GetRealLive is BACK!! First episode of 2013 Here!


GetRealLive is BACK!! First episode of 2013 Here!

GetRealLive is BACK with All new Shows and Guests. This year promises to be bigger and better than last year! Join us for our premiere week of 2013 with fun and exciting news, great guests and all our favourite segments!

We kicked off the year with a big catch up! Susan is living in Australia and Scott hosts love from Calgary, Canada.

The Daily Buzz included a 5yr old being suspended from Kindergarden by taking her Hello Kitty Bubble Gun to school as it was deemed a ‘Terrorist Threat’. Prince Harry loves the war more than the tabloids and Justin Timerlake returns to music. Plus, the Inauguration of President Barack Obama brought out some inspiring performances by Top Celebrities. Scroll down to watch these soaring spectaculars!

Susan and Scott shared their New Years Resolution and they discovered the Top 10 resolutions of 2013. You will be surprised at what topped the list!!

Susan asked the question ‘What is considered dangerous now that we once did as kids that we would never do now’. People weighed in on Facebook and gave us some hilarious answer.

Our OMG! What? Segment belonged to Lance Armstrong and GetRealLive chatted all about this shocking confession!

Levi called in to talk about his resolution and shared the secret of how to get your Big Mac at McDonalds for half the cost!!! Get out your pens and write this down!!

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