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We love sharing what we know and what we have learned and uncovered in regards to Social Media but adding the additional  Marketing Strategies throughout truly makes this conversation Rich on all levels.

So, with this in mind, if you would like to continue growing and moving forward we want to create space for you to do that.

With that in mind, we have created some one-on-one Training where you can spend some quality time with Susan discussing your platform whether it be your brand | business | personal | whatever the case may be this Quality time of Engagement will benefit you.

What others are saying about their time spent Engaging with Us:

“Susan was a key figure in conceiving and implementing the GetReal Live event in Calgary at which I was the major presenter. From start to finish Susan was incredible to work with. The event was hugely supported by local business and experienced sold-out attendance. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and to be part of an event that was so perfectly and flawlessly executed.” Peter WalshTV Host & Professional Organiser at Peter Walsh Design, Inc.

“I have had the honour of attending many speaking events where Susan Sohn delivers Business and Life changing concepts. With a unique and powerful skill set particularly within the Social Media space, Susan is a very effective communicator and coach who is able to impart her expert knowledge to any business. Highest recommendations!” Estelle Wood, Personal Trainer

 “Susan has maintained a huge following because she has the keen ability to connect the right people with the right ideas to inspire people around the world. People love her because, as her brand suggests, she keeps it real. She empowers her community to talk about issues that are hard to talk about and turns people’s vulnerabilities into a source of inspiration. She also provides a platform for brands to be authentic and a natural part of the story-telling process that ensues. Susan is a powerhouse and it’s why her brand has been on an upward trajectory since its inception.” Jessica Smith, Flexible Work Evangelist: Marketing, Social Influence & Digital Strategy at


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This Offer is Available for the first 10 People who Register Now…. Spaces are limited to 10 one on one Personalised Consultations with Susan

Susan Next Step

After booking, we will contact you directly to make all the necessary arrangements for your One on One Training. We’re so excited that you’ve made the decision to take the next step and can’t wait to share more with you and assist you as you endeavour to achieve your goals.

Susan xx