ChangetheAge Movement Launches with Live Event!

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ChangetheAge Movement Launches with Live Event!

October 11th 2012 was the launch of ChangetheAge Social Health Movement in Calgary Canada. GetRealLive is all about connecting, educating and entertaining people. The message is simple; Your Greatest Asset is YOU!  In Canada, statitiscs prove that 9 million Canadians are diabetic or prediabetic, Heart and Stroke is the #1 killer amongst woman; even above breast cancer. With education and applied knowledge, GetRealLive believes we can ChangetheAge!

We compiled a team of Experts who brought incredible, life transforming information on the night. Through the Live Radio Show and website these experts will continue to bring forth information that will educate Canadians and beyond to live a more holistic, healthy life. These include Naturopathic Doctors and Nutritionists, Arnel and Andrea Beaubrun, Microbiologist and Skin Scientist Marie Bertrand and Fitness Coach Alex Mohtadi.

Moksha Yoga is also all about ChangetheAge!! Everyone at the event received a FREE MONTH at Moksha. This studio will be hosting the ChangetheAge month starting November 5th. You are welcome to start your journey when suits you, but we want to encourage everyone to collectively do this together starting November 5th where we can support and share with each other together!

ChangetheAge is about two things; changing your biological change by cohesively dealing with your food, fitness and skin. It is also about changing the social age, by providing knowledge to individuals to transforms the state of their health within their homes, families, communities and workplaces.

After an electrifying night on October 11th, the future is in your hands! Your journey can begin and GetRealLive wants to be a part of it. If you are interested in sharing your personal journey we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at as your story just may be the inspiration someone else needs to hear.

For those who attended the event, you can access all the experts with incentive and discount by using your ChangetheAge card. For those who did not attend the event, you can access your own ChangetheAge Card by clicking here. Through the Experts, they will be able to assess the specifics needs of every individual and set you on the road to success!

GetRealLive was also proud to highlight and support the Heart and Stroke Foundation through this event. Bracelets were created to raise funds for this incredible organization and if you missed out, you can send your support by clicking here! Susan shared the powerful and touching story of the day she lost her father to heart failure. Tears were flowing and the message of ChangetheAge hit home for so many.

We also want to thank our sponsors and businesses who were generous in their donations towards the night. Thank you to Sparkling Hill which gave one lucky winner a 7 Night Spa Package valued at over $2700!!   MyPakage Undewear gave 100 pairs of undies ensuring that every man went home more comfortable! People also went home winning prizes from Nespresso, Hotel Arts, Raw Bar, Good Earth at Aspen Landing,Moksha Yoga, Skin Science and Skinceuticals. Thanks to Jugo Juice who also gave to all participants of the night!

ChangetheAge is just beginning! Join us November 5th for our ChangetheAge month with Moksha Yoga and keep up to date for more to come!