Ever Upward. A Special GetRealLive to Remember 911


Ever Upward. A Special GetRealLive to Remember 911

Where were you the moment you heard the news of September 11th. We can all pinpoint the exact moment in time when we first learned of the devastating news. Who you were with, where you were going and certainly how you felt. These are images and feelings that never escape us and nor should they. This episode was dedicated to reflect and remember not only where you were, but how our world came together in support for our neighbours, loved ones and volunteers. It’s a day to not only remember where we came from but where we are going. The state motto of New York is ‘Ever Upward’. This motto speaks of the human spirit and is symbolic of the triumph and strength of our humanity.

Who did you cling to that day? Who did you call and what was said? We need to remember and never forget. As was spoken on the show it is so easy to get in our first world problems mindset, but all we need to do is look back and remind ourselves that all that truly mattered on that day was each other.

Andi Andrew called in from NYC to talk about how about the climate and mood of the day and how she is raising her kids in this post 911. Several other callers called in to share their powerful stories and how it inspired them to make a difference in their communities.

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