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GetRealLive is an authentic community connecting people on all different platforms; from radio and podcasting to live shows to social media spaces. We are Community Builders and Engagement Specialists who have succeeded in building a strong community through authentic and very organic conversations!

Let the numbers speak. With over 200 million client-driven social media impressions, over 52,000 discrete online radio listeners and counting, GetRealLive boasts a hybrid online radio/social media/blog/live events community. Susan has helped to launch #1 iTunes music albums, created social media engagement for a live event with 60,000 attendees. She has grown a Facebook page from 35,000 to over 1 Million in less than two years, and worked with global clients such as Ferrero Rocher, who recognize her gift for authentic engagement via compelling content creation.

The main face and founder of GetRealLive is Susan Sohn. GetRealLive has grown out of Susan’s original work ‘thefamilyroom’. Birthed out of a 20-year career in media communications, marketing and publishing, from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to Canada to Sydney. Susan’s interest in social media engagement comes from her honest passion for building authentic community wherever she sees the need.

Our Social Spaces

What matters to GetRealLive?


People matter. Everyone is significant and GetRealLive exists to celebrate all people. The thread of all we do is to bring people together and connect; whether this is on the radio show, social media or face to face at a Live Event. As we engage in conversation, listening and sharing through the ancient art of storytelling, we realize we are more connected than we are distant. Through transparency and authenticity, we can build healthy families and communities.


Everyone has a story and that story has the ability to teach, encourage and inspire others. GetRealLive is committed to the beautiful art of storytelling with the understanding that the lessons people learn become the biggest teachers. When we know better, we do better. GetRealLive is committed to bringing information and insight through our very own experts and interviews that provide helpful information that can enable to people to live their best life.


GetRealLive is committed to building extraordinary families, developing relationships and strengthening the communities we live in. GetRealLive encourages people to open the door, tell the story and walk along side each other. We want our audience to be excited about life and we make it our goal that in our approach we present all things in a manner that is fun, creative and engaging for everyone.


The vision is in the name. Get ‘REAL’. People are at their best when authenticity is at the center. No mess and no lies; Just an open platform for people to connect and share; to learn and grow.

'thefamilyroom' (2005 - 2011).

thefamilyroom is a community that serves as a resource to those who desire to build strong families, develop relationships, and strengthen the communities we live in. 
thefamilyroom is made up of individuals who are choosing to live a life beyond themselves, a life of sharing in knowledge, wisdom, truth, understanding, complete honesty and amazing humour that is found in the ‘everydayness’ of life. 
thefamilyroom is a beacon of hope for today and the future. 

With her trademark vision and enthusiasm and desire to connect with people and see them live strong, confident lives, Susan has always sought to embrace advancements in media and technology. It was this passion, which drove her to launch her online presence and live events platform in 2005.

Susan has always known that there were people who wanted a real, authentic, community that was totally engaged. So she continued blogging, (what she does so well) and she gathered her girlfriends and put vision in front of them. It was vision about being REAL and sharing LIFE and the STORIES we all have.

Filled with fun blog posts and a radio show, family recipes, school holiday and Christmas guides Susan started this online community before it got way too small for a humble domain. Fast forward to 2011, there is a fresh new website with the same humble focus on community, food and friends. Talk about a meteoric rise to power!

GetRealLive Radio (2011 - 2016).

GetRealLive Radio was the beginnings of the engagement powerhouse. Featuring countless inspirational stories of everyday heroes. It is educational and informative and as always there are a lot of laughs. Susan and her co-hosts have interviewed a wide variety of interesting and prominent people; from dipping our fingers in the food worlds of Curtis Stone, Chef Andre Carthen, and Daphne Oz, from quitting sugar with Sarah Wilson to Oprah’s de-cluttering king Peter Walsh, and praise and worship musicians, Darlene Zschech, and Michael W Smith.

The radio show and podcasts can be listened to through iTunes.

GetRealLive Podcasts (2018).

While we had a break from radio in 2017, GetRealLive Podcasts are making a come back! Partnering with a good friend of mine, we are nearly ready to give your ears some juicy content. Production is underway as we speak. Stay tuned!!

The GetRealLive Team

It’s important to note that in everything Susan does, she encourages family to be involved. Her own children are part of the volunteer team that make the live events happen plus they help with video editing, photography, and social media. Susan encourages the team to involve their children because she knows the importance of training a child up. As the daughter of a prominent politician, she has understood what ‘belonging and significance’ means from a young age. Susan’s husband, Philip, is also main contributor to all the work GetRealLive does. He shares his wisdom, creativity, wit and incredible ability to connect the dots.

We have the opportunity to work with some pretty extraordinary people who have journeyed through this incredible maze of building something from nothing and pulling a vision out of the ground. It’s been a story of organic growth and authentic community!

We want anyone who collides with GetRealLive to walk away with workable solutions in their hands that they can implement into their lives immediately and see change & growth!

Susan invites you to the conversation of life.