GetRealLive is passionate about keeping girls safe and doing what we can to celebrate the girls in our world and others across the globe. True to us, we love to tell peoples story and to hear and share and we are confident this will be one that we will remember for a long time to come.

Joining us tomorrow, we have Caitlin Roper who is an Activist, Survivor and State Coordinator for Collective Shout which is a grassroots movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture.

Knowing the pain of sexual violence, first-hand, Caitlin is keen to see change and not only awareness but activation and protection when it comes to girls and sexual abuse. After walking through her own abuse journey, she was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and underwent treatment. Caitlin began blogging about her experience in the hope that by sharing openly and honestly she would not only find healing for herself but could help others who are victims or survivors of sexual abuse.

Caitlin had been sexually abused and for years she had attempted to bury it but found the pain of it all continued to pop up every now and then. The pain associated caused extensive distress and remained unresolved. As she sought help and began to speak about her experience, she soon realised there was a deafing silence around sexual abuse and rape. Victims feel a sense of shame for the violent acts committed against them and in our culture they are often blamed for ‘putting themselves in that situation’. This only serves to keep victims quiet and allow perpetrators to continue to abuse without consequence.

Tune in an hear this brave girls honest story and follow her through her blog or follow her tweets @caitlin_roper.




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