Chapter One: If the truth sets you free, why am I caught in lies?

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Chapter One: If the truth sets you free, why am I caught in lies?

Chapter One is a big one for me because like many of you (I’m sure) it’s something I’ve lived. There were times when I’ve been so caught up in lies, for the most part not really even knowing it, rather than braving it and living in my truth.

During the initial stages of the writing process I spent hours being reminded by David, my editor… to just start. His job was to get the bulk of my words out of me so we could start to formulate the book. David was masterful at doing this. He pushed and pulled my thinking in ways that challenged me. He listened to my words with intent and helped me formulate ideas. It was these thoughts which eventually became the chapters of the book.

Additionally, I’ve spent time with some of the most incredible women in my life and have helped them walk through. the narrow hallway that living caught in lies creates.

Truth is refreshing.

It’s like drinking that ice-cold glass of water on a steaming hot day. It screams of relief as it enters your system and you can literally feel it making its way through your system. When we choose the truth over the lie it’s that same feeling. Similarly, diving into a crisp lake, ocean or stream on a hot summer’s day we are exhilarated by the experience. Truth is like that. It’s freedom with relief.

Getting to that place of freedom and relief can be the hard piece of the puzzle.

How do we make our way through the pain and the clouds to that summer day? In Chapter One I did my best to share stories both personal and of others who have made decisions, sometimes minute-by-minute to choose truth and to claw their way to freedom. Because when the truth is out, we can walk through anything.

That statement is one I hope you will come to know and love as you explore True You.