A Cup of Warm Milk

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A Cup of Warm Milk

So I’m sharing this article today simply because one of my readers had remembered this article and she shared how it had touched her. She asked if I would repost it so here we go…. I hope you enjoy!

This story goes back to a night when my eldest daughter was having a hard time getting to sleep. We all know that children (whatever their age) can have the occasional challenge when it comes to bedtime. Perhaps it’s an over active brain still churning from a busy day, or maybe it’s a hint of stress that has creeped in. It can even be growing pains or they simply just don’t want to sleep so find themselves tossing and turning and when this happens frustration can and often does get the best of us.

My daughter couldn’t find the key to unlock the door that opened her mind, body and soul into a space of relaxation and slumber. She had done all the known methods in an effort to find her dreamy state. She had prayed, counted sheep tried different positions, even had a warm bath but alas she couldn’t find dreamland.

After two hours of failed attempts to capture the elusive rest, frustration finally found her , which eventually brought her to me in a cry of help. She curled up beside me on the couch and snuggled in for a much needed hug. As the tears of frustration rolled down her sweet cheeks I knew sleep was necessary and I needed to help her find it. The couch we were sitting on had a soft blanket delicately displayed across the arm rest. I pulled the blanket over her and tucked her in so she felt safe, secure and warm. I told her that I knew just the thing she needed, something that would help her find the sleep and rest she desired.

I headed to the kitchen and lovingly prepared a cup of warm milk for her to sip on. I handed her the mug and slipped back onto the couch beside her – allowing her to rest and relax into my arms. I sat stroking her hair and whispered ‘I love you’ into her ear. We didn’t exchange many words, just a few from me to her in order to comfort her and let her know everything was okay.

A Cup of Warm Milk has the most mesmerising affect on the human body. It soothes, calms and restores. Now I understand even further, A Cup of Warm Milk provided by the comforting arms of a loved one, the stroking of hair and the applying of soft gentle words whispered into an ear is the perfect panacea for the sleep-deprived. In no time, my eldest daughter was tucked up in her bed and was dreaming of angels.

Having walked the journey of parent for 16 years now I have come to love moments like these with my children. Now that they are all older I cherish and almost long for nights like I’ve described above. I think about all the times I crumbled in frustration as a restless child kept me up or away from my favourite TV show. How I would go back in a flash to comfort and soothe them. Had I known how quickly the time slip by I wouldn’t have rushed those moments. Since I can’t go back and I can’t change what has been I choose today to listen, to be ready, to comfort and to soothe the restlessness within. I choose to listen and to hear. I make mistakes along the way but I’m in the moment and I believe my successes as a parent will fade the mistakes away.

Today I encourage you to savour the moments, to enjoy your children, to listen and to hear. Be in the moment, be their comfort, their cheer squad and their safe place.

Much love,


P.S…. stay tuned for an upcoming blog on Golden Milk and how I have taken the Warm Cup of Milk to another level in not only comfort but health…