Point-of-DifferenceIn this world where everyone is jockeying for our attention, I’m curious to learn how you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re a home builder, working in sales, a not-for-profit, a car dealership, church or juice company, everyone is vying for attention and trying their hardest to captivate an audience that they hope will engage in some sort of transaction.

So, what’s your point of difference? What makes your brand, product or service rise above the rest and cause people to notice you and go a step further by:


Just think about it for a moment. Do you or your company offer something so captivating, that it can stand above the white noise of this world and not only be heard, but compel people to listen and eventually experience.

In writing these words, I consider what captures my attention. As someone who is work/family rich but time poor, my choices are made after much thought and research. Many things capture my attention and I even develop an interest in them that leads to further research, but the crunch comes when I need to make the next move. When I must press a button to engage, make a call, a booking or request an appointment or even go and attend something. The moment I need to choose to engage, it all becomes about ‘The Point of Difference. Is this experience going to be worth the time I invest? Yes, that sounds very self-focussed but in this busy world that has many movements that are out of our control, the only thing we can control is ourselves. The questions of why, what, where, when and how?

Engagement and its cost can be as simple as reading something and leaving a comment. Or, it can involve actually getting off our chair, climbing in the car and driving somewhere. In our busy world with so much offered to us at our fingertips through technology we need to ask ourselves what is it that compels us to take that final step. What is it that allows something to impact our lives so greatly that we will get up and go or do?

Again, it has become so much to do with how this transaction will impact or affect our lives in a personal way. What’s in it for us? For this reason, many organisations, companies and individuals have linked up with outside organisations like charities or not-for-profits, they help sell the message: ‘By engaging with us you are doing good’. This has definitely worked, we’ve seen countless mutually beneficial partnerships and it’s been brilliant. Hundreds of thousands of people have been helped across the globe simply because a message reached the core of another human being and the engagement button was turned on. However, as time moves forward, as our level of engagement increases via our keyboards and mobile devices, we are able to get that feeling of ‘doing good‘ whilst protecting our time, conserving our energy and sinking into our favourite spot.

So, I ask, ‘What is your point of difference?’ As you ponder this both personally and corporately I’m confident that whether it is your own brand/company/organisation or who you work for, the team you are on, you will find the secret to not only success but satisfaction and fulfilment. You MUST discover your point of difference because that is where the soundbytes fade away, the white noise is silenced and you can stand tall like a light on a hill. That light, that truth, that difference is what draws people to you. It’s the irresistible pull that attracts people to people, clients to companies, and consumers to your service, product or brand. Find it and you become the difference.