Celebrity Chef Andre Carthen Talks Fall Foods


Celebrity Chef Andre Carthen Talks Fall Foods

GetRealLive was excited to have our favourite Chef drop by the show. Chef Andre is the Worldwide Ambassador for Kathy Ireland and co-author with Janet Jackson of the NY Times #1 Bestseller, ‘True You’. When the celebs want to get fit and eat great they call on Chef Andre! His excitement for life and passion for food make always make for an editing time on GetRealLive.

Todays show was a special feature of our newest segment called My House is Your Home. This is dedicated to bringing you information all about building homes, building families and building lives. It is here that you can grab all your entertaining tips, great food ideas and learn the basics about what makes a home truly a home. Brought to you by Westview Builders, this surely is to a great place to drop in.

Check My House is Your Home for some wonderful new fall food ideas from Chef Andre. Try his newly inspired meatloaf and check out the Sweet Potato Gnocchi. Anyone hungry yet?

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