One of the chapters in ‘True You‘ is about standing on the shoulders of giants. The chapter is about living in our truth and allowing our children to confidently stand on your shoulders.

The chapter is about being honest about what we’ve walked through and sharing our stories. Brene Brown says, in the Manifesto of the Brave and Brokenhearted, that story is our way home and truth is our song. As challenging as this can be I believe it to be true. We need to tell our stories, we need to brave our truth and let it be our song rather than the thing that holds us captive.

Why did I include this in the book? Because it’s something we lived. We had to face our truth and share the story so that our kids could live stronger healthier lives. If there was a vulnerability rating for this chapter it would certainly top the charts. According to some who did the pre-read for me for reviews, it’s one of their favourite chapters. Very real, indeed.

One of the early reviews below:

In a book that is honest and vulnerable, Susan Sohn opens the door for women to examine issues often left unspoken. Beautifully written, practical applications and words that are sure to transform lives! Jen R