GetRealLive Year in Review Show


GetRealLive Year in Review Show

The Final episode of the year is here and GetRealLive recapped the top moments and stories of the year. All the stories that made us laugh, cry or left us scratching our heads. Susan and Scott talked through the highs and lows of the year; from the breastfeeding mom on Time Magazine, Kony 2012 , Whitney Houston and the invasion of One DirectionGetRealLive talked about it all.

Twitter time revealed the trendiest moments of the year. Scott and Susan also unveiled their Top OMG stories of 2012. Find out who left them saying OMG WHAT!

Plus Nicole Liboiron joined us with Notes From A Broad with her list of the Top 10 Most Inspirational People of 2012! GetRealLive has also included some videos below from some key moments of 2012 including our very own Live Events! In March 2012 Chef Andre Carthen of The Kathy Ireland Team joined us to talk healthy eating solutions for people on the go. In October 2012 ChangeTheAge was launched,  a health and wellness initiative all about living your best life. In August GetRealLive  partnered with Hope Global and Sevenly to raise $21, 000 for the purpose of building homes for orphans in Rwanda.

You can listen to the Recap show below on demand, Podcast or download from iTunes. Keep up with GetRealLive on Facebook as we are always on the move!!

Thanks to everyone who has tuned in this year! Our listeners are truly the best!!!  We will see you all in 2013 and until then stay away from The Mayans. Have a great holiday.

Susan, Scott and the GetRealLive Team

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