Ben Young is a Corporate Athlete Coach based in Sydney Australia. Learn more about Ben Young Here. 

                    Your ‘Energy’ is the key to what you produce

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your car stuck in 1st gear from the moment you left your destination to when you arrived? OR maybe worse, cruising along the highway in fifth gear at full speed then having to shift down from fourth, to third then to second and then cruise in first gear because your car couldn’t meet the demands of such intensity?

Not knowing how to leverage energy in life is like having your car in first gear the entire trip.

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained activity.In today’s 21st century the demand on an individual has intensified exponentially. We measure demand by our levels of stress, busyness, exertion and work load (e.g. ‘marathon like’ working days).

The secret to high performance as a leader, employee, manager or parent is about the skillful management of energy. Another way of saying this would be, knowing how to position yourself to gain leverage and reach or stay in ‘5th gear’. I have constructed a model to pinpoint the relationships between the dimensions of energy contributing to our overall wellness, which give rise to 4 platforms.

These 4 platforms are the secret to an energized individual and a high performing work culture

  • RENEWAL- How effective are the choices that you make when it comes to the physical, nutritional and rest components of your life. What energy management tools do you have in place to renew your energy? Your ability to renew is through balance of stress and recovery and being connected to a higher purpose
  • CAPACITY- To what degree do you establish clear priorities and sustain attention on tasks? What kind of system do you need to be able to get productive and deliver effective outcomes at the end of each day? Your ability to increase capacity is through clarity of thinking, becoming mindless and effective, not mindful and overwhelmed.
  • EMOTIONAL STATE- How well do you manage your emotions? As a leader do you fall apart under pressure? Do your emotions dictate what type of food goes into your mouth? Either way your ability to ‘innovate’ is in how you manage your emotion and stay out of the “survival zone” of thinkin
  • BEHAVIOUR- How fully engaged are you with your work and are your priorities just “managing the fire”? Within your role are you generating the emotional resonance that allows people to flourish? Your ability to influence is most effective through the emotional climate you create, positivity to inspire and negativity through frustration. Emotions gauge the temperature as to how engaged your peers, team and staff are. So are they being driven in the right direction.