Stay Motivated to Fight Temptations….

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Stay Motivated to Fight Temptations….

Lead us not into temptation!! Isn’t that the prayer we should be praying especially as the holidays approach!! Not only will be tempted by all the  yummy treats, but also to stay inside during those cold winter months. However, in order to maintain your fitness and health goals we need to keep our goals clearly defined and in front of us. Inconvenience can be overcome by preparation and planning ahead. Keep moving to see the pounds keep coming off. Keep motivated to experience what you have already made so many sacrifices for. As you move, so do the pounds.

New research published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise finds that aerobic exercise can actually dampen your desire for the excess things you crave—and not only fast food but also money and material things!

Researchers asked volunteers to run on a treadmill or remain inactive for 30 minutes. Then, everyone played a game in which they had to press buttons to gain—or avoid losing—money. The results: The brain area that controls rewards (like the want for cash) was much more active in those who stayed sedentary than those who worked out

Why is this? It’s all thanks to a neurotransmitter called dopamine that spikes when you’re anticipating a reward. When you exercise the brain is experiences more shots of  dopamine—causing an effect to last for several hours. Since the levels are already peaking in your brain, the dopamine spikes from a reward are blunted post-sweat session, making you less likely to crave them.

So when the temptation hits, get your butt in gear and start moving! Hit the gym, go for a walk or take a bike ride. Activate your body and get the dopamine flowing. It doesn’t cost you anything and the payback is very rewarding.