So here’s something funny. Many of you have watched the video of me seeing my books for the first time. It was incredibly emotional and 24-hours later I’m still pinching myself. I actually can’t believe they are here. I can’t believe I’m a published author.

Thank you Broadstreet Publishing, and a huge thank you to Helen Childs of Grapevine Photography for taking the cover photo. I love it and your work!

Right after that video was shot, I did my first radio interview about the book. I’m not even really sure what I said in that interview. I sincerely hope it was sensical. I guess I’ll have to wait until it airs and listen to it to determine my state of mind.

Here’s what’s funny about the book and it’s arrival.

We’ve been slightly stressed about it arriving from the US, we’ve been emailing the publisher for tracking numbers, dates, etc., and my assistant, Caitlin has been seriously on it. She was not going to let us have a book launch without physical copies of the book. I love her tenacity. I, on the other hand, had kind of reconciled in my mind that maybe we wouldn’t have the books on hand and I’d have to go ahead with the launch with a print out of the cover. Not ideal at all.

But, I decided after collecting the mail that day and discovering another notice of a parcel in the post that I would send my son down to collect whatever had arrived, thinking it was his shorts we’d ordered and been waiting for. Additionally, I had another postal notice of a parcel that had been sitting on my kitchen bench since last Thursday. I had made the assumption that that notice was for the face cream that I had ordered.

Gabriel arrived home from school, and I sent him to the post office with both of the notices in hand. I went about my work but was a little excited for my face cream because it’s working a treat, I’m noticing a difference, and my current one is almost out.

To my surprise, Gabriel arrived home with two rather large boxes which definitely weren’t holding face cream. Written on the top of the box was the word AUTHOR. What I thought was my blooming face cream that had been sitting at the post office, waiting for pick up was my books, the ones Caitlin was fiercely chasing down for me.

Who would have known? What a surprise and what a shock to realise that had I left that notice on my bench for one more day, my books could have been ‘returned to sender’.

All of that to say, they arrived safe and sound, and I got to hold one in my hand. I can’t really explain the emotion I felt other than to say that the stories that are shared throughout the pages are those of real people, people who bravely shared their truth to help others. I hold every story close to my heart, and I’m forever grateful to have had the opportunity to meet such incredible women on this writing journey. May they always know who they are.

Another moment of surprise for me (yesterday) came when my girlfriend came over to see the book and to buy the first copy. She asked me to sign the book, and with a shaky hand, I wrote on the inside. It was a surreal moment. Then as she began to read, she asked for a pen. I wasn’t sure what she needed it for so I watched, and to my amazement, she began to underline words in MY book.

As a reader and a lover of words, I’ve always been mesmerised by the sentences that authors put to paper. I’ve always marvelled at the ones that I underline, and highlight and I’m curious about the thinking that went behind the words that have stood out to me. To see one of my friends underline words that I have written was one of the craziest moments for me. I quickly rushed over to see what stood out to her and asked her why and what it meant, etc.

Yesterday was a dream come true. Words that have danced around in my head made their way to paper and had landed on the heart of a friend.

Now I exhale.