GRL chats with Only Make Believe


GRL chats with Only Make Believe

The latest episode of GetRealLive is here. Today was a little off the wall as Susan and Scott weighed in on the morning buzz. Where’s the beef asks In and Out Burger as the treatment of local cows comes into question.  Also, Scott is feeling the baby check list is a little out of control and looks back at how the caveman seemed to be just fine with just a fire and some sticks. Susan asked what is the world is lactic acid and we tried to figure this thing out!

Our guest today was Dena Hammerstein from Only Make Believe. This not for profit organization is based in NYC and performs theatrical presentations in over 52 hospitals for children who are chronically ill. Through the power of imagination and creativity, these volunteers engage the kids in the storties. Listen as Dena shared some emotional stories that they have witnessed through the years. You may want to get the box of tissues just in case.

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