected 3 bags of clothing items the next day for donation’

‘As a young girl (14) Peter Walsh was impacting on the importance of organising your life, in order to live a better life’

‘As a man I wasn’t sure what to expect from a GetRealLive event and from Peter Walsh. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised and I enjoyed every moment. Firstly, it wasn’t the ‘chick’ event I anticipated and more importantly, Peter spoke to everyone and really incorporated both male and female perspectives. His wisdom and humor were enjoyed and his obvious passion and professionalism appreciated. I am now a fan of Peter and a follower of GetRealLive’
‘Peter Walsh gave me the strength and incentive to do what I know needs to be done but I’ve hated to do. I feel I now have the confidence to tackle what’s in front of me and put it behind me so I can live for today’

More info and pictures to come… This is just a little teaser with much more to come… Enjoy!

Peter Walsh Press Release

 Contact: Susan Sohn or Nicole Liboiron                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Phone: 403-803-0310

Email: or

Organisational Expert Peter Walsh In Calgary Saturday Only

Oprah’s Organisational Expert, Peter Walsh comes to Calgary for one night only.  GetRealLIve is hosting Peter in a live event Saturday, April 20th at 7pm in the Boyce Theatre.  Peter Walsh will be discussing how to ‘de-clutter’ and sharing tips and tools for leading your best life.

Peter is most well known for his many appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Peter is also featured in on the OWN Network in his own program called Extreme Clutter. Peter is a regular contributor to O Magazine and has shared the platform for Oprah tours along side Gayle King, Suze Orman and Dr. Phil. Recently, Peter has made several appearances on The Rachael Ray Show. He is also the author of such books as ‘Enough Already’ and ‘Its All Too Much’.

This event is in support of WINS (Women in Need Society) of Calgary.  Attendees to the event are encouraged to bring donations for women and their families in low-income situations. Peter will be on location at WINS Friday, April 19th, 2013 in support of this worthy cause.

The event has created a buzz throughout Calgary engaging with our cities most influential social media.  The hash tag #CalgarySpringClean, has reached over 3.4 million impressions to date.  This is all in an effort to encourage Calgarian’s to not only give back to their community, but to engage in a greater message.

GetRealLive is a Calgary/Australian based organization building online conntectivity and hosting live events in an effort to encourage healthy families, relationships and strengthening communities.  This happens with the assistance of industry experts who can provide helpful tips, practical knowledge and informational tools.

Further information and registration details for the event can be found on the GetRealLive website at