Naturopathic Doctor Andrea Beaubrun talks Perimenopause and Brings Answers.


Naturopathic Doctor Andrea Beaubrun talks Perimenopause and Brings Answers.

Susan and Scott bring an all new episode of GetRealLive. We chatted all about Arnold and Maria and the day the deep dark secret was truly revealed. Would you have stayed with your spouse? Plus,a Fertility Clinic is offering gender selection allowing people to choose the sex of their baby. Where is the line and is this crossing it? Lady Gaga gains 25 pounds and we weighed in (no own intended) on this latest topic.

PLUS… Naturopathic Doctor Andrea Beaubrun from Integra Naturopathics talked Perimenopause. This conversation was open and real and Andrea brought hope and answers to women who are entering this phase. Are you normal? Is their help? and are you really dealing with perimenopause or is this something else? All these questions and more were discussed on todays episode. We cannot stress enough the value of this conversation when it comes to woman’s health.

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