GetRealLive was back at it today with all the latest! Corporate Athlete Coach Ben Young joined us to talk about energy levels. Ben talked all about how your emotional state can dramatically affect your energy levels and also highlighted other key factors. Listen as Ben motivated us and gave pratical tips when it comes to strengthing your overall health.

Andi Andrew joined us from NYC to dicuss Social Media and how Instagram has become a popularity contest for adults. Andi always is fun, witty and inspiring with her down to earth approach to  everyday topics.

The Buzz included Starbucks has released it’s most expensive cup of coffee. How much are you willing to pay for your brew? The US lottery is at $500 million and Susan and Scott discussed what they would do with the money.

That Should be A Crime asked the question if ‘passing gas in public’ is a crime. People jumped in on Facebook and weighed in with their opinions as this is an issue really got people stirred up.

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Ben Young