Twitter Tuesday plus Andi Andrew from NYC


Twitter Tuesday plus Andi Andrew from NYC

GetRealLive hit up another Twitter Tuesday as we talked about all things trendy on Twitter. Like #10peopleImgladimet and #nationalcheeseburger day (isn’t that everyday). The mom from the controversial Time Magazine Cover all about breastfeeding is back at it again, this time with her 4 year old child. We chatted about Celebrity parenting and the role and example these parents play in the life of their children. Are good or bad children always a result of the parent? Plus, favourite TV Moms and Dads, who we loved and inspired us growing up and even now.

Andi Andrew called in from NYC to join the conversation. Andi always throws her two cents in and her thoughts are a mix of funny, witty and wise. She is about to pop with her 4th child (whoa!) and it may be a few weeks until Andi is back with us.

Susan and Scott contined to share their Changetheage journey. Scott talked about his early morning Hot Yoga class at Moksha Yoga and Susan shared her success story as Fitness Coach, Alex Mohtadi gave her a huge compliment in her workout. GetRealLive is all about Changetheage for our families and futures.

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