Well friends, in light of the amazing Angelina Jolie story, and her brave decision to under-go double mastectomy, we thought it would be appropriate to have a conversation on GetRealLive Radio about Cancer.

So, we chose to talk to one of the most courageous survivors we know. A woman who, at the tender age of 39, discovered something that just wasn’t normal and thus her journey began. A young mother of two who should have been planning a fabulous 40th birthday celebration, but rather found herself filling out forms and ticking boxes, preparing for the unknown that was before her.

Our guest, Diane Christoffel, joined us today and spoke openly and honestly about her journey, her fears, the challenges and what today looks like for her. Listen in and hear as she talks about staring death in the face and choosing life, hear how she walked her children through the story of a mother with cancer and how she made sure they kept living, whilst wondering if she would do the same. Hear her talk about her husband and his tender love and care for her and how her Faith played such a huge part as she listened to the wisdom of her Doctors. Diane’s story is one of courage, fear and survival. She is a Cancer survivor. What does today look like for this survivor…. you’ll love hearing the cheeky joy as she laughs her way through her new battle, night sweats and hormone changes.

This is a definite must listen. Download it, play it whilst you workout, drive to work or pick up the kids, whilst making dinner, whatever the case may be just make sure you listen! Enjoy..

Susan & Nicole

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