Inside the Quiet.

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Inside the Quiet.

Like many people, I have tried over the years to stick to New Year’s resolutions and promises made to myself.

Like most, inevitably I fail a few weeks into the year. Whether it be my bad habits, the desire to shift some unneeded weight, the year I learn a new language or start to paint. The only resolution that I hold onto seems to be the one that promises I won’t do it. Resolutions, for whatever reason, have not worked for me.

However, rewind back to 2015 when something shifted. Leading into 2015, I was sensing a change within. Life was taking a few twists and turns in my heart and mind. It was early New Year’s morning as I sat on the beach in front of our house with Philip. The sun on my face, toes dug deep into the sand around me and coffee in hand. I felt this inward tug telling me that it wasn’t a resolution I needed to hold on to rather it was a word. The word that dropped into my heart (I believe from God) was QUIET.

QUIET. Me, Susan Sohn.

This was something unheard of. I’m not and never have been a particularly quiet person but this word resonated deep within my heart, mind and soul. It was my year to be quiet and to listen to the groans around me. To engage my ears and embrace the world around me in a way that was so different to the way I had my entire life. Get ready to ready more on that and how 2015 was one of the loudest years for me – not me to the world but the world to me. I am so grateful for the change in me that comes from being quiet. 

 In 2018 which my word surprised me and I had to really take time to grasp it and accept it. It’s not something that made sense but as I’ve embraced it my life is once again changing. I’m looking forward to sharing about 2016 – Silence and 2017 – Surrender.

The faster I am realising that I don’t need resolutions, the easier it is to simply be and allow the wholeness of who I am to walk this beautiful earth.

I can’t wait to share my 2018 word… when it’s the right time.

Which brings me to today and an explanation as to why I have taken a break from writing. Over the last 2 years, many of you know I have been working on my first book. Which is almost finished. It has been an incredible thing to do. Something that has pushed me to the edge of vulnerability, self-doubt, questioning what the heck I’m doing. Followed by manic moments of ‘this is amazing and I love every word’ and then back to, ‘is this awful’. Yep, it’s been a crazy roller coaster and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.

My rest from blogging hasn’t been because of the book rather it’s been due to the silence and the quiet. Now, it is time to write and speak again. I have taken time to listen (as I said). Get excited for our upcoming podcasts, articles, truth bombs, travel stories and everything else. Hope you’ll stay with us.