Off The Grain- How Kerri Kenny healed her body


Off The Grain- How Kerri Kenny healed her body


They say you are what you eat. For Kerri Kenny it was a childhood full of weight gain, migraines, hypoglycaemic, allergies and high cortisol. With much research, Kerri actively pursued how she could heal her own body naturally using the empower of nutrition. With much study and education, Kerri learned the secret to overcoming her aliments by changing what she would eat and discovered how to live a life transformed, simply by eating the right foods and removing the wrong ones.

Kerri joined GetRealLive to discuss her personal journey and what she has learned in the years since. Off the Grain is the website where Kerry posts information, recipes and information regarding a life free of grains and processed sugars. On her website Kerri shares,  ‘I hope for this site to be a great resource centre for everyone interested in healthy eating, grain-free cooking, sugar-free baking and overall real-food eating. I know first hand the struggle to find these interesting ingredients needed to sustain such a diet – though I hate calling it a diet – I’d rather call it a lifestyle.’

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