Summer Holidays- Remember to Pack Your Brain


Summer Holidays- Remember to Pack Your Brain


Summer is here and people are in full summer holiday mode. Enter the sunshine and time off work and let the fun begin. Let’s face it! Summer is awesome. It’s the season of BBQ’s, lazy afternoons, road trips, camping expeditions and more. All year people work hard living in the routine of 9-5, planning dinner meals and getting to bed on regimented schedules. It is understandable why everyone looks forward to these well-deserved breaks celebrating with late nights, long sleep ins and lots of sitting around by the pools.

However, make sure when you are packing for your vacation that you don’t forget to pack your brain! It is so easy to become to distracted and lose focus during the holidays. We forget about all those great decisions we have been making throughout the year such as healthy eating habits and exercise regimes. The excuse of, “Its summer and I am on holidays’ seems to trump everything. We submit to the powers of another ice cream, that cheeseburger and those tasty potato chips! The campfire sing along starts and out comes the sugary drinks, salty snacks and more. All in the name of summer.

Now no one wants to be a Debby Downer and it’s understood that life has got to be enjoyed. However, all the progress one has achieved and worked hard for hopefully is not lost and destroyed by the blinding sun. Enjoying the holidays and living the summer up must happen, but don’t check your brain at the door. Pack it with you and make smart choices while you vacation. You body will thank you when you get home.

Here are some quick tips to consider;

  1. Keep your goals in mind– Don’t forget all the hard work you have put in up until this point. Going to much the other way will mean even bigger sacrifices once the fall arrives.
  2. Stay focused– Staring at the sun can be blinding. Keep your goals in front of you and don’t be distracted by the light.
  3. Reward yourself in moderation– Enjoy all those fun summer treats but make sure they are surrounded by healthy choices as well.
  4. Have healthy snacks on hand– People often reach for what is available. Think ahead and have healthy munchies for beach time or sitting around the campfire.

Scott Bakken